Pray For Someone You Love – December 15th

By on 15/12/2018

Day 1 – Dec 15th

I am praying with you for those you love. Underneath the video please either write a prayer or comment each day. May the Lord bless you on this journey toward Christmas.  – Bruce.

92 comments on “Pray For Someone You Love – December 15th

    1. I pray for the sick and the lonely this Christmas but most importantly I pray for those who are carers for special needs people. May the Lord continue to give them the empathy and compassion necessary along with the strength to continue their work. In Jesus’ name I pray

    2. Please Pray for the sick and the lonely at Christmas.
      Pray for my family to come together at Christmas.
      Pray for my daughter Julie to Conceive a health baby.
      God came and Bring Healing into my Family life.

    3. Lord, I hold up to you, Betty, Patty, & Gail. All 3 battling cancer. I ask for your loving healing hand on each one. Amen

  1. Thank you for this opportunity to focus intently on praying for those we love. I will be praying for my sister and my two sons.

  2. I am praying for my husband to blessed with the grace and love of God to share the spiritual journey I am on ; developing a personal relationship with Jesus/God/Holy’s sometimes lonely on this journey and I want him to be my partner.
    Praying for my single daughter that God will put a christian man in her life; someone that she can grow spiritually with, have a family.
    Praying for my married daughter who is married to a non-believer; that through her faith and our faith demonstrated to him that he will come to believe; let us be examples to him of how it is to live and walk with Christ day by day.

  3. I pray for my daughter who has mental illness since she finish university. She is a Christian, and I truly believe her faith help her. I praying the Lord will keep her safe and put healing arms arround her that one day she will be well enough to do what she likes doing best, helping other people.
    I also have thank the Lord for bringing my son out of a serious illness recently.

  4. God I’m praying that Your will be done for my daughter. That she will start leaning on You for her problems and start going to church. Also praying that she gets her health back and gets back to a healthy weight.

  5. This is so needed, Unity and Agreement that God will help us to be more loving and kind and take authority over satan and advances and deception over our marriages and our families. Making us one family in Him!

  6. I’m praying & believing for a right now miracle for my Mom to be healed & get out of the hospital and be stronger than ever..For both of my parents to be continuously belessed with fiancial favor in supernatural overflow as well.Thank you Father God.In Jesus name.Amen

  7. I pray for all my children and grandchildren that they will be guided and inspired spiritually and that along with my husband and I that our faith will be deepened.

  8. Jesus I am reaching out to you for prayer for my daughter Quessa to have your favor and wisdom, in her life,for your guidance and protection always .

  9. I pray for my husband’s faith and health. Also, for my son that he find peace and healing in God.

  10. Thank you for this much needed time of prayer. As I write, my son is in trouble with the law, but more importantly in trouble with being addicted to heroin and has an autoimmune disease. My daughter has two autoimmune diseases. Baby Jesus, please help them.

  11. I pray for my friend David for his heart’s cry to be fulfilled. I pray for my friend Jim’s daughter, Christine, for healing in her body. I pray for my brother in Christ, Bruce, who’s vision and desire to serve you knows no boundaries, that you would expand his tent and bring the help he needs to manage growth. But mostly, I pray to give you thanks for all you have done.

  12. I pray for all my brothers and sisters intentions. May baby Jesus hear your prayers and help everyone you are praying for by blessing them with the healing of body, mind and soul and may the Holy Spirit enter their hearts and bless them with the gift of faith.
    I Pray for all the people out there who are lost, lonely, angry, depressed, sick, addicted and have not yet tasted the love of God, to experience God’s love and mercy this Christmas and come to believe in Him who became human for their salvation.
    God loves you.❤❤❤

  13. I pray for my husband and children’s faith to increase and they start going to church on a regular basis. I pray that our group that is travelling overseas for Christmas will be kept safe and return home without any problems. I also pray for the sick and the dying and those who have recently passed away. Thank you Jesus for all the many blessings you have given us all throughout the year.

