Praying for Miracles – Day 4

By on 05/04/2018

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  1. Hi Bruce,
    My name is Chantal from Sydney Australia. Thank you for contacting me. I truly believe you are chosen by God to spread the message. In 2015 my life changed completely and until now I am suffering. I got really sick nearly died but God saved me . After I got better my husband was diagnosed with cancer, struggled for 16 months and left me. It was the biggest shock of my life. Now I have a condition called Chronic Fatigue which is horrible. But I found myself closer to God.
    Please pray for my soul as I can’t find inner peace yet.

    1. After following this thru Lent & these prayer days, yesterday I received some of the worst news about my neighbor taking me to court over my pine trees. She won everything. This will cost me thousands of dollars but I’m staring down evil & going on. I have been planning to move & now hopefully very soon. God is able. satan is defeated. I am saying RESULTS.

    2. Yesterday I received some of the worst news I can remember which will cost me thousands of dollars but I’m staring down evil & going on. God is able. satan is defeated.

  2. I thank God for all the graces received .today I ask God to send his healing on my son Richard .Who had a heart procedure yesterday . It has been 80% done .now God I leave the 20% of work to be done in your fatherly hands please help us .I put Richard in your hand .dear God help us with our faith . I know you can do it.
    Thank you God.

  3. Father I lift up before you all the people who will write their prayers here, all those who have sent in prayers, all those who have been and will watch these videos and I ask you to meet all their needs. I ask you to answer their prayers including the things that they need and desire in their hearts but have not written in about. Lord have mercy on them and answer them. Father I include myself and my family in this too Lord, meet our needs and answer our prayers for healing, for restoration, all the things I have brought before you and the things I forgot to mention; one being the help I need to be more disciplined, in my spiritual life especially.
    Lord I believe help my unbelief. I thank you Father for the miracles that have taken place and are taking place right now, and for those that will take place as we continue to pray with Bruce and his team. Thank you Father. We make our prayers in Jesus mighty name through the power of the Holy Spirit. Amen!

  4. Bruce. I thank God for the gift of you. Thank you for putting our faith in real perspective and bringing us closer and closer to our Lord God. Like you, I have known about a special calling and I feel that that stage in my life is growing closer. For this to happen, I must be freed from my business and thus I pray that we will find a suitable passionate buyer, allowing me to. move forward towards that calling. I pray dor the Holy Spirit to be with me as I make these important decisions and that I may hear and see clearly the path that is being placed before me. In Jesus I pray and thank you all in advance for also praying for me. Amen

  5. Bruce can you please include a special mention for healing and understanding of those with mental illness, that they not be tormented in their minds, that those around them are not tormented and be graced with strength and patience in caring for them, that resources for management be increased to meet the demands and needs of those suffering. That addictions, so often the cause of mental problems, be acknowledged and resources available for those seeking help and not out of their reach financially.
    I thank the Lord for all the grace and blessings he has bestowed on me and our family and for Bruce and team.

  6. I’m soo grateful to God for answered prayers. I notice that I’m not asking as much as letting God have His way. I’m happier and everyone else around me is too. He works is mysterious ways. Keep trusting Him. Maria

  7. It’s actually John 9:31 and not John 9:20 where it says that God does not listen to sinners.
    Thanks Bruce.

  8. Thank you Bruce and your wonderful team.
    Your words are so inspiring. I will never tire of listening to you. I am going to miss our daily meetings. Even though I have asked for you to email them many times but not had any success. My good friend has been passing them on to me. I pray for Sincero and his wife Nina, who needs a miracle healing. God bless and help everyone and hear all our prayers. Thanks be to God.

  9. Thanks Bruce for what you are doing. I send a prayer request about my son having seizures before the beginning of this five days and I believe a miracle will happen. Yesterday he fell backwards on the table and hurt the back of his head, needing three staples at the ER. Though I am struggling now with work, insurance, family and my son’s condition but I believe it will all end. Please continue praying for me as I pray too. May the good Lord guide us through this life. Amen.
    Henry from Midland Texas

  10. My prayer requests is for peace of mind, I have trouble falling asleep, because I need a job to pay my bills, but to god be the glory

  11. Thank you Bruce for being the instrument of our Holy Father and reaching me during this period of isolation in caring for my mother who suffers alzheimers. For lighting my way to see this as an opportunity to serve my Lord and not a punishment. God is a true and just God and I long to be acceptable in his eyes. Thank you and God bless you, your family, the wonderful staff and the thousands of people seeking the word of God through your divine messages.

  12. Today’s video message was amazing Bruce, thank you! One of your best. I truly think you are fantastic and I can feel some change starting to stir in me. Slowly, but surely. May all the prayers offered above and below and beyond be answered through the power of the Holy Spirit. Thank you Bruce and everyone for your prayers. God bless each and every one of you. x

  13. Praise God for our suffering and trials, unite them with Our Lords suffering and become stronger as you suffer, offer your sufferings for the souls in purgatory and all on earth who are suffering. Jesus we trust in you..

