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By on 19/04/2018

Thank you for praying with me for the Mission event in Sunnybank, Brisbane Australia.

It has got off to a wonderful start with attendance from both regular Church attenders and those who are disengaged from Church being present.

The stories we are already hearing of the Holy Spirit working in people’s lives are wonderful.

As a ministry we are called to ‘proclamation’ which is the declaration of the personal love and victory of God for all of us.

Already in the early stages of the event people are being moved by God with comments like “I have waited all of my life for this” and “It is so moving and inspirational.”

There is a paid vendor whose services we require to put the Mission/Event on. This person is not a Church attender.  As I have spoken I have seen this person more and more responding, listening more attentively and participating. They came to do a task which they are paid to do and slowly we are seeing them turn to Christ. At the end of the second session this person said, “I am coming for the rest of the days regardless of whether I am paid or not.” This person will have a deep encounter with God by Tuesday of next week.

This is often the case at these events when we pay people to come and do a task that they are met with the love of God for them and they are very surprised by it. They are evangelized.

It is your prayer combined with our ministry team’s effort, which is making it possible for this encounter with God to occur. Remember you and I are all on the T.E.A.M. and have different roles – Team Everyone At Mission. Your prayer is the Engine Room which is the powerhouse crying out to God for His Grace upon people’s lives.

All I am asking you to do is to pray in your way for the people attending that they would respond to the calling of Christ to come into a deeper encounter with Him.



·      The amount of work behind the scenes for an event like this is great and consistent. The days are very long and stressed at times. Please pray for the team they would themselves as they serve be refreshed in the love and grace of God.

·      We have had numerous issues with equipment, that just seems to play up at the wrong times. No one in the crowd knows what is happening as the team are so good at not letting on what is occuring but it is stressful for the team as they fix whatever is the problem as quickly as they can.

·      Please pray for other members of The Engine Room T.E.A.M. That you would be drawn closer to Christ.

·      There are older people attending who have been to Church their whole life and yet have not been encouraged, well so they feel, to surrender their life to God in a personal manner. Many of them, I would say almost most, are carrying the burdens and sadness of mistakes and disappointments throughout their life. They listen and wonder how can God forgive them for lost opportunities. My heart breaks for them as I listen privately to them. Please pray for them that as I pray with them and speak words of truth to them that they would experience the intimate love and healing of God.

·      On Saturday Rosemary is presenting a session just for women. When she last did this, I said to the women present that Rosemary would be happy to pray for them. For two and a half hours Rosemary cried and hugged woman after woman as they came forward for her to pray with them. Without breaking any confidences, I asked Rosemary what did the woman want prayer for and I have never forgotten answer. She said they are in many cases keeping their families together, supporting a husband who himself is struggling with work and meaning. They are the strength in their world and yet they feel so weak and alone and then she said, “many of them have no one.” Rosemary will shower love on them on Saturday. As I write this I find myself being emotional because I know what is about to happen. Please pray that the power an comfort of God would come to these woman.

Thank you for your prayer support I value it very much.

People are asking how they can have our team come to their city? The answer is simple. We respond to invitations that we receive and then discern where we should go.

Below is Session One of the Mission Event. You do NOT need to watch in order to pray.

Thank you for your prayer. I appreciate you taking the time.

May the Father, Son and Holy Spirit bless you.





To view Session One Click On the box below.


Below the video you can comment or pray. I would encourage you to do so.

23 comments on “The Engine Room – Session 1

  1. I have been thanking the Lord for the work that you, Rosemary and the team are doing in his name and for his glory, Bruce. May you experience a tsunami of miracles in whatever way God knows people need them. And most of all, may everyone attending experience God’s love for themselves!

  2. Thank you Bruce, Rosemary and T.E.A.M. What a beautiful ministry you all give. So many people thirst for a personal relationship with God. May your role in this journey continue to offer and achieve this. I am a Catholic Missionary Sister and I value the power of prayer. You are all in my prayers often each day. My mission at present is in leadership. I ask for your prayers to help me have the wisdom and grace to help all whom I serve and meet along the journey. God bless.

  3. Lord God how beautiful and faithful You are. Thank you for the way you love each one so much and for you plans of love for each person. Lord increase our faith. In The name of Jesus.

  4. Dear Bruce and the Catholic Guy Ministry, we the Engine Room team are with you. I’ve experienced a TCG church mission before but this one seems particularly special. I’m excited! We will intercede for you so that you can continue your work for God with a renewed Spirit everyday this week! God bless!

  5. Dear Bruce, I always ask Jesus to cover my home during bad Storms, my property and my friends and to protect all I have asked Our Blessed Lord To cover everyone and everything in His Precious Blood. Even our tools, Our Lord has always protected everything by us thanking Him, He Loves you dearly Bruce and Your team. Jesus want everyone to trust Him and He will protect us. Thank You My Lord and My God.

  6. May the Holy Spirit open your hearts to receive and understand the Word of God.
    May everyone present encounter God’s love and mercy.
    May God give you the gift of faith and bless you with spiritual and physical healing.
    May God give strength and wisdom for the Engine Room Team.
    God loves you❤

  7. God bless you all. There seems to be a large crowd. May Jesus touch their hearts in some way.
    May God be with all the team, and His power over the equipment.
    Saturn be gone from the Sunnybrook church in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

  8. Dear Lord,
    Watch over the Sunnybank Parish Mission Event and all in attendance.
    Please open their ears and hearts to hear Your words as Bruce presents them.
    Help them to have the faith, to pray and to ask You to increase that faith to hear You in their life, only as You know where that need is.
    My prayers have been answered throughout the years, the power of prayer, faith, hope and belief can be powerful. When prayers go up, blessings come down.
    May God bless you all.