  14. I’m praying for my husband who has many medical issues especially for the healing of the leak in the aortic abdominal anurysium so that he will not require surgery. Also for my mum that she will have mobility to enable me to keep her at home with us. For my children and grandchildren for their health and safety in this troubled and dangerous world.

  15. I pray for my whole family, and my Parish Priest. That you bring us closer together through forgiveness and peace. May your love enter our hearts at this time of the year and bring us closer to home. Amen

  16. Praying for my sister, niece , nephew brother in law and my echidna first.That God will draw them closer to him, and that they will draw closer to him. God bless me as I pray for them.

  17. Don&daughter-in-law find God &return to the Catholic Faith & turn their lives around. Megan’ my granddaughter protect &care for her my God. May her parents get help. Margie &Eileen In their illness. Myself help my anxiety.depression & sleep

  18. I pray for my family to know you Lord as I am coming to know you. I pray for my father’s loneliness and that he may find Christian community with you God. I pray for my mother’s continual fight over alcoholism, 2 years sober by your grace God, may she turn to you for the help she needs to live life differently. I pray that both my brothers may be opened up by your generous and joyful spirit, to be relieved of the anger, the burdens and distractions of life. Lord Jesus, may my niece and nephew know your story this Christmas and continue to be drawn to your life and miracles. With love and thanks, Amen

  19. Lord I pray that my wife will be clenched in her mind to forgive me and miss me and trust me and love me and want me back in her life better than before and bring our life back together again along with our family
    Lord I ask this in your name and you know best
    I commit my life in your hands holy father to grant what’s best for me and her and our family this Christmas

  20. I am praying for my young nephew who is battling cancer.
    I am praying for my husband and children that they get closer to God and help solve
    their individual issues.
    I pray for all who are battling sickness and loneliness that they might find all the help that they need.
    I pray for the Catholic Church, God watch over her.
    Thank you God.

  21. I pray for Leroy, Ellen, Muhammad, Jessica, my family and the rest of my nation that they will be saved and have an intimate relationship with Lord! Amen

  22. I am praying for my brother, Gerry and Sister-In-Law that they will be restored to good health and have the Lord in their life.

  23. I’m greatful 4 everything the Lord did, is doing and shall do 4 us.

    I’m praying especially 4 my husband, our daughters, our son, his wife our daughter-in-law, and their 4 children, our grandchildren.

    That THE LORD may keep on Blessing us, forgiving us, protecting us against satan and her allies, drawing us closer to HIM every day again and again, show us our purpose, open the eyes of our hearts and that HE will cover us with HIS UNFAILING, UNCONDITIONAL, PRECIOUS, EVERLASTING, COMPASSIONATE LOVE. That HIS LOVE IN US, ALWAYS helps us 2 overcome any challenge, IN JESUS ALMIGHTY NAME, AMEN!

  24. I am praying for my Wife Rita for she has Lung Cancer stage 4, That God will help her through this and send her a Cure.

  25. Thanks for this suggestion, Bruce; I have put 5 reminders on my phoner to go off throughout the day to draw my mind to prayer for my son, Oliver, who struggles with his mental health and addiction.

    May God, our loving and merciful Father, work His almighty Will into Oliver’s life so that he cannot resist being drawn into the Father’s Love. Through the mighty name of Jesus and through the power of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

  26. I pray for sisters who do not speak to each other – due to money and earthly things. I pray too for Tymon, my grandson. Bruce and I prayed for him some time ago – he gave up drugs. Thank you my Lord. Now he is smoking and drinking and does not have the money to do this. I pray for all who are participating in this 10 day prayer. Thank you Bruce.

  27. Praying for all those in need..whatever the need may be…I pray for my family,friends,and loved ones

  28. Praying for all my family to be strong in their faith and draw others to know and love Jesus Christ too. Special prayers for my youngest son to find secure , enjoyable career.

  29. I am praying for my 2 sons and my daughter that they will feel strongly the love that God has for them.
    I am praying for every member of my family, my immediate family and my extended family, myself and Ash.
    I am praying for all those members of my family who are suffering at this time, those who need conversion, those who persevere in their faith and those who are not well.

