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By on 03/10/2018

Life is getting tough!

Do you sometimes feel like life is harder to live! By yourself anyway. I don’t know about you, but if I did not have the support of my family, friends (and sometimes I literally mean support, a wall to lean on, a hand to squeeze, a person I can hide behind) and the support of God. I would not cope!

I need to rely on (and this actually means what it says ‘rely’) depend on, believe he will come through, is trustworthy, will not let me down, that’s the God I’m talking about!

The feeling of constriction in my chest is lessened and the sick feeling in my stomach disappears. Only when I have the guts to trust in God. I know as a Christian it’s supposed to be easy to trust in Him. But sometimes, this is not true. Not because he is not trustable. NO, it’s because I’m the one who gets scared, nervous that God won’t come through. When has God ever let His loved ones down? Other people may let you down but not God! If he did not say yes to a request, then possibly he has a better solution or outcome for you. He only wants good for us.

Saul’s son Jonathan, in the Old Testament knew God would help him. Even if it was not the answer he thought would occur and God would come to his aid (which he did) he did not assume he would. He hoped that he would. ‘Perhaps the Lord will act on our behalf,‘ he stated in 1 Samuel 14:6.

Nothing can hinder the Lord from saving, whether by many or by few. Jonathan told his armour bearer God just might show up.

To speak this out to a servant showed amazing courage and belief in God. He could have been the laughing stock of all of Israel. Jonathan knew where our help comes from. He trusted in God’s plan for him. What faith he had in God! The faithful armour bearer, friend, work college, worker in the field said.” Do all that you have in mind. Go ahead, I am with you heart and soul.”

Oh wow! To have a backup person like that, encouraging you to risk. We as parents so often don’t want our kids to risk, give things a go or maybe to fail but God calls us to serve in the uncertainty. Go out into the unknown, knowing only that he is with us. To risk.

But read what had happened before this. In 1 Samuel 13 :16, the Philistines who were invading Israel’s army had all the blacksmiths, so only Saul and his son Jonathan had a sword. The soldiers with them had none, not even a spear. Pretty helpless and useless army! But this did not hinder Jonathan. What a relationship he must have had with God. Trusting in Him, in his plan. We should be unafraid of uncertainty for the Lord our God has the perfect plan for our lives. We don’t need to know what is coming next cause God knows!

A quote I love, “we don’t need to know what the future holds we just need to know who holds the future!”

So Jonathan notices a detachment of the Philistines have gone out to the pass that they need to cross. And so, he and his armour bearer go. They decide while watching the enemy, if God is with them, when they show themselves to the enemy, they will be invited to come up and so they are taunted to come towards the enemy. In so doing, just the two of them killed twenty men. That’s right just two of them. Then a panic struck the whole army. The ground shook- an earthquake sent by God. The whole Philistine army panicked and ran away from the army that did not have any weapons! How amazing is God!

God can come to your aid if we but trust in him and in his ways. If it is of God it will happen, it will work, don’t give up. God will make a way and even if life is tough God is tougher

Call upon him for help and ask him for his direction in your life. He is busting to help us and guide us and love us.

May these jottings from my journal inspire you to believe in and fall in love with Christ- the hope of the world, as stated in Jeremiah 17:7, ‘Blessed is the man who believes and trusts in and relies on the Lord and whose hope and confident expectation is the Lord!’

Love always


3 comments on “Jottings from my Journal

  1. Thank you for sharing your jottings. I am learning how to really put myself into what I write in my prayer journal and you and Bruce have both shown me some of the things in your heart and how they relate to what you are reading.

    I like you, want to trust always in God, but it is hard sometimes and we want to take control back. Bad idea. A Christian author who I read, wrote a reflection on this looking at the first beatitude, being poor in spirit meaning really trusting everything to God. And her thoughts are so close to yours and it gives me confidence in my trusting when those who are so much closer than I have the same questions and hesitations as I do.

    Please keep these jottings happening , they enrich our prayer lives and our everyday life as well.

  2. So uplifting — a victorious ending for the good guys that is so obviously the result of faith & trust in God.

    “Jesus, I surrender myself to you. Please take care of everything!”. Part of ‘The Surrender Prayer’ I was given by a lovely lady at the Heart Conference and now a daily part of my life. Jesus is Perfection, Mercy, Wisdom, Goodness and Love — why do we find it so hard to trust in Him? Our humanity is frail, fearful and flawed.

    Close your eyes and see with your soul’s eyes – who better to lead and take on your challenges than our omnipotent and merciful God who knows us, sees everything and only wants what is good. Take a chance and surrender – you will be amazed at the many small ‘miracles’ that can only be attributed to Jesus ‘taking care of everything’. There will still be challenges but you can be at peace knowing Jesus has your back.

    Praise God & thank you, Jesus! And thank you, Rosemary & Catholic Guy Ministry for refreshing the faith of many, God bless you & your families.

  3. Thank you Rosemary, you write how I sometimes feel lost in everyone’s lives. At time I feel so empty because I give too much of myself away, God is the one that refills me. Keep on writing I enjoy your jotting so much. God bless you 🙏

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