The Engine Room – Introduction

By on 17/04/2018

Thank you for joining me in doing the work of prayer for the upcoming event in Sunnybank, Brisbane in Australia.


The following information is so that you can join with others and myself in praying for the needs of this upcoming event.




The reason I call it ‘the work of prayer’ is because it has an aspect to it of being a task, a commitment, a job that we all commit to undertaking on behalf of others. In effect it is an invitation extended from me and now accepted by you to be like Christ and pour your life out, expressed through your time and heart, into praying for people you have not met that they would encounter Christ more deeply or even for the first time.




Being ‘in the Engine Room’ simply refers to the FACT that prayer releases the power and presence of God upon the people who will be at the event because it shows our need and dependence upon God for His blessing. You will be the ‘powerhouse’ beneath the event and I am now, since you have agreed, am relying on you. I treat this very seriously.




I am writing this in Tulsa, Oklahoma in the United States. I am watching more and more emails coming from different countries into my inbox saying; “I will be in the Engine Room with you, doing the work of prayer”.


Thank you for being prepared to be on the Engine Room T.E.A.M. with me.


In our ministry, T.E.A.M. means: Together Everyone At Mission. The Bible teaches us that we are part of a body where all of us are given spiritual gifts by God to contribute with. Some will operate cameras, others will sing, others have and will bring their administrative gifts to bear on the event, others will welcome and bring the gift of hospitality, others will contribute money as we do not cover our costs at these events, others will comfort, some will speak but what YOU WILL DO IN THE BODY IS PRAY.


We need you. I need you to play your role on the T.E.A.M. now that you have said you will.



If this is a commitment that you did not know was so serious,

I am happy for you to withdraw, just send me an email letting me know.





Before I share with you some thoughts on prayer I would like to make sure that we are all clear exactly what I am asking of you.




I will write very personally to you, so this is a private email between you and me and only those I have agreed to send it to.


I have not handed this off to a staff member to do for me.  I am doing it myself due to the importance of prayer and your role.




From time to time over the next few weeks I am going to ask you to join Rosemary and I, along with our team, to pray for the needs of the event and our own needs. I am going to share openly with you and ask for your prayer, however, I will at times touch on the challenges and needs that we face, and it is here I fear that my intentions might be misunderstood so I thought I would be completely upfront about it.


Occasionally, I am told by people not to share too revealingly because people may misinterpret my intentions or have information about the organization that could be used against us. This is a feature of our world today that I do not like and is what is causing people to become more isolated. I therefore refuse not to share my heart and the journey we are on. Personal confidences and people’s prayer needs must always be protected and kept confidential but as a ministry we need to be transparent in the issues we face and how we operate.


So how does this affect you being in The Engine Room with me doing the work of prayer?


When I share an issue that we are facing and ask you to pray,

I am not HINTING that I want you;

to do something about it, to say something, to send money or to fix the problem etc.

 I am simply sharing the need so that you can pray.


This will not work if I am worried that my intentions are misinterpreted as having an ulterior motive and that I want something from you.


If I want something, I will outright ask as I do through other communications from time to time. I am not afraid to ask and give people the opportunity to be blessed by God for giving in some form. Rosemary and I, over the years have given greatly and sacrificially to God and we have found our faith has grown every time and we have been immensely blessed. You simply cannot out-give God. He always looks after His own but asking something from you is not what the Engine Room is all about. It is about intercessory prayer alone.


As a ministry we face many issues to keep the ministry going. It can be very, very difficult and lonely at times. There are nights and nights where I have lay awake or paced the floor crying out to God to help us face and meet the challenges of proclaiming Christ in a world that is increasingly moving away from the Church and faith as we have known it. This ministry is not easy despite what people might see when they attend an event, watch a video or see a television program where it can all look calm and under control but it is in the midst of the storm we have come to know a peace that is beyond reason.


The reason many people do not experience this peace is because they do not put themselves out in the storm where Jesus must walk across the water to save you. It is here where we are converted and experience the miracle of faith.


Naturally, if you have advice or can help in some manner and you feel led by God to do so, then of course do so, BUT AGAIN that is NOT what this is about.