  30. Praying for Steve, Heidi, Meg, Lorrie, Emily, Zach & Hannah – such difficuly circumstances but know God can turn it around in an instant. Thank you.

  31. I will be praying for my parents. My mom has cancer, may her health be restored if such be God’s will. May both my parents experience healing in body and soul. Thank you so much for this chance. God bless!

  32. Susan , from comments above, I hope you do not mind, that I am using your words for much of my comments as it speaks to my prayer requests so well. You and I are not alone at all, as I am sure there are many of us who share your need, indeed I know there are right in my own parish,who I already share with.
    So I too am praying for my husband to be blessed with the grace and love of God to share the spiritual journey I am on to move from going to church to developing a personal relationship with Jesus/God/Holy’s sometimes lonely on this journey. After a number of years I do see small changes which I thank you Lord for abundantly, and now ask for him to embrace you , begin personal prayer and truly get to know why I am so in love with all God does in my life.
    Praying for my single daughter that God will put a christian man in her life; someone that she can grow spiritually with, have a family. Your perfect will be done in this.
    Praying for my married son and daughter who are both drifted away and married to beautiful loving people, but having no history of any faith learning, that my faith and love and the faith and love of others will lead to them to a personal love and relationship with their Saviour. May I be an example of love live and walk with Christ day by day.

  33. I am praying for my two daughters, their husbands and my son to think seriously of the Sacrament of Reconciliation. Lord of Mercy and Compassion hear my prayer. If they don’t pay heed to this Sacrament their children will do likewise. Mother Mary and all the saints intercede for us to increase our faith and believe what the Holy Catholic Church is teaching. I would also pray for my daughter in law to become Catholic so they can can bring up their children in the Catholic faith. I am praying for the intentions of all people in this site.pPlease likewise pray for my intentions.

  34. My prayer Lord Jesus is you will hear this special Christmas plea to send your Holy Spirit and touch the heart of my wife Linda, if it be the will of our Father, grant her the same gift of Faith you have given me, and bring her close to you in your body of The Holy Catholic Church.

  35. Lord I thank you for your love and bblessings in my life. I thank you for the gift of Christmas. In these special ten days as I hold the prayers and petitions of others to you, I place my niece who is addicted to alcohol, for my sister seeking a job and a new home, a young friend dying of cancer. Lord heal them all in your great love and direct their lives in accord with your will. I ask these prayers and all the prayers being requested into your loving and all compassionate love. Amen

  36. I pray for my 92 year old mother who is in the stage 7 of Alzheimer’s and has no quality of life….that God will lay his hands on her and reward her with his blessings for her many years of service to Him. That He might unite her with her husband in Heaven as that is the only person she remembers. Please, please I beg of you Lord to to hold her in your loving arms and keep her safe and loved. Thank you Dear Lord Amen …..and please let her know how much I love her.

  37. I pray for my son Preston that he can stay sober and do good things in his life, I miss him he is in Florida right now and has joined the Army, I pray for the lord to keep him safe and that he can have Hope Faith and Love in his life and for him to grow in his faith and be a blessing to others as well, all this I ask in Jesus precious name.amen

  38. I pray for my son, my whole family and friends, my health , the sick and the dying, the homeless, our priests and nuns, and Australia and Philippines and all the needy and jobless and also for world peace.

  39. Praying for my children , husband and family , for their health in mind and body and for them to believe in our Lord always. Also that my children will meet and have good Christian partners in their lives , that they will have families of their own.

  40. Thank you for the opportunity of praying with you
    I am praying for my sons who both have no children.
    I am also praying that we will be able to settle our property matters with our relatives amicably.

  41. I pray for my family, my husband’s family, friends, neighbours, those who share my journey of faith, and those I meet who have lost their way. May God look kindly upon us all. I invite you Jesus to continue to knock on the door of our hearts and to give us the grace to encounter you in a new and deeper way by an increase in our faith during this time. I thank you Lord that you have a plan and purpose for us all. May your will be done in our lives personally and corporately. Amen

  42. Praying in agreement with all those here as well as for my son Justin, Danielle, niece Leah, nephew Mark, brother Bill, sis Justine, Violet, and sweet little Olivia dealing with second round of chemo today on her birthday! Lifting up these requests and more with thanks and praise in the mighty name of Jesus I pray! Amen!

