Praying for Miracles – Day 3

By on 04/04/2018

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  1. Father God I hold up my family, my friends and anyone that I may encounter today, to you in prayer. Bless us with faith, peace, prosperity, charity and love. Amen

    1. Bruce, today’s prayers were something I’m always praying is for my family especially my sons Austin and Dylan. Bringing them up in the Church and the Sacraments of Communion and Conformation now 18 and 19 they’ve gone from going to Mass and I’ve feared for their souls. Todays message is my confirmation in Trusting God and believeing He Loves them even more than I do! GREAT message today! God Bless 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

    2. Dear Lord please be with my daughters and keep them healthy. Please be with my husband and watch over my nieces new baby and her son and husband. Thank you God for you are awesome and power and love.

    3. Lord Jesus I just want to lift up my grandson Thomas and daughter Kathy Father that your mighty love will pierce their hearts. Father, you see all things Lord. I pray and ask in the name of Jesus Christ that you cover him with protection. I pray that you remove negative influences that surround him and he makes very poor choices. Father he is too young to throw his life away on smoking pot which may lead him to harder drugs. I lift all our family situations ask for your mercy that mother and son may have conversion to come back to you, Lord. I pray in the name of Jesus. Amen

      Thank you Bruce for this beautiful ministry. Please keep my grandson Thomas and daughter Kathy in your prayers.

    4. Dear God,
      Please watch over,intercede, and protect my immediate family, my extended family,and all my loved
      ones and friends in Jesus’ name. Amen

  2. I prayer for my husband claude,my daughter Quessa for myself Andrea for god favor in our life ,and need god healing for chest pain.

    1. Dear Marie N, I will pray for you all especially next week, may the Father,Son & Holy Spirit walk with you, may the Light & Love of God shine on your son & guide him to do what is Right.

    2. God my father, Jesus my savior, and Holy Spirit, I lift up my family and my extended family and all families that all will be given a relationship with you and that you will grant all their needs in your name. Open all eyes to your love. Belton, Mo USA

  3. Dear Lord
    Bless my family and guide and protect them. Keep them in your loving care and help me to grow deeper in faith. Amen

  4. Dear Lord, I pray that you bless our all our family members, that your healing touch can restore any areas of hurt, disappointment, rejection, anger or bitterness, and that your love will flow through our family, that tenderness and understanding will abide. We ask this prayer in Jesus’ name. Amen

  5. Dear Lord
    i pray for Ali, Lisa Ellie, Aimee,Jed James,Maddy,Izzey,Emmy,Justin,Olly,Soph,Ben,Matt,Mum,Sue,Cathy,Katie,Jenny,Jimira,Paul,Dorjie and for all my family not listed here, let them know you, heal them. Heal me Lord of my weaknesses, take away my fears let me feel your love radiate around me I love and need you so much Amen

  6. Heavenly Father, I lift up to you my husband, my daughters and my sons in law – the one that has come into our life and the one that is yet to come – as well as my mum and all my in laws. Bless and protect them, help and heal them, guide and support them and lead them back home to You. I thank You and praise You O God, for you infinite love and mercy, and for your hand upon my family and myself. Thank you for never giving up on us and for your endless patience in drawing us closer to You. I love You and I’m Yours. Amen.

    1. Linda
      I will join you in praying for your family the rest of this week and next. I too have beautiful daughters and a son in law and daughter in law that need Gods protection and love and leading home to God. I know God never gives up on us, even when we get busy and forget to keep these precious people in our daily prayers.

  7. Thank you for the love you show me.I would like to lift my children,all my family and friends, I pray that you touch they life with your love and mercy.Amen

  8. I always pray to our Lord for my elderly husband to touch his heart and be a believer in God, my two sons whom I raised up to be good Christians but I wonder why they turn away from going to church, from being a believer since they become teenagers. I always pray for them that one day, they will come with me to church. Please strengthen my faith Lord that I may be able to continue to live by your blessings. Amen.

  9. Dear Lord I lift up to you my family please bless them keep them safe, bless our family with good health and healing, faith, prosperity, peace and love, Amen

  10. Lord, I pray for all my family, for myself, especially for my brother Jeffrey and my father to restore their health. I also like to pray for the whole world that there will be peace and brotherhood. I trust in you Oh Lord because You are good and merciful. I love You with all my heart and my soul. Amen.