I will send you from time to time over the next couple of weeks prayer needs with an update.  Below the prayer requests and video you will be able to write a prayer and if you wish a comment. I would encourage you to do so.




In the same email you will receive the recording of the Sessions of the Mission/Event when it begins.


The recordings are significantly different however to those received during the Lent and Holy Week videos.


  1. Each video will be approximately 60 & 90 minutes in duration. You may not have time to watch them on the day you receive them but that is not necessary for you to be able to pray.


  1. The daily videos are limited in distribution and just offered to people who are on the Engine Room T.E.A.M. and/or people who are our donor partners to the ministry around the world who make it possible for us to exist and/or people who were part of the recent Lent and Holy Week Prayer Series. WE ARE NOT GIVING THE SESSIONS AWAY TO EVERYONE. You have received them because you participated in one of the three groups mentioned here.


  1. The recordings will be for sale but as a member of the T.E.A.M doing the work of Prayer in The Engine Room or because you requested them as part of the groups mentioned above, I want to give them to you as a free gift. Please do not send them on to others as this is how we pay the wages of our staff and cover our costs but I very happy to give them to you.



If you know someone who would like to join us or benefit by being a part of our Engine Room T.E.A.M. it is not too late if they email me as you have done directly on


This is going to be a remarkable event for you and I no matter where you are around the world as we pray together.


Thank you for doing this with Rosemary and me.


Now for some thoughts on Intercessory Prayer.





Praying for Needs


Another word for ministry is service. An intercessor serves both the faith community as well as those who ask prayer of the faith community.


What is Intercession?


The word intercession is often used as a synonym for prayer however there is a distinction between these two terms. Prayer is talking to God and listening to God.


Intercession is coming to God on behalf of another. All intercession is prayer, but not all prayer is intercession.


Intercession is derived from the Latin inter, meaning “between” and cedere, meaning “go”.


Intercession, then, is going between or standing in the gap. The prayer of intercession consists of asking on behalf of another.


Why Intercede?


A question that is often asked is, “if God knows all our needs, why do we have to pray for them to be met?” The most important reason is because God wants us to bring our needs before Him. Jesus spoke often of coming before the Father and displayed it throughout His life.


There are other benefits however that we receive from interceding.



  • Creates a desire in us for what we are praying for.
  • Focuses us on God’s providence and ability not our own.
  • Deepens unity amongst those interceding.
  • Builds our faith our prayers are answered.
  • Builds our faith when what we ask does not come about but we must trust.



By being reminded daily of the petitions of people that we put before God, a desire for those things grows within us which in turn makes us more thankful when God answers our prayer. When we intercede for things, asking God to provide for us and others, we become more aware that it is God who gives us all good things and we come to recognise His action in the world. Praying together for something creates a bond that is strengthened by the Holy Spirit.


Interceding, like all other prayer, brings the intercessor as well as the person or organisation being prayed for closer to God and more aware of His sovereignty and perfection. This is the blessing of being on our Engine Room Prayer T.E.A.M.


The Power of Intercession


Intercession allows God to be God in the situation. It gives God the opportunity to act in divine and miraculous ways because we call out to Him as his children and say help us Father and then rely on His sovereign action where we must trust and grow in faith.


Let me say it again, ‘prayers of intercession are prayers of faith trusting in God.’


The following are stories of how God’s power is released through intercession:


“A fascinating story is told in Exodus 17. It is the story of the battle of Rephidim in which Joshua defeated Amalek. Joshua’s name has been entered permanently into military history as the general who won the battle of Rephidim.


A close reading of the story tells us how we should live.


A strategy conference before the battle had determined that while Joshua would lead the troops out to the battlefield, Moses would go up on a nearby hill and intercede for Joshua. On the hill overlooking the battle, Moses soon observed that while his hands were up, Joshua was winning, but while his hands were down, Joshua was losing. Moses caught on real fast and decided that the best place for his hands was up. So, Aaron and Hur came to help, propped Moses’ hands in the air. As a result, Joshua won the battle (see Exod. 17:8-13)



This is a simple story and has a great principle for us to grasp. Joshua is fighting while Moses is praying. Joshua gets credit for winning the battle, but we know who really won it. Ultimately, of course, it was God’s power that won the battle, but the human agent most directly used as a channel of that divine power was the intercessor, Moses, not the general, Joshua.


