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By on 24/05/2018


I pray this finds you well.

It seems like I have been here before and just recently.

It was only a few weeks ago that I arrived from the USA into Brisbane, Australia for a Mission event at Sunnybank. Straight after that I returned to the USA.

Just a few hours ago I landed in Brisbane again from the USA, but this time for the Heart Women’s Conference that starts tonight. In four days’ time I will return to the USA.

Hello everyone in the Engine Room doing the work of prayer for our ministry. I am so grateful for the over 450 of you from countries around the world for committing to pray for the proclamation of the Gospel of Jesus.

The Engine Room Prayer T.E.A.M.Together Everyone At Mission is the power underneath our entire ministry of proclamation. Thank you for agreeing to pray for our needs and to thank God for his blessing upon your and my work together in the ministry. This is a personal letter from me to you.





Tonight, the Heart Women’s Conference begins and will be held over three days. In the past there has just been one conference in Sydney, Australia but after receiving emails and calls from women in other cities saying they were unable attend because of distance, employment, family and children or due to age I felt that God was saying to take the event to women. So I shared this with Rosemary.

My wife Rosemary oversees these events. She has had a heart for women for many years. I think it comes from her background as a Pharmacist where she saw the need for care of women of all ages as ministry and not just pharmacy. So often she would come home from work and I wondered whether she had done more Church work than I had.

She would tell stories of crying and praying with women as they told her of the death of their husbands and family members, of the illness of their children and those they love. She would help with elderly people leaving family homes for the last time and inspire young women with their dreams.

While this was happening, God took her on a journey of walking more deeply with him. For years she has sat at our kitchen table praying, reading countless books and studying the Scriptures and the teaching of the Church.

Through all of this she has put up with me and the many times I have been away building a ministry that reaches out, raised our five children, and now has eight grandchildren with one on the way.

Am I boasting about Rosemary? Absolutely. She is a saint in my opinion because I get the closeup view of her life. She is the real deal when it comes to her faith and how she lives it out.

Rosemary has stopped pharmacy work and the Heart Ministry to women has become her full-time work.

Rosemary and I talked at length about taking the Heart Conference to different places and in the end we both felt this was God’s direction. In time, we are hopeful to take Heart as it is referred to now, to cities around the world. It is a remarkable event as it is not just a knowledge event but as the Popes have said in recent years an ‘encounter’ event with Christ Himself.

In the next 72 hours women will experience the power of God in ways they never thought possible. It is a beautiful event and I feel very privileged to play a part.

The theme of Heart this year is from Romans 12:2;

Don’t copy the behavior and customs of this world, but let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think. Then you will learn to know God’s will for you, which is good and pleasing and perfect.

Can I ask you to pray from Thursday evening until Saturday evening for all of the women who will be in attendance? For the speakers who have flown in from different cities and that God would work in the life of every women who attends. Please also pray in advance for the Sydney, Melbourne and Perth events over the next couple of months and then that God would lead us to other places.



As all of you know I spend a little more than half my time a year now in the USA. When I was at the Vatican on August 26, 2006 and the thought of making a Catholic television program arose on that day, little did I know what God had in store for me into the future.

Television today in its many forms of delivery via traditional television, cable, satellite and now the future of television the internet, penetrates to every corner of the world. On July 19, 1977 as a teenage boy when I felt the call to proclaim Christ around the world, I had no idea and could not have imagined how this would occur. The internet and modern communications did not exist.

Three years ago, when I was approached about being on television from the USA which goes all over the world, I also never would have thought just how hard it would be to do. Maybe that is why when God calls people, all He promises is the grace to be able to respond when it is needed. All He wants from us when we begin is our ‘yes.’ It is why the Scripture says, “we walk by faith and not by sight.” 2 Corinthians 5:7.

Earlier this year during the Lent Videos, I shared a prayer that I have come to pray often;

“Lord here am I, do in me, as you will.”

I have found this is a very dangerous prayer, which is no doubt is why numerous people at various times have said they could not pray it. They were frightened of what God might ask of them. I vry much understand how they feel.

For maturing Christians dying to self is at the center of our lives. This is where Jesus wants us to experience His presence, power and the Kingdom of Heaven on earth as we become more dependent upon Him.

Unfortunately for confidentiality reasons, I cannot share the details of the following just yet, but I have been offered the opportunity to proclaim Christ around the world in a manner that will fulfill that calling I experienced as a teenager in a much, much larger way than even when I started in the USA three years ago. In time an announcement will be made by the companies and ministries involved. I am not permitted to say just yet, but I can ask you to pray.

The past three years have been a struggle and a joy at the same time. Learning new ways at an international level has stretched Rosemary, the team and me in ways that I did not know we could be stretched.