  11. Dear Lord I pray for my husband my kids , grand kids and myself .specialy for my son who had a heart surgery yesterday . Please God blow your healing power on him make that he can recover from his surgery please God keep him safe in body, mind and soul. That by is example he can bring others to You our Lord.
    I thank you for all graces received.

  12. Come Lord Jesus, come and be born in our hearts. Sweep through our world Lord and heal the broken hearted. Drive out the darkness that isolates and separates us from each other. Unite our world in your love.

  13. Dear God, I pray for my children and their husbands and wives, that in times of difficulty and hardship they turn to you in prayer and faith. I pray for my grandchildren that they will discover the beauty of your love for them as they journey through life. Please put great Christian men and women in their lives to model Christ to them. I cannot begin to thank and praise you enough for the miraculous healing of my beautiful husband from aggressive cancer. I thank St. Mary of the Cross for her intercession. I thank you for your gift of faith. I believe, please help my unbelief. In Jesus name. Amen

    1. Dear Lord Jesus Christ.
      I lift up to you my family, Ned, Kerry, Kerry, Piper, Holly, Mason, Belinda who is pregnant, her baby, Nick, Leanne and myself. We pray for all extended family members. Also all those whom we are praying for, all those whom have asked us to pray for them, all those whom we have promised to pray for and those whom we ought to pray for. Let us pray for the sanctification of priest, the conversion of sinners, the relief of the dying and the liberation of the souls in purgatory. We ask this prayer Almighty God, in the name of Jesus and by the power of the Holy Spirit. Amen. 😇🙇🙏❤️😍🌺💕

  14. Father God, in the name of Jesus I release my husband John and his mother Ginette to You Lord. You are a way maker, a miracle worker and I have that deep trust in You Lord, that You will be able to forgive my mother-in-law for all the misery she has caused and is still causing to the people in her life. Lord of Lords, King of Kings, You have defeated darkness, death. You have put the underworld under Your feet . Nothing is impossible to You. Lord, in the name of Jesus, I humbly ask You to pour Your forgiveness in their lives. Open their heart, mind and spirit to You Lord, the only master of their earthly and eternal life. I praise You, I thank You and all the glory is Yours, my dear Father for the miracles that will take place in their lives. Amen. Alleluia. Praise be to God alone.

    1. Praying with you Helene, God will give you grace and strength and his love will come into this relationship in Jesus name. Be still and know he is God and he loves you all. As I pray for my marriage and family. Your miracle shall come in Jesus name. Amen.

  15. Dear Lord , I pray for healing . Spiritual, emotional and physical .
    I pray for guidance and strength .
    As always I pray for my four most precious gifts …my children . Thank you for them . Thank you Thank you Thank you .

  16. Dear Lord pray for my family keep them safe guide and protect them and keep them in your loving care and help me grow deeper in faith. Thank you Lord. Love you Lord.

  17. Dear Lord, I am desperate about my son JJBN, he is unwell mentally due to addiction. I do not know how we can continue to care for him as his actions are exposing ourselves to danger. There are 3 major events that he will have to face next week and I don’t know how we will get him to comply unless Lord you are by our side.

  18. Gracious Heavenly Father, creator of the heavens and earth, thank you for the Bruce Downes’s and all clergy , and missionaries for their precious gift of sharing their intimate prayers to you, with all of us.
    Holy Lord, Thankyou for my children..thankyou for blessing me with them..Please Lord, guide them to you. Open their eyes ears hearts and minds to you O Lord. I humbly ask this in Jesus name.

  19. Lord Jesus I pray for all my family and friends that have broblems in their lives lord may you touch their lives Amen

  20. Dear God
    I give thanks for all you have provided my family
    Please watch over my girls and bless them with your faith and vision through their journey and me for the strength to keep providing love support and wisdom with your guidance and faith
    With this I give thanks to God Amen


  22. Lord I pray for those considering suicide, especially youth, that you would touch them and heal them and turn their lives around. Lord please draw them to yourself. I pray also for the family that lost their son in year 9 on Easter Saturday. In Jesus’ name I pray.

  23. Dear Lord, I pray for my husband, cousins, dear friends, all those on this journey & myself that you will work in all of us.Thank you Lord.

  24. Father, I must trust that you have my family in your hands. I pray for each of them, that in your perfect time and way, they will come to you through a relationship with your Son, Jesus. Amen.