This victory belonged to the intercessor.


Using today’s language, Joshua is doing the “ministry.” It so happened that his God-given assignment at the moment was to fight a battle. I wonder just how much Joshua was praying throughout that day in the Valley of Rephidim. Probably not much, if at all. Yet the battle was ultimately won by prayer, the prayers of the intercessor, not the prayers of the minister. Not that Joshua was unimportant. The battle could not have been won without him either.


Many Christian leaders today are like Joshua. They are activists in the ministry. People see them as successful servants of God. Day after day they see God’s power operating through them for the blessing of others. And where does this power come from? It is released through intercession? Their success is the Lord’s and the Lord’s alone. They are purely spectators.






As mentioned above, intercession is prayer but it is a specific type of prayer where you as the intercessor stand in the gap between God and those requiring prayer. Intercession prayers are made on behalf of others, for the benefit of others.


During the event people will send in a large number of prayer requests. We are very, very protective of this trust and DO NOT distribute the specific prayer requests because they are of such a private nature from sexual abuse, murder, affairs and infidelity, addictions, abandonment, loneliness, financial scandals to prayers for loved ones, physical healing of bodies, business restoration, career change or that they can forgive themselves for past errors. On top of this people cry out to God to come them from the bottom of their hearts. For many people it is the first time they do this as an adult.


You will receive an email listing some of the issues asked for. There will be no names or specifics or anything that can identify the person asking for prayer. I often say to people you do not need to tell me, God knows your need, but people want to specific. We do not distribute this information and will not even if is requested. When it has been prayed for the written requests are destroyed. We will not break this sacred trust.


When you receive the number of requests we receive, you simply cannot remember them all and it is here that we must trust that God knows the specifics and as we intercede we know God ‘puts the need to the face and to the answer.’





In our ministry the staff and our volunteers say the following prayer everyday first thing in the morning, before every meal, at any meeting we attend together and last thing at night.


Rosemary and I have found, as we have prayed this prayer multiple times a day that our hearts have been changed toward people and that we hunger that people’s children connect with God and Church as well as people of all ages.


As you wake in the Morning:

Lord Jesus, use me and every member of our Church Community (T.E.A.M.) to bring your presence into the lives of all people we meet today. Amen.


Before every Meal as you give thanks to God and before every Meeting

Lord Jesus, give me and every member of our Church Community (T.E.A.M.) a hunger today to see all people encounter you as their personal Lord and Saviour. Amen.


As you go to Bed

Lord Jesus, thank you that you have used me and our Church Community (T.E.A.M) to be your presence in the lives of all those we met today. Amen.








  1. Make a commitment to Mindfulness


From today be mindful that the event is happening. You cannot pray 24/7 because of the other commitments in your life but mindfulness is knowing it is on. You might set a quiet alarm, a quick sound on your phone to go off every hour and when it does simply pray, “Lord work in the lives of all those attending the Mission/Event and anoint those putting it on.” Then continue to work. Mindfulness is being aware that it is happening right now.


  1. Say the T.E.A.M. Prayer each day in the mornings and at meals and before you go to bed. Be warned it is a very powerful and transformative prayer that sneaks up on you over time.


  1. Remember the Mission/Event in your Daily Prayer Devotions to God.


  1. Remember the Mission/Event when you go to Church


  1. On the days you receive an Email Outlining Needs please ask God’s blessing upon them.



There is no more powerful agent in this world than prayer.



“We must not grow weary of praying. Confidence works miracles. .”

The Little Way of Saint Therese of Lisieux”,







15 April 2018


  1. That the Sunnybank priests and their family and friends would experience the extravagant love and mercy of our Saviour, Jesus! (For the first or fiftieth time).


  1. Please call constantly upon the Holy Spirit to speak and empower all of us receiving or giving.


  1. Miracles, miracles, miracles by God’s grace for.

• Healing

• Forgiveness

• Physical illness

• Emotional Healing

• Provision for healing

• Restoration of relationships


  1. Including four children 15 people will be traveling to Brisbane on our team to serve the event. Please pray for the hearts and energy of them all and that they would be fully pressed into God.