  14. Lord have your way and answer all our prayers according to your will and may our faith be ever strong. Amen.

  15. Hello Bruce. Thank you for continued obedience to God and his calling on your life. Would you please talk about unity among all Christians. Catholics are no better than anyone from a Protestant denomination. For the Bible calls for unity among all Christians to do Gods will. We need to pray and work together as one not to have doctrines and man made rules cause division. Thank you and God bless

  16. Father God, thank you for the anointing on Bruce and his team for this gigantic undertaking in this prayer project. For asking any and all to participate in this for there is power when we stand together in prayer in your name. Thank you for this special blessing.
    Father , I ask you to grant miracles, blessings,and grace to all, everyone, who has sent in prayers as well as those who have asked in privacy. For You, Father, know all each that each has asked for and their needs, I ask that You, Father grant these according to your will and lead each of us toward the plan You have for us. Please restore us and lead us according to Your plan not our own. I ask this through Jesus name and by the power of the Holy Spirit, Amen.

  17. Bruce, miracles do happen,for I cried many nights to our Lord asking for help with my son who was destroying himself with drugs and All of a sudden god lined up the right people to help my son,he is now in a rehab in California getting the help that he needs and I am very great full to the Lord for hearing my prayers,and I can feel Gods healing happening to my son.Thank you father god for answering my prayers in the mighty name of Jesus and through your Holy Spirit Amen.

  18. Thank you Bruce for another wonderful day of prayer. You have been such an inspiring presence for me these past three years. I have a problem with worrying too much. I keep reminding myself “ if you worry why pray; if you pray why worry? “ Such a hard thing to do, but I am working on it. God Bless You and your team.

    1. dear Marliza

      I heard that expression about praying and worrying from a lovely lady who leads our meditation. She learnt it from someone who should in human terms be worried about her entire life, but remained trusting in God and His blessings. It changed my friends life and it is changing mine as well. Thank you for reminding me again. So I will pray and not worry, for that is the promise.

  19. Thank you. I pray for all who need the trust. My trust occasionally wavers but never leaves me completely I thank god for that.

  20. Adding my faith to all of yours and the team- as small as a mustard seed and full of doubting at times!- but our Father God has promised that He will hear and answer when we call. Asking that all who are in dark places will find His light to direct them and His abundance to provide for their deepest needs to the praise of His glory in Jesus our Saviour. Bless you Bruce. May you be fully healed and restored so that many will hear and come to know the Saviour.

  21. 18 years ago my parents were beaten and robbed during a home invasion. My mother died of her injuries. My father survived but changed from the experience. He died 6 years later from cancer. Through all this I have come to know the love and power of God. I can look back and see how God used these tragedies to strengthen my faith and trust in Him. God is good.

  22. Praying for a all my brothers and sisters in Christ and for those that do not know Him as their Savior…May God bless you, your teM, and your ministry..Jesus I trust in me when I falter✝️

  23. I come in prayer Father God on behalf of myself “M” I pray For my body to be healed healthy,my blood,skin & eyes Thank you Father God.In Jesus name.Amen Amen

    Thank you Father God for my loving spouse El & I being together Thank you for keeping us together I pray Father God that you will keep us together being a couple to with each other happily deeply unconditionally loving each other on every level no matter what my loving spouse El & I will stay together be together live together be a family now forever with no hindrance Father God & We Thank you.In Jesus name.Amen Amen

    Brother Bruce,Thank you so much for continuing these enlightening messages..May Father God keep you healthy and heal your left eye completely.In Jesus name.Amen Amen

  24. I come in prayer, that you would bless my family as we journey through the Easter season. If you could bring peace, health, and faith to us all stregnthening in our lives each and every day. And please pray for the people here who’ve watched and commented, and bring them all the same and closer to you Lord. This through Jesus Christ our lord. Amen

  25. Lord, As I read the prayers that others have written, my heart aches knowing how some are suffering so profoundly. In Your mercy, help them. Show us how we can help and comfort each other. Open our hearts and guide us in ways that we can help, encourage and support. Lord, you gave us each other to carry out Your Plan. Direct us so that we can all experience Your Peace and Love. I thank You for listening to our needs and trust that we will see miracles. I ask for special blessing for Bruce and the Catholic Guy ministry. I’ve draw so much closer to you because of their loving efforts.

  26. Hi Bruce, I posted some comments recently concerning my family situation but listening to you to-day, Day Four, I realised that I am in slavery, restless and I have to trust God to free and give me his
    inner peace. Please, pray for me. Amen

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