  25. For all the petitions and prayers, needs and wants presented here today ; Lord hear our prayers.

    1. Father God I come to you in prayer of agreement with Maryann.I pray that you will bless her family & I pray for people petitions on here to be heard today you grant them.In Jesus name.Amen

  26. Lord I pray for my family , relatives and friends. God our father bless them and keep them safe and watch over them on their everyday journey in life and with any problems that they may encounter along the way. May there lives be filled with peace and love. Protect them in all the areas of there life. With your blessings may there love grow and flow through to there family and friends. I pray everyday and my faith grows stronger. Thank you Lord.

  27. Lord, please give my family (myself included) the ability to see good in each other rather than bad and to praise each other for that goodness. Please help my children get along better and to grow to be best friends, not just brother and sister. I love you Lord and thank you.

  28. Sacred Heart of Jesus I place all my trust in You – and am filled with expectation and Joy as we await Miracles.

  29. I continue to pray for their families and friends. I pray for my son as well…I know that God has blessed my life with an amazing child (25) years old and he will rise up and serve the Lord and Glorify the Lord as well.
    I continue to pray for marriages that are having problems, or any other relationships with conflicts.. We continue to believe and ask the Lord to help us with our unbelief.

    Thank you all prayer members

  30. Dear Lord, in the name of Jesus I claim back the spiritual freedom of my husband John. In the most precious name of Jesus, I declare his spiritual restoration. Dear Lord, fill those empty spaces with your healing power. Father God, in the name of Jesus send your holy spirit, your divine fire to cleanse him of all the wrong habits that he has developed over those ungodly years. Set him free. Bring back your child, Lord to his family who has been so patient during all those years. In the name of Jesus we ask forgiveness for those times where we lost our patience, our faith, our trust in God. Lord we thank You, we praise You and we glorify You for Your mercy, Your compassion, Your unconditional love for us. We make those requests and prayer in the mighty name of Jesus. AMEN

  31. Father, I pray for myself, immediate family members, relatives and friends. I ask your blessings upon us, keep us safe and watch over us as we journey through life.
    Help us to face the various circumstances in our lives and give us the strength and courage to deal with these situations. Fill us with humility, strength and courage to accept your will for us. Finally, I pray for all the petitions and prayers, needs and wants expressed hear today. Father, come hear our prayers and answer us. I ask in the name of Jesus your Son. Amen.

  32. Dear God, Thank you for the legacy of answered prayer in my life. I pray for healing of my throat, that it may not be anything terminal or serious. I also pray for my children – heal them physically, emotionally and mentally. Grant them your grace and your favour, health, safety and long life. I ask this in Jesus’ name. Amen

  33. Dear God I hold up my daughter, her health, her husband, marriage & her desire for children
    Bring peace to her heart. Ease any anger she is feeling at this time when things
    Seem so confusing.
    Thank you oh God for your love & mercy. Bless us all as we pray for miracles
    In this week of prayer. Amen

  34. Dear Lord, I pray to you now as I do everyday, to bless my family, friends and all those that need you in their lives.
    I bring to you Michelle, Cassie, Jake, Andrew, Sheena and all those who need your healing hand and overcome their illness.
    Thank you for the words Bruce gave us in never giving up on our prayers, no matter how long before an outcome. Your will will be done!
    Thank you for making us your chosen ones to share your love, word and humility to all. Strengthen us, we believe and give ourselves to you Lord, help us in our unbelief too.

  35. I pray fpr my friends who have lost hope, who do not believe in God Almighty.
    I pray for my family, my siblings and their families and my parents…for their many needs.
    I pray for my husband’s siblings and their families for their many needs. I pray in the mighty name of Jesus and in the power of your Holy Spirit. Amen
    Thank you loving Father.

  36. Please pray for the healing of Andrew. He has a failing heart and is facing a cancer diagnosis. In his fear and loneliness please pray for his healing. Amen. Thank you.

  37. Thank you Lord that you love my family so much more that I can possibly love them. Lord, I lift to you the baptised, the yet to be baptised, the gathered and the separated. I pray that faith, hope, forgiveness, healing and love come to each of us and that we be reconciled to you and to each other. In Jesus name. Amen

  38. My Dear Spiritual Family, I pray for you as you as you pray for your loved ones – I feel you praying for mine. I especially pray for parents of children that are confused with their sexuality as I know what pain and heartbreak it causes…. God will have the last say, we need to trust in Him 🙏🕊

  39. Thanks be to God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, who loves us soo much and gives us all of his love, mercy and forgiveness. Each day is a day to better ourselves and to grow in his love. How Blessed are we? ❤️ Thanks be to God. ❤️ Praise be to God. ❤️ All Glory to God. I ❤️ you God. ❤️ Amen ❤️

  40. Father God thank you Lord for my precious family. Lord I lift up mom, sisters, brothers, SILs, BILs, nephews, nieces, grandchildren, sons, daughters, DIL and any extended family. Lord I thank you that regardless of how we feel at times we are there for each other. Thank you Father for your faithful love. Bring peace and love to us. In your precious Holy name we pray. Amen.