  1. Besides me other members of the presenting have just flown in from overseas. Pray for energy and safety.


  1. As I write this I am in the USA. My plane has been delayed!!!! No joke. Ok just heard, its going to be ok. Just a few hours delayed. No need to panic though. Rosemary is there and will be magnificent if I don’t make it.


  1. Please pray for my voice as I will speak many times over the seven days.


  1. That people who do not attend Church would be prompted in their hearts to attend.

56 comments on “The Engine Room – Introduction

  1. I am praying God will touch the very souls of everyone at this event! I pray for everyone that is joining you from all over this world that Gods word is reaching all!

  2. Thanks for your email. I will do my best, this is my first time committing myself in such prayer. I feel unworthy but I trust God is calling me to do something. My God bless your journey. Amen.

  3. Thank you Bruce I would love to be part of this prayerful time and I commit to making it a responsibility of mine. May God bless your whole team in this amazing venture.

  4. Bruce, thanks for including me in the prayer team. I will gladly commit the next couple of weeks for God’s shining light over you and the team and for all the people attending.

  5. Thank you Lord for the privilege of being part of the TEAM within the Engine Room. I commit to praying daily. Lord prop me up if I falter. I look forward to the JOY of the success in enabling others to come closer to you and to be open your powerful love. My heart is full of love for the team in Brisbane and the people attending. I am pray for them.

  6. Thank you Bruce for allowing me to be part of this T.E.A.M. I ask that God will bless each and everyone taking part richly and that you and Rosemary will find that your strength and ability increase with every passing day of the “Mission”

  7. I commit to pray with all of you and be a part of the Engine Room. God bless you and the whole TEAM uniting in this effort for Christ. May lives be transformed and all of us stronger for the journey.
    May God be praised….
    Now and forever. 🙏

  8. Thank you, Bruce for giving me this opportunity and for all you and your team do to reach out. I am with you praying. God bless.

  9. Lord God, please Bless and keep all TEAM members as we join to bring your people closer to You. Help me to keep my commitment as a TEAM member. You know my failings and my other commitments, be in me the person I cannot be – please help us all.

  10. Bruce I pray that the Team mission in Sunnybank will enlighten those who attend as it enlightened me a few years ago when I attended one of your missions whilst visiting relatives in Caloundra. I am privileged to be a prayer partner of the Team. God Bless you all.

  11. Dear Brother Bruce. I am Pentecostal and gave my life to Jesus at age 5. I know how to touch heaven. I have never written my prayers so that is different for me. But know in my heart I believe in you and your ministry. I know God is going to move in a mighty way in these next couple weeks and I am happy to be a part . I will be praying and interceding for all the prayer request. God bless you as you reach others that are in need. Paulette

    1. Hello Paulette

      I am so thrilled that people from all kinds of church backgrounds are praying for the event in Brisbane. I have many friends and acquaintances from different Churches and what I know of people from a Pentecostal background is that you are great worshippers. The Scriptures say that God dwells in the praises of his people. So we need your prayer, worship and honouring of God.

      Thank you for loving the Lord so much that you would pray for the out pouring of God’s spirit upon the people of Brisbane.


  12. Prayers for Frank Creamer in Midland, Texas who is in an induced coma waiting on swelling to go down so that can do Pancreatic surgery. 58 years old and fell sick yesterday and was put in the hospital.

    1. Bill

      Please know that I am praying for the healing of Frank. Father we ask this in Jesus names through the power of the Holy Spirit.

      Look forward to seeing you in Midland Texas soon Bill.

  13. Thank you Bruce for helping me with my prayer life. I pray that God’s presence will be felt by every one who hears or attends this event. May His anointing be on you and all the organizers. May the following be true for your team: Isaiah 40:31 ‘ But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.’ Amen!

