Holy Week 2018 – Day 8: Easter Sunday

By on 01/04/2018

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  1. I would like to pray
    For the sick, Aiden, Julian, Mum, Sonia & all that are not well. May God bless them & there families including mine.

    1. Thanks Bruce what a wonderful lent we have had. Happy Easter and may your left eye be healed. I ask for a miracle to cure family members from addiction and that may find jobs along with God and be healed from addiction.

    2. I attempt to embark on a new journey. To make a home in Patagonia Chile and be a light to shine here for the Lord. I am trying to restore the Catholic Church edifice here, long neglected. I have written a book about how God,through the Catholic Church, has brought me this far. A miracle is needed for all these endeavors to come to the light that God wants to use them and me. Show me the way Lord. Use me in the ways that help bring people to you. Amen

    3. I would like to Pray healing to broken relationships in my family . Healing to 4 diabetics family members ,one member in last stages of diabetes very sick man . I would pray for Jesus to heal the Anger in My Family members also . I Trust You Jesus for Healings to our Prayers . NJP USA
      Thank You for this Teaching .

  2. Dear Bruce, HAPPY EASTER to you and your family – The walk with you and your presentation was excellent so easy to understand and rewarding in particular this Easter Sunday was superb, in Jesus name may you enjoy the blessings of this Easter you so richly deserve, thank you.

  3. Bruce thank you Bruce for your Lenten reflection. They allowed me to stop and focus on God some of the days during lent and more so during Holy Week however I still long to be more disciplined and connected with Jesus in my every day life.
    I wish to join you in praying for miricales.

  4. Lord God , i would like to thank you for sending this man Bruce to us all . Lord God he has made my journey over Lent so powerful. Thank you for blessing him with this talent.
    Lord God i come to you today and ask for you love to be sent out to all those who are in need of you . Lord i ask for you help and support in my life , to keep me close to you. I ask Lord help me through my studies ,to give me the strength to complete this . I know this is what you want . I just need you help along the way to stay motivate and determined. Lord i ask for your blessings each and every day. Lord let you will be done in my life . Thank you God for loving me enough. Thank you for the power of your resurrection. May you continue to watch over is all . Keep us strong in our faith. LORD GOD HERE AM I ….

  5. Dear Bruce
    Many thanks for this series, we enjoyed it very much. Always walking closer to our Lord.
    We will join in praying for all as we also have so many to pray for. We will add on for a miracle for a friend who hasn’t seen or heard from her daughter for many years.
    Thank you

  6. Dear Bruce
    I am grateful for your messages through the Holy Week they were spirit filled. I will join with you in the coming week to pray for all those in need. Easter blessing to you & yours.

  7. Hi Bruce
    Happy Easter to you.
    I was able to follow all your Lenten videos and I must say that they all really touched me. Thanks a lot.
    Please include me in your prayers for miracles during the next five days. I need better health, more friends and increased enthusiasm for writing. Please pray for these intentions.
    May God bless you (more)abundantly.
    Aloysius Aseervatham

  8. Thanks Bruce for your Lenten journey you have touched a nerve many times now I join with you and all in this week of prayer. Pray that I may be forgiven for my past failings and become stronger in my faith and become what the Lord wishes of me.Pray for peace in this troubled world of ours and peace within our families. God Bless you

  9. Happy Easter Bruce , team and all who have participated in the Lenten messages, Holy Week and for all of us who are going to pray with you Bruce in the next 5 days for miracles. It has been an amazing journey experiencing the Presence of God and a breakthrough has been made in my own spiritual desert. There is a reason why despite at the time I couldn’t understand! There is a reason why Our Lord Jesus submitted to the will of Our Heavenly Father to die on the Cross even though at the time not even Jesus’ disciples knew why. There is a reason why the tomb where Jesus laid was found empty 3 days after He died. Alleluia He rose from the dead for all our sakes !!! For my sake!!! Thank You Lord Jesus for what You did which enables me to be a child of God and say to Our Heavenly Father ” Here am I Lord, do in me what You will.”

  10. Dear Bruce. Happy. & Holy Easter thank you for helping me to focus so beautifully on the journey during lent. What a wonderful Lenten Reflection you have given us.. Thank you so much.
    I wish to join you in praying for miracles.

  11. Praying for Miracles:

    My name is Andrew.
    Please could you pray for the healing of my cancer and my failing heart.
    Thank you.

  12. Bruce, thank you for this wonderful programme. I need prayers for my nieces and nephews that they may come to an understanding of God’s great love for them.

  13. Thank you Bruce for your deep love for God and for us his people. This Lenten time has been a source of many blessings. I look forward to praying with you during the week of miracles. May my faith deepen during this time of grace, to believe and expect miracles when I pray and may God hear and answer the cries of all people. In the mighty name of Jesus by the power of the Holy Spirit. Amen

  14. Thank you Bruce for this Lenten journey I am looking forward to praying with you during this week of miracles. I need prayers for my Brother who is very ill, he has the faith and he also prayers to God. I also need prayers for my immediate family e.g children and their families that they may be able to understand Gods Love and that they may be able to talk to God. also for better health for myself and my husband and to become stronger in my faith. Thank you Lord for all the blessings that you have already bestowed on me. God Bless. Thank you.

  15. I will be praying with you and everyone else who joins this special chance to pray over 5 days as a worldwide community of believers, not knowing each other but joined by your invitation. Thank you Bruce and team,
    From a fellow Australian

  16. Thank you for such a wonderful Lenten journey. It has brought joy into my life. Easter Blessings to you and your family, may our Lord continue to pour out his blessings on you, and also on your entire team. I will be joining you in Prayer and Praise as we lift our hearts to our heavenly father seeking His forgiveness and healing. Amen.