  41. Dear Lord up in heaven please watch over & protect my family- Donna & Brian, Monica, Jason, Grace, & Mason.
    My dear sweet friend Dave Y, his daughter Eva, Donald, Joe, MacKenzie, Mason & let Joe the father feel comfortable in letting Dave introduce me to the grandchildren so I can meet them & be part of their lives. Pray that Dave will introduce me to his whole family soon & he will invite me to his church- Cornerstone Church in Bear, DE. Let him & I have a great relationship & let God lead & guide us all the days of our lives. Keep us all in good health & we can praise your name always. Let us keep prayer as the focal point of our lives. Pray that Donna & Brian can buy & get a mortgage on the house they are living in now, since they are renting it now. I thank you Almighty God for my life, my health, my beautiful children, grandchildren & great grandchildren. Thank you. Peace, joy, serenity, good health & happiness.
    Amen. Praise Jesus!

  42. Heavenly Father, thank You for my family. I cover them with the Mighty Blood of Jesus & ask for Your protection over them in their lives. In Jesus’ Mighty Name, Amen

  43. Dear God I pray for my family who seem to be caught up with the everyday problems of this world, may they reconnect with you and come to know your goodness, blessings and peace.
    I also pray for all the people here who have many concerns for their family and friends. We ask God to help us all, through His loving and compassionate ways. Dear God we love You, we glorify, we adore you.

  44. Father God, I ask in your mighty name that you watch over Anna and Nicolas who are far from their family and out of my immediate sphere of influence. Keep their hearts and minds open to you Lord and protect them from evil and false teachings. Bring them back to me (their loving earthly father), so I may love them and nurture them in your Godly ways Lord. Heal our family’s broken hearts and ease the pain caused by their mother who has forced them away from me, their family and friends, and all they know and love in Cape Town, South Africa.
    Bring them back to Cape Town for High school Lord God, so they may truly know the love we have for them and learn about you and your amazing grace.
    I pray this in Jesus mighty name.
    Amen !!

  45. Father God,
    Thank you for my family. Please bring healing and protection to my family. I love you father God.

  46. I pray for my immediate and extended family for the joy and love of God to fill their lives. I pray for all who listen to these sessions that they grow from this wonderful experience in love and peace.

  47. As always, Heavenly Father, I ask Your Blessing and healing for each member of our broken, estranged and materialist families. I know You Love us more than we can ever imagine and trust that all will be OK in Your Time – not mine. Our Lady Help of Christians, pray for us. I pray also for families who don’t know You, who may never hear about You but especially for all who do hear about You but chose to turn away. I love you God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit ask You to help my unbelief.

  48. Heavenly Father I ask for your blessing on bringing our daughter Allison back home to us. Also for our financial situation to improve so the stress will be lifted from my husband. Amen

  49. Father I thank you for bringing me to this day today. I thank you that I am well this day. I thank you that because you are an amazing God I see amazing things happen. Sometimes I do miss things but it takes me awhile. I pray for my mom and sister and myself that our relationship grows strong. I pray for my children and their families that they remain well and safe and secure. I pray for all the people who pray to such an awesome wonderful caring God! Amen!

  50. Father I lift up all those who have prayed here and ask that you hear and answer their prayers. I ask Father that you would bring my three children back to the church and that you would bring my two sons-in-law into the church. I ask the same for all my loved ones, that they would all come to know you in a personal way. I ask also that my relationship with you with deepen and grow continually. I also ask for my daughter who is has been trying for a long time to become pregnant, that as Bruce prayed and we prayed along with him, that she will have the miracle that she has been waiting for. I ask again for the healing of my other daughters marriage and her relationship with her husband and that she will also be healed of her health problems. That my son be healed of anxiety, PTSD, depression and IBS etc. I ask too for my healing of cancer, anxiety and panic attacks and that my wrist which was broken and the tendons & ligaments which are torn will heal quickly. I ask these things in Jesus name and by the power of the Holy Spirit. Amen!

