The Engine Room – Session 4

By on 26/04/2018

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  1. Lord i want 2 thank U 4 the ministry done by yr servants Bruce & team. My yr mighty works continue 2 move upon the lives of all who attended conference & the fruit they will bear from being inspired by this ministry. Now lord i ask that U give Bruce, Rosemary & the team a time of rest to refuel & rest for their next ministry endeavor. I thank U lord that U have guided me 2 this ministry. In JESUS name
    Roma, Peachtree Corners Georgia 🇺🇸

    1. God, help the church community and all those at the mission to hear You well today, but help all also to listen to Your Spirit leading, guiding and growing the members of the church community and all those attending the mission. In Jesus’ name, amen.

  2. Henry Sirengo
    born and raised in Kenya but now lives here in Midland TX.

    Dear Father we thank you for the gift of forgiveness. Many are the times we fail but you led us stand and you simply welcomes us back to your kingdom. Father send your Holy Spirit to heal every man and women attending the parish mention, that their decision to forgive may come and dwell among them. That forgiveness may lead to everlasting peace in their families and even in our families us in the engine room. Guide us Father, Mold us into the image of your own choice. Many are times we have remained hard hearted about those who wronged us and forgotten about those we have wronged ourselves. Guide and and soften us, so that as we seek for forgiven let us be willing to forgive too. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

  3. Sydney, Australia
    Heavenly Father we thank you for your messenger Bruce and all his team that they continue on this journey, to get through any struggles that Bruce may encounter because he has surrendered to you and he knows that everything is possible when you trust in The Lord. During these events he gathers your sheep to strengthen their faith but also picks that ONE that might go astray. When we are feeling depressed or anxious as Saint Jane De Chantal said that she made a heartfelt decision to embrace His will. She prayed “O Lord Jesus, I surrender to you all my will. Let me be your lute. Touch any string You please, always and forever let me make music in perfect harmony with your own. Yes Lord with no ifs, and or buts let Your will be done in me”. The relationship she had with God brought her joy.
    Let us embrace the guidance that Bruce has provided and is providing for us all. I pray that this journey will continue in our hearts and stay in The Lord’s Presence. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

  4. Father, only eternity will fully tell, all that has been accomplished in the lives of your people in Sunnybank, we give you all the praise and honour and glory for this, Amen

  5. Louise in Moe (Vic.) says:
    create a clean heart in us all , Oh Lord and put a steadfast spirit within us . Thank you for your mighty power which has moved the people in Sunnybank and far beyond. And bless Bruce and his team .

  6. Heavenly Father, many years ago I felt the power of forgiveness and ‘letting go’ and yet there are some people I cannot forgive even though my unforgiveness has changed who I am. But Lord, I have tried to forgive but their weakness continues to bring me pain – Lord, please hear my cries for inner Peace and Happiness. I place my trust in You.

  7. Lord I come in my weakness for all sins that have chained me up in my life, Lord
    Jesus I have hurt your Your Blessed Heavenly Father and yet you gave me Your Holy Spirit to help me and strengthen me. Lord please forgive me, I ask You for Your Forgiveness of those I have hurt in my life. Oh, Lord I surrender my hands so You can lead me. I surrender my eyes so that I can see Your Holy Face in everyone I meet. I surrender my ears so I can hear Your call. I surrender my heart so I can Praise and Glorify Your Holy Name. I Love my Beloved Lord and King my will is Yours, so be it. Amen

  8. May the richly bless you for this very important and fundamental for each and every person .
    It is very true and sets one really free.
    Thank you.

  9. Dear Bruce
    What is you do forgive but you are not forgiven! Or what if the person to whom you want forgiviness from has died! Does God know that we are asking anyway?

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