  17. B SAYS
    Easter Blessings Bruce and Team.Thank you for the wonderful Lenten reflections.
    Will be joining you in praying for Miracles and that the Lord will richly bless all in need of his love , peace and forgiveness. Amen

  18. Hi Bruce
    I would like to join with you in praying for miracles. May my focus in life be turned to Jesus and I be filled with his love.

  19. Dear Bruce thank you for another yearvof wonderful Lenten reflection. Wish you and your ministy the joy of the risen Lord. Alleluia. Amen.

    I pray that you are blessed in abundance to keep up this wonderful mission of winning the lost sheep. God bless Amen.

  20. Christ Is Risen on this joyous day. Let us rejoice. He has suffered for all of us to show us how special each one of us are and how much he LOVES us. Let us all say Thank You Jesus. We Love You Jesus. Let none of your children go astray. As you did all of this for us. We are all special and loved equal. Let us Praise You Jesus. 🙏🌹❤️😍❣💕🌺Amen❤️💖😄😃😇

  21. Dear God, Father SOn & Holy Spirit

    I ask You in prayer for Peace, Joy & Love that You plan for each of us in this world starting with my family for my:
    – two daughters currently experiencing upheaval in their partner relationships;
    – son to find the way to restore the calm collect and peace now not so present;
    – wife and I are well prepared as we plan for our retirement hopefully towards the end of 2018;
    – brother, his wife and family to re-connect with You in a more personal way for each of them;
    – in-laws each in their own pursuits in life and that they may know You better too;
    – resolution of family quarrel with my sister-in-law; and
    – ability to contribute to Peace, Joy & Love to all Your people, my family in this life. Amen.

    Thank you, Bruce and your team for your Easter programme and for coordinating this “Praying for Miracles” for each of us to believe more readily in His presence, guidance, protection and unceasing blessings in providing for each of us individually and as part of our groups in all we need in this life leading up to eternal life with Him, we pray.

  22. I would pray for Holy Spirit to make his voice heard in my life and in the lives of all those I pray for. May Gods presence be made known in my life that I may be a light that shines and may I be blessed to be a messenger like Tychicus

  23. Bruce: Blessing to you and your family on this most glorious day! Thank you for your videos each day! They have made my Lent so much more fulfilling! I pray for all persecuted Christians. I pray for all in my life.

  24. O Jesus I surrender myself to You, Take care of everything. Bruce I would Like to pray with you for those who need prayer and that Our Gracious God will grant Miracles to those who need them, thank You.

  25. Dear Bruce, Wishing you your family and Team a Happy Easter.
    Thank you it has been a wonderful journey through lent with you. God bless you and all involved.

    1. Hi Bruce – we wrote and asked miracle prayer for our son and his wife (Andrew and Gina) to turn to Jesus and be saved.

  26. Happy Easter! I pray that this Lenten journey has strengthened and renewed all who received this wonderful gift. I pray that God continues to bless Bruce and his ministry as he is such a welcoming and loving deliverer of His Word. I will join in prayer next week that there be miraculous healing, both physical and spiritual. I am so excited to be a part of this experience! I can’t wait to hear how God touches lives! May our self-examination continue past today, that we be unrelenting in our efforts to become Christ-like and bring Him to others.

  27. Happy Resurrection Day! Everyone..

    I come in prayer Father God on behalf of myself “M” I pray Father God that I will not doubt or waver when it comes to your miracles blessings healings & supernatural breakthroughs..I come in prayer Father God on behalf of myself “M” that I will no longer hold gouges against people that have hurt me.I pray Father God that I don’t have malice or seek retribution..I pray Father God that I will be a kind loving warm person,be beautiful inside & out..No more procrastination Thank you Father God for showing me miracles blessings favor and your eternal Love & forgiveness.In Jesus name.Amen

    Brother Bruce,Thank you..I pray Father God continues to heal your eye completely.In Jesus name.Amen

  28. Thank you for this wonderful lenten series including today, Easter Sunday. I will be joining this community in praying for miracles.

    My prayer for miracles are to be closer to God to follow His plan, that I am willing and ready to receive the supernatural and overflowing abundance to prosper financially as well as all areas of my life. To more productive in all areas of my life without procrastination, to have miracles in relationships of immediate family, extended family, others who have been like family that each of us grows closer to God and each others especially following the fruits of the spirit, and for the bad memories or percepted happenings to be replaced with positive ,look for the good. I ask this for all us seeking miracles in ourlives this week, in Jesus name by the power of Holy Spirit .Amen

  29. I will like to pary for all mentaly ill. Especially for Angel. May the Lord’s peace be with them. Thank you for your prayers. God bless you.

  30. Dear Bruce, I have 3 daughters – all have rejected the faith they were raised in
    I’m praying with you for a miracle so they return to Catholicism before I die
    And for one of them to finally beat her addictions & for me to be a better person in all ways. I ask this in the name of Jesus Christ, Mary & Joseph amen

  31. So encouraged by this journey through Lent. Adding my prayers for miracles of every kind during the next days too. Every blessing Bruce. May the Lord continue to use and encourage you as you serve Him!

  32. Thank you Bruce for this wonderful Lenten journey, it has brought me closer to God and helped to improve my prayer life.
    Happy Easter to you & yours & the team. May God Bless all of you and may your eye heal perfectly. I will be praying with you over the next 5 days for miracles.

  33. Thank You Bruce for all that you do. I will be praying with you for miracles. Please pray that my husband allows Jesus into his life. Also help him find a job and help him with his depression. We also need prayers for financial future.

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