  51. Dear Lord our God,
    I pray for your healing power to strengthen our family unit and those of our friends. You, Lord God are the only perfect parent. I pray that the Holy Spirit will come over all of our families and heal all the brokenness we all may experience deep within our families, and open all our eyes to Gods teachings with loving,kindness, generosity, & respect, for each other.
    Come Holy Spirit, Come to all our friends who are trying to bear children. We ask you to work miracles Lord for all our friends and family. For those who know they need you and those who do not know You. Lord you are in control of our life, we need your healing hand to touch all of our families.
    In Jesus name, Amen

  52. Please Lord I pray for my family so that we can all enjoy your kindness and your blessings. Please continue to bless us with your love, so that my family and my friends can come to better understand what you have provided for us. Thank you for everything you have done. Amen.

  53. Dear Bruce, I am praying with you for my family , the needs of all the people on this journey and also for an improvement in my health. May God bless you and your team..

  54. For nonbelievers, the elderly and the lonely, for the homebound, the sick, all those who have walked away from God, for young people struggling with negative peer pressure and bullies, for all the prayer petitions sent in, and for all military stationed in harm’s way… We pray to the Lord!

  55. Lord I pray for physical and spiritual healing for my daughter and my self and all the people I am praying for, you know them all Jesus ,and you also know their needs.Thank you Jesus for answering our prayers.Thank you Bruce and I thank all those people who are praying for us.God bless you all.

  56. I pray for my children and thanks to you dear God they are a great bunch. I love them dearly and they love and care about me, and with them I pray for their families.

  57. Father God, I come before you to say that I love you and thank you for all of your blessings! Father, You know my entire family and friends and love them all! I am resting in that knowledge and ask for mighty moves in each life! I ask this in Your Son Jesus’ name, Amen.

  58. God, I pray for my husband to be touched by your Holy Spirit that he will one day be called to baptism. I pray for my son to return to church to worship you, to renew his faith. That his wife will open her heart to let You in. I pray for my son-in-law to go worship you in church as I know my daughter’s faith is strong. Please bring them all to You. I pray that you will bless my daughter and her husband with a baby soon as they have been trying for a long time. I pray for all my love ones, my other family members that you will heal them, help them in their own private intentions. I pray for all of us who need your help, dear God thru Jesus your son. Please, please hear our prayers.

  59. Father God, I thank you for Bruce and his gift of bringing us together as the Blood Bought family you desired us to be. Unity and oneness we stand for each other and lift our needs to you. Restore our families, fix whatever is broken, bring all of them back to You because that is where we stand waiting with great hope, faith in You and Love of all!


  61. Lord, I pray for my husband and son please keep us close to your heart.
    I pray for healing for my family after the loss of my brother by sucide.
    I pray Jesus in Thanksgiving for prayers answer.
    I pray for the intentions of all the people around the world watching these videos with Bruce.

  62. Father I pray for my son and my siblings ,nieces, and nephews to accept Jesus Christ as their Savior. That they would come to know Him as their source for everything they need. I pray for healing of my niece that is in the hospital. She was diagnosed as having conjestive heart failure. I ask you Father to heal her body in Jesus mighty name. Amen.

  63. Dear God, please continue to love and protect my three beautiful gifts of life as you have done from day 1. Please ease their anxieties and reassure them through the power of your Holy Spirit that all will be ok, and not to be fearful but confident and graceful. Please also bless my husband and I as we battle emotional fatigue, and strengthen our resolve to enter into a deeper relationship with you. Please touch the hearts of all those in my extended family, so that they may be re-awakened and realise the power of your presence and not to sweat the small stuff. Finally, God, please bless all those who have prayed above, below and beyond, via this powerful network of love and hope. Hear their prayers. Love you God, now and always. x

  64. For Olivia and Jemima, Christian man in their life to see them for the beautiful people they are.
    For all daughters, daughter in law, son and son in law and our 4 great grandchildren that they will find you and discover how much your love changes our lives, for my husband a deepening and discovery of personal relationship with you.

  65. Dear God, I pray for my wife, daughter and grand daughter. Help them with their struggles as well as mine.

  66. Heavenly Father I pray for my family. I ask you to bless and protect them and give them the gift of faith. Thank you Lord Jesus.

