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By on 14/11/2018

Pope John Paul I spoke to a fellow priest on the last day of his life and said, “It is Jesus Christ alone we must present to the world. Outside of this we have no reason to exist.

Wow! When I read this I thought, “what a great man” and then I thought, “He did not know this was the last day of his life. Would I speak like that to a fellow worker, colleague or family member on the last day of my life? Would I even speak like that on any day of my life?” I would hope so, but I know myself and know that I am often not courageous enough to speak out the truth to myself, let alone anyone else.

Our existence is only of worth if that existence involves Jesus and points others to Him and so to the Father. Our ability to perform well, (and not perform to an audience but really being true to myself) is a result of God’s grace.

Saint Francis was so good at this! He had the ability to lean on God and expect His grace to be sufficient for all his needs. That’s why he’s a saint! Saint Francis inquired of God and asked for direction all the time and always knew that God had gone out in front of him. God was the source of his strength and Saint Francis knew what his own response should be. One of surrender and trust in God to bring about the best outcome in life’s circumstances.

So much has happened to me and mine in the last few weeks that has been totally out of my control. Stressful situations, feeling like life is spinning out of my control and it is. So, I am reminded by these two great holy men of God, to trust God’s grace is available and He goes out before me and makes straight my paths.

Knowing that God cares and knows my situation and is bringing about the best outcome calms me and allows me to focus again on the true reason for my existence. Then I can truly say with God all is right with the world.

I pray that you too can know this truth and allow yourself to trust and fall into his outstretched arms, so He can go out before you too.

May these jottings from my journal inspire you to believe in and fall in love with Christ- the hope of the world, as stated in Jeremiah 17:7, ‘Blessed is the man who believes and trusts in and relies on the Lord and whose hope and confident expectation is the Lord!’

Love always


2 comments on “Jottings from my Journal

  1. You and Bruce are an inspiration to all of us. It is so good knowing that Jesus is walking with us through our times of stress as well as guiding us through our celebrations and joyful times. I pray for you and your family daily. Blessings

  2. I forget Him in times of strife and only call out His name in moments of desperation not fully acknowledging the power He holds. Then things improve after awhile and I am grateful and by grace I am forgiven again. I see all goodness and Love in the world as Him, that’s easy. I’ve just got to pray for His help to remember who is holding me up during the tough times.
    Thank you, your jottings are a blessing.

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