  43. Pray for Tony that he is cured of this terrible
    Degenerative desease.
    God Bless him, give him strength and happiness.
    Let miracles occur this Christmas.

  44. I pray for all members of our family that they will find peace of mind and heart and come to understand the great gift of faith in our Lord Jesus . I am grateful to be given the opportunity once again to pray with others. I pray to have the grace to know love and serve god all my life and thank you Jesus for my husband and family, and for all our blessings

  45. I am praying for my Aunty Azon that the healing grace of Jesus be upon her. I also pray for my Dad that our Lord will bless him physically, emotionally and spiritually. I pray for the salvation of my Uncle Lito. And for my sister and brother in law that the Lord will heal their broken hearts and that they will be able to forgive the person who hurt them.
    Praying also for my husband and children that they will come to know more of Jesus and love him more. May their faith increase, in Jesus name. Amen

  46. I am praying for my lovely wife in all her needs…Spiritually, Physically and Emotionally. Amen

  47. I pray for my son, Heath, that he find You, Lord, and find in You the strength and peace that he so badly needs.

  48. Dear Lord,
    Please bless my husband, daughter, son and his girl and my extended family that they may be blessed in your way and that they and I may increase in faith, this I beg you O Lord. I pray also for Bruce, Rosemary their family and TCG team that they have the facility; physical and spiritual, to continue to do your will.

  49. I am prayting for my daughters and son in law that they begin to know the lovec if Jesus and become Christians and that their lives be changed to ones of love and kindness. Please help them to see the many opportunities of hope and peace in their lives. Draw them closer to you Lord and please watch over them so that they are not lost in the worldly games. Thank you Blessed Lord for your protection and love. In Jesus name , Amen.

  50. I pray for my son and daughter in law and my grand daughter that they will come back to you.
    For my other son and husband and my best friends for your blessings.

  51. I pray for my son to be healed from juvenile diabetes. He will be protected from
    all complications. I pray this son finds employment in his field, with good health benefits.
    Most of all, I pray that his faith increases and he devotes his life to praising and thanking
    God for His mercy and protection.
    I pray for healing of my husband with lung cancer. He has scans scheduled in a few weeks,
    and I pray they are clean of cancer.
    Give me the strength and courage I need each day. Pray that I can be a blessing to others
    who are struggling.

  52. Praying for my husband and four children and grandson I’m lifting them up right now, and my entire family.

  53. Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God and Son of Mary, Fostered by St Joseph, You know the needs of myself, my husband and our family as well as our extended families -our Spiritual, physical, emotional, financial, mental and addiction needs – please Bless each one of us according to our needs and Your Will for us. Mary, Mother of Jesus, please take us my our hand and lead us all to your Son. Heavenly Father, You Created us to be with You forever in Heaven – please do not allow any Soul to be lost to the fires of hell. Thank You for being a Loving God and listening to our prayers. Amen

  54. Praying for my son and my husband to come to know the love of God intimately. I pray for my Mum who has been suffering from ill health for 5 years. I pray that my Dad will find it in his heart to forgive and reconcile with my Mums brother.

  55. Heavenly Father…thank you for the gift of your Son. Thank you for the grace and love you pour out to us as we lift our loved ones to you….Amen

  56. I am praying for my husband ,.?that his leg does not need amputation…as we follow the road of a second opini9n. I also pray for my nine children ind individually that they may feel the l9ve of our glorious L9rd….in grandchildren, esp.James and Georgie .

  57. Father I pray for Francis, that he will be healed of the haemorage in his brain. Heal him completely and make him whole again, to live as a child of God.