  67. “Heavenly Father, I ask you to let the light of Christ shine in Eric’s life. Please open his eyes to Jesus. Please draw his heart to Jesus.May Jesus be real in Eric’s life.
    Abba Father, save Eric. Please make his life a miracle in the name of Jesus Christ…Amen
    My Jesus, mercy!!!

  68. Dear lord, keep safe all my loved ones in the mighty name of jesus christ.Amen. Dear lord, I believe you help my unbelief. Help me lord in the mighty name of jesus christ.Amen.

  69. I want myself, my spouse, and my boy to grow in our relationship w God stronger faith, to be wiser, to find a church where we belong, a home of our own, hubbys work to hire him on full time and for me to find meaning in my life and to restore my relationship w my mom. But ultimately that our lives would bring God glory.

  70. Dear Lord, I believe you please help my unbelief concerning my marriage and family. I offer Zebadiah to you he is a precious gift may you be priority in his life. Open his eyes to see you. Open the eyes of Nosa to understand you and obey you without question. May he live a holy life, may he encounter you completely. Lord help my unbelief I do understand that delay is not denial but I need more grace and strength as each day feels like I am losing it. Help me Lord, I trust in you please increase my trust, faith and hope as it reduces and I feel lost and empty. Please lord guide and lead me. I know you have good plans for me please help my unbelief in Jesus name. Amen. Also offer people going through similar situations or worst please Lord comfort them and grant them more grace and something to console them. May your name be praised and adored in Jesus name. Amen.

  71. Hello Bruce and Ministry Team,

    Please pray for My four sons their wives and children. That they will give their hearts and lives to Our Lord Jesus Christ and be filled with His Holy Spirit. that they will know the joy of knowing that they have a creator that saved them from eternal death. That they will become disciples of Our Lord and bear fruit for The Kingdom.
    Thank you for your prayers. They are appreciated!! God Bless you Bruce and all of your Ministry Team.
    Halifax, N.S. Canada

  72. Lord Jesus I’m always praying for my son to get to know you. How much you love him.
    I surrender him to you as i know you will do what ever it takes to be there for him.
    Take away the addiction he is facing and send the holy spirit to give him strength.
    I pray for my sick family and friend.
    Thank you lord we adored you and praise you. Amen

  73. Praying for my sons to return to Gods Church. Jimmy, Brian and Gavin that there may be a spiritual awakening among them and there wives and girlfriend. Praying for a great spiritual awakening among all who have backsliden and those who have become lukewarm that they may be once again on fire for the Lord. In Jesus name and also healing for chest pain in myself

  74. Dear God, I humbly ask Thee in faith in the most powerful name of the Lord Jesus Christ and through the power of the Holy Spirit that You please continually deliver my wife and children as well as all that have to do with them that are good in Your sight and not against Your holy will from all evil totally and permanently. Amen. Thank You Lord God.

  75. Dear God,

    Please continue to bless each and everyone of us through your mercy and love. I pray for my family, and for all the families watching Bruce’s videos and of the families who are unaware of paschal mystery. May they come to know and love Jesus Christ as we do. Lord God, please console all of those families who are suffering and in pain whether it is due to physical or mental illness, financial hardships, or strained relationships. Keep all of us loved and safe in your refuge.


  76. Thank you Bruce, just wonderful!,
    Heavenly Father I surrender & totally give you All my family & extended family as you know what is required….. I place all my trust in You.
    Jesus, my Lord I come to you also with a healing request for my darling husband Frank & also for our good friend Sue who is having a hip replacement operation done today, please Jesus guide the surgeons hands.
    Thank you Jesus, I am yours & Yours I want to be Amen.

  77. Dear Heavenly Father, I humbly ask for your blessings and assistance for all those in need for you know who is in need of your assistance and what their needs are. I also ask that you help and assist all those who have come to me asking for my assistance through my prayers to you. As for myself, while I have things I am in need of assistance with, I know you are busy and thus I ask you to help those around me first and assist me when you can. When you do have the time, I humbly ask that you assist me with issues that are going on at my place of employment at the moment, that I have the strength, courage, and patience to make it through these difficult times, and that things turn out for the best for both me and my colleagues. Amen. Thank you Lord God, Heavenly King, Almighty God and Father. 🙂

  78. Father God I pray for my son that he will be filled with the holy spirit, take away those negative thoughts he has and help him to see that there is light at the end of the tunnel. Also I pray for my daughter that she will find her faith again one day.