  14. I I am standing with my brothers and sisters in Christ so that all that Christ offers us and salvation through faith can be made known to everyone I just prayed for Open Hearts and willingness to receive the glorious love of our Lord and savior Christ Jesus and to a fulfillment of relationship with God I pray for the team members that we will have peace and blessing enjoy knowing that the love of our Lord and savior is being sent out and such great measure to all that are hungry and come

  15. At present, I am feeling rich and blessed to be part of this new experience. I will, will, myself to be open and responsive to all you ask of me and depend on Our Lord Jesus Christ for His grace to carry thru.
    Praise the Lord for the work he asks of us and the strength to be worthy in His evidence.


  17. Hi Pastor Bruce!
    I firstly would like to send a big thanks to God who created Heaven and Earth. I thank God for giving me life to live today, because there some of people that wanted to see the day today but they did not see it. And i thank God who gaves everyone life to care about others, because today i become one of the Engine Room Team Member which is good to me and it has shown some commitment to my self. I wish i could be like that the whole of my life infront of God as his Child.
    I will pray for everyone in Jesus Almighty God. Amen!!!

    Have Blessed night everyone

  18. Dear Bruce
    Since I became known of your work,I have gone with you on your journey through Lent and I now
    go on another with you,it has given me strength and a new look on life.
    God bless you and may you have the strength to carry on for many more years to come.
    Thank you
    Joan xxx

  19. Pastor Bruce
    Thank you for this opportunity to pray with you and all others for God’s blessings throughout this mission. I commit myself to this serious endeavor and pray for your continued growth and witness to all who attend as well as for diligence for all who are praying with us.

  20. Dear Bruce,
    I pray for you and the TEAM. May God’s love and His boundless mercy be your strength and inspiration. Thank you for sharing the Gospel to the world.

  21. Thank you Bruce Rosemary & T.E.A.M for allowing me to be part of this important Mission.There is a saying:”More things are wrought by Prayer than this World dreams of”
    Also I would like to share this prayer of St Teresa given to my late Mother in 1951 by a Nun:
    “Let nothing trouble thee
    Let nothing afright the
    All things are passing
    God only is Changeless
    Patience gains all things
    One who hath God
    wanteth nothing
    God alone sufficeth.

  22. for all of you that are presenting and attending the event that you will all feel the loving arms of our Heavenly Father wrapped around you as He walks in your midst every day.

  23. Dear Bruce. I know of the Sunnybank parish and people there. I am humbled and honoured to be partof this exciting event. I will pray for all during this time and know that through our lord Jesus Christ god will work miracles has he has done and is doing in my life. God bless all the team in this mist powerful work

  24. Thank you Bruce, for your introduction, and a warm welcome, to those, who will be part of The Engine Room Team…… May God bless and unite us, as we enter this journey together. May we receive blessings and mindfulness of our own intentions, as well as those we will intercede for. May we embrace and the power of prayer, and all it shall deliver…… Thy will be done.

  25. Thank you Bruce for allowing me the privilege to pray for the Team and this Mission. I pray that the Holy Spirit will fill you all during the entire Mission and allow God to touch every person present in the way He knows is needed.


  27. Thank you for including me as a part of your T.E.A.M. in prayer. God’s Spirit rest on all of you in this work, so that people will acknowledge God’s reign over their lives, families and all that they do. Peace to you. Steve Smith

    1. Steve

      Now that I know you are praying I know we are going to be double blessed.

      I pray you are well.


  28. Wrote down the 8 requests for pray book but the red button that says next not working can someone help are their more than the 8

    1. Hello Rita, there are just the 8 requests to start. I will add more as the week progresses. This first email was just an introduction. The team is working hard to set up.
      Thank you for taking the interest to ask.

      May the Lord bless you.


  29. Abba Father, please bless everyone attending the event in Sunnybank, Brisbane. Bless Bruce, Rosemary, and the Ministry Team with energy, strength, and wisdom to speak Your words to all the participants. May the participants be sensitive to Your promptings and conformable to Your Divine Will. May they experience the love and mercy of our Savior Jesus. May they live out their lives telling everyone they meet about the Good News of your love for us. Amen.

  30. Thank you Bruce, we are committed to pray for you, Rosemary and your team at Sunnybank.
    May all those that attend be truly blessed as we have been when we have attended previous ‘The Catholic Guy’ events.