Challenges and obstacles have needed to be overcome time and time again. So often I have cried out to God, “Father God help. Why so hard? Surely you want your Son proclaimed? We are trying.” I have sat in hotels exhausted from trying so hard and feeling very alone.

Just when the thought of pulling back has occurred to me I have had people, out of the blue, send a story of how the ministry touched them or someone they love. People have called to say don’t stop when they have had no idea of what I was and am going through.

Rosemary’s spiritual gift is that of faith and time and time again she has said to me, “keep going. Do not give up no matter what you and I have to do.”

Back in January when all of these opportunities began to take us to another level of proclaiming Christ I thought, “here we go.” It was then that the retina in my eye detached with imminent blindness expected within days going to occur if I did not have emergency surgery. This meant I could not travel to organize the opportunities being given to us. You know this story. At first, I was told I would be good to travel within four weeks. I was so frustrated at the time because we were on the verge of breakthrough.

This did not occur however, I was stranded for nearly three months. In this time our funds exhausted yet the doors continued to open to us. If we had that three months we would have been more than ok.

I have to be honest and say I have screamed out to God and said, “Not fair. Not fair. So close and yet so far.”

I am currently writing a book titled, ‘You Have To Fight For Your Promised Land.’ It is based on the story of the Chosen People in the Bible entering into the Promised Land where they had to fight for what God had promised them. Their Promised Land was occupied just like ours is whether it be for a great marriage, career, family, etc. We always have to work hard to achieve what God plants in our heart for our future.

We have fallen short by just three months of being able to take up the opportunity to proclaim Christ on a massive scale. At the same time to achieve what we have, we had to leave behind the safety of the security we had in the past.

A friend and his wife who have helped tremendously, asked me last week why not just stop and go back to Australia and the ministry I am doing there and forget about this idea of proclaiming Jesus around the world through television. We were eating dinner at the time and I thought to myself as I sat there, ‘that makes so much sense.’ I even repeated through our conversation, “I could just go back to where I was and keeping doing that.”

I have to admit there is a certain appeal to what they said, the pressure, the fight would be over. No more catching planes every 2.83 days of my life. No more hotels and hotel food. No more loneliness and missing my family. No more thoughts of, ‘am I mad.’

I knew however, in what we Catholics call our conscience, what they suggested which makes so much sense was something I could not say yes to. That I have to keep going no matter what.

As we have come to the end of our funds, Rosemary and I are going to sell our home and use the money to keep our staff together and get us through the next three months by which time we will have set up for the next step. When we have done crazy things in the past we normally don’t talk about them publicly, but Rosemary wanted me to ask you in the Engine Room to pray knowing that you will keep this to yourself.

The possibility of touching the lives of people with Christ around the world is a risk we do not think we can walk away from.

Should what we are working for be successful, we will have the ability to train priests and lay people with a method of proclaiming Christ that transforms the world. I am often asked by Bishops in the US and Australia if I will speak to priests. It will raise money to support ministries and charities in the Church. It will promote vocations as it has in the past. I just spoke to another young man who is considering priesthood as a result of coming in to contact with the ministry. We will launch youth and young adult programs particularly to reach young people finding it difficult to connect with Church. We will continue to promote ecumenism and the encouragement of Christian Pastors and Churches who also proclaim Jesus.

If things do not work out like we think they will and we lose everything then God will look after us. He is our everything. The ministry will end everywhere but God will still be on His throne deserving our praise, worship and adoration. His plans and ways are greater than ours.

Rosemary believes we should at this time, ‘bet the farm’ which is another way of saying use everything we have for Christ.

So, will you please pray for God’s will and provision as we try to proclaim Him.

In sharing this with you I would remind you of the two rules to be in the Engine Room.

RULE 1.       This is a personal letter from me to you and not for you to share with others, put on websites or blogs or distribute to your prayer groups or communities. I am writing to you. If you want to share it with others send me their name and I will write and explain the Engine Room to them. The Engine Room is the only group of people that I personally oversee.

RULE 2.       Being in the Engine Room will only work if I can share our real needs. I am not asking you to do anything or donate anything because of what is shared. If you feel God lead you in some way no problem, but that is not what the Engine Room is all about. All I am asking you to do is pray.

Having shared this, please do not forget to pray for the Heart Conference over the next few days.

Please also pray that people will come to help us, not because they will get anything from it, but just because of what Christ does in people lives to set them free for eternal life.

Feel free to pray, comment or ask questions below. The Engine Room Prayer Community is the only group that I am able to answer questions from. I will answer below as well. The reason for this is that prayer is the most important activity we can undertake and so the Engine Room is a priority for me.

You can also write directly to me at

This is miracle territory my friends. God will bless all of us and build our faith.

Thank you for your prayers.

Bruce & Rosemary.