    1. Father God, the God of impossibility’s look down on this mother’s heart. Grant her The innermost desires of her heart. May her petitions be answered for your honor and glory. Give her strength and mercy as she waits patiently for her answer
      Thank you that from the first time she asked, you heard, you alone know the right time, for you work all things for our good, to those whom you have called and loved. Amen we ask you in Jesus name

  79. Father god,please heal my son Preston from all the drug use he had done over the years please free him from these additions that is ruining his life, Thank you for lining up the right people to help get into a good rehab facility and I pray he can come back being healed from the damage he has done to himself and be a new person,with hope,faith and love ❤️ in his life! And I pray this in the mighty name of Jesus! Amen

  80. Dear Lord I praise you worship you and believe in the healing power of hope forgiveness and comfort for all people walking this earthly path. I thank you for always being near me protecting me and my family my children parents husband and I am grateful for all my grandchildren. I pray my grandchildren and children are doing what you intended for them to do in there lives. My they be blessed and comfortable in there life. I pray my dad is blessed with the healing power of your word. Father you know what I need in my life bless with a touch that may help others . And thank you for bringing Bruce Downs into all of our lives has a teacher of faith. Amen

  81. Dear Father, I thank you that I still have both my parents with me, father please continue giving them good health, I pray for my younger brother, I pray that he sees a breakthrough in his life, father i pray for S, heal him Father and help restore him, Father I ask this in the name of Jesus…


  82. HEavenlyFather God,
    I pray for direction in my grandsons life as he gets ready to get out of the Marines. He needs a house and a job and most of all a deep relationship with you. Look Down on him with your favor mercy and grace. Prepare him and his wife for their future, I ask in Jesus precious holy name Amen

  83. Bruce i pray that your eye will be completely healed and your sight restored, i pray for all those people that have written to you for miracles too, i pray for my family and grandson and that i myself will be healed Jesus you know our needs , we love You Jesus we need miracles Jesus Amen

    1. Dear Father,
      I join my prayer with all the prayers arising from those listening and praying with Bruce. Help our unbelief as we come in loving trust as your children laying our needs before you. Answer our prayers as befits your will and your love for us. We ask this in the name of our risen savior, Jesus! Amen

  84. Thanks Bruce for the wonderful session about our children. I’m one of those parents who nag so much for our girls to go to church I’ve learnt a lot today. I think you were talking to me. Please join me while I pray for my family my spouse Edgar, daughters Marieth and Evelyne for Gods wisdom as we go through different transitions we as a family. Amen I love you Jesus! Please walk with me during these prayers. Amen

  85. Bruce, Eva and Richard are praying for Andrew and Gina that they would come into a living relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ as their Saviour.
    We join with you and with those who have written asking for God to bless their children.
    Thank you for your prayers. R&E

  86. God Lord, I pray for the protection of my kids from all harms way, keep them safe oh Lord and show them the love that you have always shown to all your kids. I pray for peace, harmony and happiness in my family and thank you for all the blessed lives that you have afforded to my family. Lord God help my cousins find the work that they will love and cherish, I also pray for my partner’s business to breakthrough. I pray this in the name of the Father, the son and the holy spirit. Amen.
    Bontle From South africa.

  87. Lord, Please help my aunt Catherine who is elderly and failing in health, about to enter hospice. Please strengthen her daughter Nancy and her son Joseph. Give them peace about their decisions regarding her care. Comfort them and let them feel your Hand in this. I also ask you to bless my husband who has been their biggest support. Please keep my brother well. Protect us Lord. Keep us safe from harm. Lord, hear the prayers and bless all of those who have come to you in faith, trusting that you are their refuge. May we all come together as one earthly family in worship and praise with our only goal to be one with You and our Savior. I ask this all in the mighty name of Jesus, amen.

  88. Thank you Bruce for your wonderful message today. I pray for my children all the time, but as you say, I know God will turn their minds in His own time. May the good Lord care and watch over you, who is able to reach out to so many. Know that you are blessed and is Gods’ instrument to reach us all. I pray for all who are praying for their children. May God bless them all. Amen.

  89. Lord,
    I pray for my son, my son-in-law and my goddaughter – all who have left the church over the years – to return in faith.
    In your mighty name I pray for all of us here praying for loved ones.

  90. I pray for my husband right now that God will touch his heart. I pray that God will draw him closer to Him. I pray for my husband to be blessed in every area of his life. I pray that he fulfills the calling that I know God has on his life.

