Praying for Miracles – Day 2

By on 03/04/2018

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  1. Hi, Pastor! I thank you very much to update everything, to watch anything in our computer here at Detaintion Centre we have nothing to see on this computer especialy to watch, only to read nothing else.
    Thank you

  2. Dear Bruce, we are so blessed to have you and Rosemarie, today message really touch me and encourrage to pray more.

  3. Thank you for the prayers and encouragement to hold on for God’s healing of my body, mind, soul and spirit. Bless you. I pray to keep the faith and live to give my testimony of our miracle working God!I don’t feel that God has brought me this far through all this pain to let go. I feel He has much more work for me to do and I WILL be healed in the name of Jesus!

  4. Thank you Bruce I join you in prayer with all those throughout the world who believe in miracles. Dear Lord, help our unbelief, increase our faith, hope & increase Your love in us .

  5. Prayers are indeed answered. 2 non Christian friends came to Easter at church. My son and grandchild went to church st Easter! God bless those seeds sown at church and may these dear ones have an encounter with God.

  6. Dear Pastor Bruce,
    May THE LORD ALMIGHTY BLESS you, yours and your ministry not only for reaching out to us who need a miracle but for everything you’re doing.THANK u very much.

  7. Thank you Bruce. I pray that my brother and sister in – law have faith and trust in each other. At times they argue and don’t speak to each other, and when living under the same roof with them it is awkward. I pray with you Bruce . I pray that they stay strong and overcome there differences. Thank you Bruce for the prayers on relationship, and that the lord will help them. God Bless you.

  8. Thank you for your powerful prayer and saying it is ok to leave a relationship.
    I did this many years ago and although I never felt it was a wrong decision I was not close to God at the time, yours words today touched me deeply.
    God bless you and your team x

  9. Thank you Bruce.I too am like the father and often I pray” Lord I believe help my unbelief”.I belong to a prayer group, we have a petition box and when the priest celebrate the Mass for us we bring the box up to the alter with the gifts and place it in front of the alter, as today was the day when we had the Mass said I placed in the box all the people that are on your prayer list and we prayed for all those people that are asking for a miracle.Today I heard that one of my friends Jacinta has a very deep depression please PRAY for her.Thank you God bless you .

  10. Thank you for divine inspiration and renewal of faith. Prayer is so truly powerful and miracles are a true result of faith. Sometimes we have to understand how the prayers are answered as God truly has a plan. Thank you for touching so many in a way that brings us together in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

  11. Never underestimate the prayer power of a woman,it’s powerful!God can never resist the prayers of a woman from the Blessed Mother Mary,Miriam(Moses’s sister),Rachel,Leah,& Rosemary! I often take for granted my prayer time with God,until now,thank you Bruce.It’s powerful knowing we have the attention & special time with the King of the Universe,how powerful,special & humbling that is!!!

  12. Bruce I didn’t receive my video today, the second day of Prayer. Thank God I had the link for the first day so that I could forward ahead!
    God Bless you Bruce and the work you do!

  13. Hi bruce and rosemary,
    Please pray for me and my fiance wayne. Employment is lower at present in our schools and wayne being a teacher neeeds a job, we are praying for a miracle that he will get teaching job of sorts. We have been evoking the prayers of st jude n st Joseph for a few months now, and our belief n faith is tested eaach day more so…
    Please jesus help us in our unbelief…amen

  14. Thanks Bruce it was really powerful praying for miracles. May our prayers be heard Jesus Christ. Come to us! Amen

  15. Thank you Dear Lord God for Bruce and all the people who are joining with him in prayer this week. As we pray for each other and each other’s intentions may we be always mindful of Your Divine Wisdom and Mercy and trust that You love us more than we can ever fully comprehend. May we surrender ourselves completely to You and Your Will knowing that You will take care of everything. May we always be loving, accepting and thankful for all that you provide. Amen.

  16. Thank you Bruce. What a powerful experience this is. I join in prayer with everyone around the world in petitioning God to help our unbelief, that He have mercy and touch the lives of all who approach Him. May all who have asked for prayers know that not only has God heard them but that we have heard you also. I pray that you receive comfort from knowing that so many are praying with all their hearts for your miracles. May you always feel the Lord’s Presence and Love.

  17. I ask for Gods love and guidance in my relationship with my daughter. I pray for her love I pray for her forgiveness and pray for desire to have me in her life and we love always.
    I pray for your alive oh God I. Her life and marriage
    Thankyou for snsering my prayers and being in my life. I pray for my husband to feel your love and forgiveness and my children who have lapsed in their faith to feel your presence in their lives and embrace you.

  18. Father God I come to you in prayer on behalf of my loving spouse El & myself.I pray Father God for my loving spouse El to have that spark of desire passion Love romance in his eyes mind heart & soul for me “M” towards me “M” more then ever before and deeper then ever before that keeps growing stronger stronger on a daily basis and and we spend more time with each other no slacking off & we be together happily inseparable physically emotionally spiritually socially on every level and Father God I pray that El puts actions to it and does it and we continue being a couple together unconditionally loving each other no matter the situation or circumstance El & I stay together remain with each other we talk it out work it out pray it out as one be a family live together go to church with each other I pray believing for this right now “ no blockage”and Thank you Father God for this yes answered prayer for El & I.In Jesus name.Amen Amen

    Brother Bruce,May Father God bless you and rosemary.In Jesus name.Amen Amen

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