36 comments on “The Engine Room – Prayer Requests

  1. God bless you & Rosemary, May the heart conference be inspirational & miraculous for the ones attending it & May God hear & answer my prayers for it & my own needs & requests.

  2. Am praying for the Conference, and for you Bruce as you return to the U.S. may the Lord continually use you mightily, try and NOT get too tired.

  3. The Suscipe of Catherine McAuley
    My God, I am yours for time and eternity.
    Teach me to cast myself entirely
    into the arms of your loving Providence
    with a lively, unlimited confidence in your compassionate, tender pity.
    Grant, O most merciful Redeemer,
    That whatever you ordain or permit may be acceptable to me.
    Take from my heart all painful anxiety;
    let nothing sadden me but sin,
    nothing delight me but the hope of coming to the possession of You
    my God and my all, in your everlasting kingdom.


      1. Love it. Thank you. I went to Catherine Mcauley high school in NSW
        I am going to try to pray this for the mission

  4. Looking forward to reading your book. I am fighting for my promised land. I’m so sorry I am unable to attend the conference. But I am praying with you.

  5. My prayers are with you and Rosemary, Bruce. May many blessings come to all who attend the Heart Conferences. Don’t give up you have so much to give. God bless.

  6. Praying for the Heavenly Father to open the store house of his Providence for the Heart Conference to give all involved mighty power in their words to bring others to Christ His Son, and strength of body, mind and spirit for the team, especially Rosemary. God bless your future plans.

  7. You are always in my prayer. I am praying for this women conference, that they may receive all the blessing and accept that we only have one God and by trusting in Him all things are possible. We can not forget about praying for us all in the Engine TEAM that we may remain pure in our thoughts, as we go around in our work place we may serve others than be served. God grant us more opportunities to witness your calling. Amen

    Praying from Midland, TX.

  8. I am praying for you and Rosemary for this mission. Will consistently pray tonight and Saturday. God bless us..

  9. Think of Abraham, Bruce, the children God promised him and the sacrifice he asked of him. I believe you already have many spiritual children. How your sacrifice is going to pan out only God knows, but hopefully you will find the similarity encouraging.
    Will my fellow TEAM members join me in praying a prayer of agreement for God to break through in Bruce’s situation? Thank you!

  10. Bruce and Rosemary forever in my prayers and special prayers for the participants of the Heart Conference and your support staff. God bless you all.

  11. Praying for you and yours to be strengthened and richly blessed with His favor and full over flowing provision for You as you are faithful in fulfilling the call. I believe with you and Rosemary
    Many are and be transformed to rejoice together as you proclaim Christ’s fullness in and for us. John 10:10. My heart is with Heart!

  12. O Dear Heavenly Father, I ask You to place Bruce , Rosemary and their TEAM into your Sacred Hands please help them, cover them in Your Blessed Sons Blood that He shed for you. I ask You My Lord and King guide Bruce, Rosemary and the TEAM at the HEART WOMEN’S CONFERENCE be Blessed. Lord Jesus and the Holy Spirit please guide strengthens them, this I ask in Jesus Holy Name so You Blessed Father will be Glorified through Your Son. Thank You Lord I Praise and Glorify Your Holy Name.

  13. May God bless you mightily in your ministry, the Heart conference, and personally. May you and Rosemary be filled with His joy and peace. May those touched by your ministry draw ever closer to our awesome God.

  14. Dear Bruce and Rosemary, I have continued praying for you and your ministry these past weeks. I take being part of the Engine Room very seriously. It has given me a connection to the body of Christ I never had before. I believe our Lord’s perfect will and timing will be accomplished by the incredibly hard and stressful work you and your team are doing. Jesus longs even more than we do for the salvation, healing and blessing of millions of hurting people. I pray for God to give you strength and perseverance in your work and even more that you will have peace in the decisions you make. I will pray particularly now for the Heart Women’s Conference that God will pour out His Spirit on all involved. God bless you, Miriam


  16. Dear Bruce and Rosemary, please be assured that I will be in earnest prayer for you and your team and all who attend the Women’s Heart Conference. I ask that God pour out His spirit upon all who participate and for all the ministry team. I know without a doubt God is going to supply every need spiritually, mentally and physical. A scripture God recently gave me for my walk with Him is Isaiah 43:19 ” Behold I will do a new thing. Now will it spring forth. Shall ye not know it. I will even make a way in the wilderness and rivers in the desert.” I know God is directing your path and I know He will supply. God bless you and God bless this conference. I desire your prayers also as I need a miracle healing in my body.

  17. Thank you for your updates Bruce. I will offer my prayers at mass this morning for you and the team with you, and I have no doubt that the Conference will be a grand success. I will continue to include you in my daily prayers. May God be with you always.