    I pray for my mother. I pray that God continues to bless her with prosperity, health, and long life. Whatever she is dealing with mentally and emotionally, I ask that God heal her. I ask that she comes to know God in a mighty way.

    I ask these things in Jesus’ name. Amen!

  91. Dear Lord look after my daughters and my husband let them be more closers to you , l pray for my brothers family to solve their problem and be together again .please lord help them ,heal them ,straighten them in the name of Jesus Christ amen
    Thank you Bruce for this a wonderful massage today.

  92. Father God I come to you in prayer on behalf of myself & my loving spouse El.I pray Father God that you will bless my womb and make me fertile naturally & my loving spouse El can get me pregnant this year Father God I’m believing for this supernatural miracle with no waving and Father God no blockage,I pray my loving spouse El will get me pregnant this year naturally and we continue being a couple to with each other live together be a family happily deeply unconditionally inseparable joined as one no matter what Thank you Father God.In Jesus name.Amen Amen

    I come in prayer for my nephew that you will fill his heart with your undying Love and that he comes back to church be delivered from drugs.In Jesus name.Amen Amen

    Brother Bruce,May Father God shine his light on everything you do.In Jesus name.Amen Amen

  93. Prayers for all on this miracle journey together a few lifting up my family in prayer…Thank You Jesus
    Myrtle Beach, SC

  94. Dear lord please help my brother who is getting confirmed this weekend to be closer to you. Also, please show your power by helping my parents and sister become closer to you. Lord I thank you for loving me and giving me the gift of faith. My life is a bunch of miracles. I love you and I know that you love my family and I and that you are around us all the time. Amen

  95. God bless you & your family Bruce. May the holy spirit touch all of us here and around the world like it has touched you. Thank you Lord for all the blessings You have given me & the family. Slowly in a round about way through our grandchildren Jesus is working miracles in returning my children to the fold. Lord God Heavenly Father, I pray for all those that a suffering great difficulties in their lives. Give them courage, hope, peace & much love. Amen

  96. Dear Bruce
    I am leaving this message to say I am standing in the gap with you as you continue to pray for the needs of so many. God is our loving Father Who knows each of our needs. Our prayers are heard and answered in His time we need to trust and praise Him always under any circumstances.

  97. Abba Father, please open the hearts and minds of my children, my husband and my sister and her husband so that they will hear and understand the words You speak to them. Let them be sensitive to Your promptings and conformable to Your divine will. I pray that they will joyfully live out their lives in holiness as one whose life is totally consecrated to God. I love you Abba. Thank you for loving me.

  98. Dear Lord, I hold up my son and his partner who have decided to enter into a same sex marriage, also Lord help me to cope with this and to guide me to know whether I can even attend what I consider a blasphemous event. I hold up my daughter and her husband that their finances will come under your almighty will so that their relationship stays firm and loving. And as always I pray for the gift of faith for my husband and children.

  99. Father God,
    I lift up my sons to you. I pray that you bring committed Christian girls into their lives, who would be their future wives.
    I thank you for all your graces and blessings.

  100. MOST HEALING GOD, cover me in your protection and love at this trying time. Teach me to do your work. Fill my life with hope so that I can gather my family under your most healing hands. Teach us to reach out to each other and to the whole world.

  101. I pray for all who are joining Bruce in these days. I pray that we all remember that God gives the dogs new coats in the winter, helps them molt for summer. Snakes get new coats. All wild aminals find food that is provided by God. He looks after them all so why should he not look after us? Thank you Bruce for all you put into these sessions. I would like them to continue.

  102. I am so late in writing my reply. I pray for my family and other member of my family how are sick and are under a lot of stress. I happen to be one of them. I pray for you Bruce and your whole family. I thank you so much Bruce for putting all these sessions together. I feel so calm when I listen to you . Dearest God cover and protect me in your love. Make me see that the day will come when I will get a job and be successful so that I can make myself believe in myself and have more confidence in myself. Almighty God continue to bless my family and myself and keep us all healthy and safe. Thank you God for your Abundant blessings you have so graciously bestowed upon me.

  103. Please lift up Ronald Cunningham, who is suffering from infection in his hip and told he needs a third hip transplant. He has been a faithful son of his mother who went to the Lord at age 100. I ask for God’s miracle for him and for him to see the mighty hand of God work in his behalf.

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