  58. Jesus, our loving Saviour I pray that you Grace is bestowed on my family. Bring your Love, Peace and Joy to them, let them all in turn love and lean on you. Save them from this heavy load they are carrying. I ask in Jesus holy name, Amen

  59. Thank you, Bruce! Today I wish to pray for my daughter that she open her heart and mind to God to reveal to her how to invite us back into her family’s life and share her beautiful son with his loving GRANNY. The struggles with her husband and how he feels toward us have torn us apart physically, mentally and emotionally. Help me pray for Abby, Bruce, and May God’s will be done. Amen.

  60. My prayer is for my husbands and children’s conversions.
    I thank the Lord for His perfect plan for each of them.
    I like the idea of the reminder on the phone.

  61. I am praying for my children this season. May they come to know and seek after his love. God bless your mum, Bruce!

  62. Praying for my family/acquaintances and family pets, those I come contact with at Church/Work/wherever I go. I pray for Guidance, Strength, Wisdom, Discernment in my teaching career/job protection- May God close doors that need to be closed and open doors that need to be opened. I pray for the protection and healing from all evil/violent/dangerous/psychopathic/narcissistic/envious/jealous/fake individuals, forces, objects. I pray for the protection and healing from all bondages, generational curses, evil eye curses, word curses and may all these bondages and curses be lifted and cast into the fires of hell. I pray for Divine Archangel and Guardian Angel intervention in protecting us from a sudden unaccepted death, premature death, tragic death, family tragedies, accidents, chronic health conditions, terminal health conditions, bad and sinful people/individuals and protection from bad/evil choices in our lives. I pray all this in the Mighty Name of JESUS!!!!

  63. Thank you, Bruce, for once again reminding me how important prayer is. As I read through all these prayer requests I lift my heart to God with each of them. May God in His perfect will bless them all.

  64. Am praying for my husband that God Almighty will give the grace of good physical health. That God the Father would heal him and give him the strength of his body. I ask this in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord . Amen.

  65. i am praying for all my family that we will all have peace and good health and love in the Holy name of
    of Jesus our Lord.

  66. Praying for my family and for more faith. Praying that I feel the presence of God in my life and that I feel my prayers are heard.

  67. Praying for my family, that God’s perfect will be done in their lives. God knows their needs. Amen.

  68. I am praying for my family
    My brother died in Feb. Suicide
    His wife died last Sunday suicide
    Lord comfort us at this time.
    It’s so hard to be joyous at this time of year.
    Prayers for their children
    Matthew and Amanda
    Her mother Gloria
    Their brothers and sisters that they have left behind.
    Comfort us, O Lord

  69. I pray for my family. Today especially for Emily that she will be cancer free and live a long healthy life.

  70. Desperately need deliverance and healing from demonic activity,my body can’t take it,I have a heart condition.May the owner where I live not sell the building,I need more income,For Mike and Sandy Ferreira,he has an inoperable brain tumor.Manuel Luca,total healing from cancer.Jeffrey Carreiro,healing from kidney stones.Don Washburn,healing from a memory loss due to a stroke.For Joe,Tony and Terrance,healing from alcoholism.It’s bad!For my animals,may God keep them safe,healthy and with me.For Francisco and Elizabeth,for all their needs.

    I am praying daily for my brothers Ken and Bill, a dead friend and other family members that they will be healed from their illness and will turns their lives over to Jesus.

  72. Dear Bruce,
    I hope this will be as rewarding a journey as all the others I have made with you. I look foreward to them as they focus me and. Enrich me. I was truly blessed to meet you at our parish mission several years ago.
    I pray for your continued success and know God will help Rosemary and your team.

  73. I want to pray for my spouse and children for a father that has hurt, golds grudges, judges them, puts them down, is a poor listener, who wastes time on my iPhone playing sudoku and who generally struggles to be a tender hearted father and husband, please help me Lord as Iift those whom I heart the most

  74. I
    Thank you God for all the wonderful gifts you have given to me throughout my life…..besides the physical gifts of being able to do things and be active I thank you for the gift of my family. I pray especially for my children and grandchildren that they will open up their hearts and come to know how special you are to have in their lives. I also pray especially for my two friends who have been sick Robyn and Lesley and my husbands friend Stan…may your spirit be with them and help them through the challenges they come across in Their illness.

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