Parish Mission Event – Session 2

By on 21/04/2018

2 comments on “Parish Mission Event – Session 2

  1. Dear brother bruce;
    I have been faithful in praying for this event but God in his wisdom knew that’s not why i was able to participate cause what i needed was to be part of this experience . today I listened to the shredder message and i was able to go back 40 yrs to the most devasting decision i made in my life and i truly feel God did a healing of memory for me so once again God bless your faithfulness to doing what hes called you to. ty

  2. Thanks God for what He is doing at the Parish Mission. we pray for the healing among the sick, that they may regain back their normal being and server you Lord but first Lord your will be done. Teach us to accept your will Father as you are the porter and we the clay. Mold us into the image of your choice. Guide us to the right direction Father. For those who are trying to renew their marriages, send your holy spirit that this may be done according to your plans. Show unto us participating in this Engine Room the true mercy and give us courage to stand firm in your name. For this I pray trusting that your will not mine will be done. And thanks for the miracles you have done and still performing in our lives. Amen.

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