  9. What a joy to get to listen to session one. What an honor and a privilege to get to pray for Bruce and all the people involved in putting this on, and all the participants!

  10. Faith. I pray that my faith Lord be increased and strengthened I pray for all attending these session they hear your word Lord. God bless all involved.

  11. I am so blessed and privileged to be part of this team. I’m lifting you all up to the Lord as you serve him. I pray that the Holy spirit would meet with each woman and that he would bless all those that attend. I pray for all my brothers and sisters in the Engine room prayer team that he would increase our faith and meet each person at the point of their needs. Thank you father for the great things you have done and what you’re going to do❤️

  12. Father, I come to you in the name of Jesus and under his righteousness and beg for intercession for this ministry/event. You have willed this ministry as a task to be accomplished and have blessed the work. To accomplish this task the equipment needs to be working. The non-working equipment becomes a distraction. Do not allow the evil one to use the equipment as a distraction but bless all the equipment needed for your task, so that it keeps on working. Refresh the team members working behind the scenes, in your love and grace, so that they may work tirelessly through the long days and stress. Please draw all the team workers close to you.

  13. Thank you Lord for the good Work you have blessed your people with. The Engine TEAM has lots of needed guidelines and strength to do your will. Father I believe you will work miracles and more souls will be saved and brought to you. Guide us who are praying far away and all over the world that our prayers may be hard. Amen

  14. Father you love all your children. You have sent Jesus to be their savior and to lead them to the heavenly kingdom. Many who are here have troubled souls and spirits. Please give Bruce Downes as he prays for the needs of those children of God, the wisdom and power of the Holy Spirit to speak truth to these troubled souls, and to give to all the participants the blessing of experiencing the intimate love and grace of God. Heavenly Father, send down your power and comfort to the women who are attending the session of Rosemary Downes. Help them to lay their burdens at the feet of Jesus and remember that you, “God are their refuge and strength, always ready to help in times of trouble” (Psalm 46:1). In the name of Jesus, I pray.

  15. May the Lord’s blessings be on you all! I’m praying for you all and am anxious to hear how people’s lives have been touched by this holy event. Bruce may you always be blessed with God’s anointing. You’ve encouraged me through Lent to draw closer to God and I don’t know when I’ve ever experienced such peace and love toward others. It has been so true that the more I spent time in His presence and closer He felt. Thank you for being such a strong person of faith who guides the lost and the broken into the arms of our Savior. May everyone who hears your words be as blessed as I have been because I know He speaks through you.

  16. It was so heartening to read about the ways in which God is touching lives and I feel so blessed to be a part of this. I first encountered you and your team at the mission event in our Parish – St. Andrew’s, Werribee. I will continue to keep you and your team in my prayer – the task at hand is so challenging but with God’s help we can do it together. God bless all our efforts.

  17. Lord I Believe, please help my unbelief!
    Holy Spirit fill us all with Your Love and Wisdom so we will listen and respond to, and cherish, the Word of God the Father, given to us through God the Son.
    Thank You for all we have and will receive. Amen

  18. Dear Bruce and Team, I’ve looked up some facts and the demographics of Sunnybank and Brisbane and have seen some pictures of the area and people. I have even read what your weather is. I feel like I’m there with you though I’m on the other side of the world. Brisbane is a special place! Is it possible that it may be one of those ‘refuge cities’ like Toronto or Colorado Springs, where our Lord Jesus is honored in an extraordinary way. What a privilege it is to pray for the people attending and even those not attending this Mission Event. And what a sense of being one family this praying gives me! The grace and power of our Lord be with you all.

  19. Although some 9 hours behind Brisbane, I and sensing the awesome power of the Holy Spirit in drawing us closer in His activity this week. Praying for all who are involved on the fringes of this event and also for the people who are hearing this good news.
    What an awesome God we serve. When GOD speaks, mountains are moved, hearts are drawn near and lives changed. May your will be done on earth as in heaven and let there be a huge increase in our faith, Lord Jesus.
    Bless you Bruce and your coworkers.

  20. Just to think about the prayers going up all over the world increases my faith. I pray for you and your team and esp.the people attending your mission. May their faith increase and miracles happen….I believe✝️

  21. I have been out of internet range for 2 days, but have continued to pray and to ask God for all who are at the mission to be touched permanently by the grace and love of God. Although I knew new requests were forthcoming and I could not see specifics I knew God knew your needs and some of the the thoughts I had were confirmed once I was able to see this message. I feel so privileged to be in the Engine Room and the T.E.A.M. May God increase the faith of all who are attending and also all who are receiving the sessions. And being part of this in such a small way yet important increases my faith and changes me forever. God speaks to all of us, if we but listen. May I beg Him for increase in faith and may I hear when he speaks through thoughts and through the voice of others. Amen.

  22. I believe I am partnering in prayer with you Bruce, and am convinced, the Holy Spirit is and will be doing awesome things in the Sunnybank Parish.

  23. Thanks for your ministry, Bruce! Your videos and message have become part of my morning devotional. God bless you and your T.E.A.M.

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