  31. Dear Bruce, Thank you for inviting us, your extended family around the world to join you and the Mission in prayer. United, I believe that we’ll see mountains move. I can feel the power all the way here in upstate New York! God bless you, Rosemary, the team and everyone participating in this wonderful outpouring! Please let us know when people who have opened their hearts receive answers to their prayers. I would like mine to be among them but I will rejoice at their breakthroughs!!! May the Lord work abundantly in you and through you!

  32. Glory to God. I could not open my e-mail for over a week and I stopped trying. Then this evening I felt a desire to try again and it opened up. I had forgotten about my commitment to pray for you but, God never forgets and so I am able to follow up on my commitment to pray and be a part of your intercessory prayer TEAM. Thank you for this opportunity to be a vessel for God’s glory.

  33. Dear Lord bless and work in the hearts of all in the Engine Room. All attending the mission and Bruce and his Team.

  34. I have just set up my phone alerts and to repeat daily. set up many for each day. I am glad to be part of the Engine room, and I ask the Lord to bless each and every one of the speakers and workers, to keep all of the TEAM walking in His path, and to keep us focused on the event and Gods work.

  35. Dear Bruce
    Thank you for the opportunity to pray for this event and to be part of the prayer TEAM. We pray that God touches the hearts of those attending. Our prayers are with you and your Ministry throughout the Sunnybank mission and beyond. Safe journey and God Bless.
    Greg and Viviane Alley (Melbourne, Australia)

  36. I pray that the Lord may send you help from His sanctuary and grant you support and guidance, and grant all your request.
    May He smile on you and bless you all.

  37. For some reason I cannot go to the “next” page of this email… even after closing down, and re-starting, but I still commit to pray for the TEAM and all in attendance.

  38. Dear Bruce, my prayers are always there for you and all your engine room team members those are praying for people all over the world. God is wonderful. May God be always deep within you, may He help, guide and bless you abundantly to walk on this holy journey may the engine room team complete this holy mission by God’s grace positively. Amen

  39. Dear Bruce
    This mission is like a stone thrown into still water. The ripple just expands and expands. I believe this will be a changing time in sooo many lives. Thank God for you and the TEAM. It is my privilege to support you in prayer.

  40. Dear Bruce
    I will be praying for you and your team, may the Holy Spirit be upon you as you continue to deliver the Good news. I pray also for all churches to come together and people that never heard the name of Jesus will hear you deliver His word and continue to follow Him. I will support you in prayer as best I can. Blessings.

  41. Dear Bruce
    I have only just received your email for my request to pray.
    I am blessed to be a part of this journey and pray that the Holy Spirit will come into the lives of all present and that they may surrender all their hopes and desires in accordance with God’s will and in His timing.
    May the Lord bless you all those here and from the many countries represented in faith love and deeds.

  42. Bruce, I am praying for you. I pray that souls will be saved in Jesus name. I am so thankful for being apart of this tremendous team. God bless each and every person that’s apart of this ministry. Amen

  43. Dear Bruce and Team, I am so blessed and excited to pray for you and those attending Sunnybank’s Parish Mission. I take this commitment very seriously and will write the prayer requests in my journal to place before the Lord and set my phone for hourly reminders to lift you all and your work to be found in the grace and power of our Lord Jesus Christ. I pray for your safety, your voice, your strength, your patience (with infernal equipment and sometimes even more infernal people). I pray that you are filled with the Holy Spirit, filled with His love and wisdom. I pray that any attacks by the enemy in whatever form they may take will be thwarted and may God’s will be done in the lives of all you touch. In Jesus’ Name

  44. Dear loving Father,
    Please except all the prayers that I offer up to you with love and intercession for all those that are part of the Engine Room. My prayers are humble yet pure, for all of these intentions and any others that have not been mention. Dear lord I prayer for them all. Through your son Jesus Christ the most powerful of intercessors

  45. I feel humbled and a little overwhelmed at the responsibility of being part of the TEAM. But I promise to do my best to pray for the many needs of many people. Thank you Bruce for your support in explaining intercessory prayer and the other suggestions to be mindful of during our busy daily lives. It is with excitement and anticipation that I join your Engine Room. Thank you for the opportunity. As I write this I am praying for Sunnybank.

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