  18. Dear Bruce and Rosemary,
    You are doing such wonderful work bringing God to the people.
    God bless you.
    I will certainly pray for the conference,may it be a big success.

  19. Dear Bruce, Rosemary and all the Team,
    My thoughts and prayers are with all involved in the Heart conference. May it be an inspiration and bring special blessings to everyone.
    I ask our Heavenly Father to give you the health and strength you need to carry on your amazing mission and may the weeks and months ahead be less stressful as new and exciting paths open up. May God bless you all for your great work and the sacrifices you make to bring His word to the world.

  20. Bruce and Rosemary you are doing God’s work, He may put obstacles is your way to test you, but keep going your work is important. God will not let you down in the long term. Praying for you and your plans and events always.

  21. Praying for you and Rosemary for strength and clarity to have Gods blessings bestowed upon all you come into contact with in The Heart Conference and all future endeavors.
    Praying for Gods blessings as you enter on this next step of your journey, praying that the name of Christ be on the lips of all whom you touch. I am hopeful that you might come to New York so I can be so deeply moved and transformed as all you have touched so far. Thank you Bruce and Rosemary God bless you both!

  22. Dear Bruce – You and Rosemary and your support team are always in my prayers. I am praying for a successful Heart Conference and that God will bless and touch everyone who attends. I will pray for God’s Blessings on you and Rosemary as you enter the next faze of your amazing journey. I firmly believe that God is Love and God is Supply and I know He will see you through.

  23. Dear Bruce and Rosemary
    You are bringing Gods light and love to so many .. in ways that God sees and likes … he sees that it is Good – at least that is what I believe and I see a glimmer of new life in others that I have been praying to God for – I pray he answers your prayers too. Thank you for saying Yes to sharing the gifts that you and Rosemary have with us..

  24. Thank you Bruce and Rosemary for your unwavering faith and deep courage for following God’s word and bringing renewed faith and hope in so many of us who felt so lost. You are a true beacon of light and are on a most unique journey for you are truly a chosen messanger. May God supply you with all that is necessary for your task. I am most grateful to be part of the engine room. You literally saved my life. Thank you Bruce, Rosemary, your family, staff and to Jesus Christ for guiding me to you and salvation.

  25. Lord, please look down on all of the women who will be in attendance at the Heart conference and give them the grace to allow you to transform them into a new person by changing the way they think. I also ask you God to have the Holy Spirit use the the speakers who have flown in from different cities to proclaim the message you have and that you, dear Lord would work in the life of every women who attends. Please bless the work in advance for the Sydney, Melbourne and Perth events to take place over the next couple of months and then God, lead Bruce, Rosemary and the team to other places as your will permits.
    Finally, dearest Lord, open up the opportunity to proclaim Christ around the world in a manner that will fulfill that calling Bruce Downes experienced as a teenager in a much, much larger way than even when he started in the USA three years ago. Open up the hearts of people so they will come to help the ministry of Bruce Downes, not because they will get anything from it, but just because of what Christ does in people lives to set them free for eternal life. Amen

  26. Louise van Breugel prays:
    Father God, may your blessings come down on all involved with the Heart Conference. May it bear much fruit. Bless Bruce and his T.E.A.M. in the development of whatever You have in mind for them. Thank you for being a small cog in the wheel. Amen.

  27. Scripture tells us clearly that there are many plans in the mind of a man but it is the will of the Lord that will be established! Believing for and with you Bruce and Rosemary, for the fruition of His perfect plan and your ongoing obedience to be used by Jesus in ways beyond imagining! Privileged to pray for the ministry and those who support this work. May many hearts be reached and transformed by this mission and those yet to come. Bless you.

  28. Pls be rest assured that you Bruce, Rosemary & your T.E.A.M are in my daily prayers(not only for events) – praying that you will all have the Graces & zeal to continue to be our Lord’s instruments to lead all lost sheep home to our church, our belief in Jesus Amen!! 🙏 🙋‍♀️

  29. Almighty God maker of heaven and earth bless Bruce and Rosemary encourage and keep them help them to continue in your will and have peace in the situation knowing you are with them and will supply all their needs.
    In Jesus name Amen

  30. Dearest Papa, Bruce and Rosemary are facing huge challenges right now, but they are placing all their faith and trust in You. Please hear and answer their prayers. In Jesus name and joined with the prayers of all in the Engine Room, I place my trust in You. Amen

  31. Father, God,
    I continue to join my prayers with those in the Engine Room for your transforming love to shine on the CatholicGuy Ministry, so that Bruce and Rosemary and their team can continue to help us know your love and your ways.
    I pray for the women attending the Hearts conferences that they may experience your nurturing and peace and bring these gifts to those they share their lives with.
    I make my prayers in the name of Jesus.

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