Pray For Someone You Love – December 16th

By on 16/12/2018

Day 2 – Dec 16th

I am praying with you for those you love. Underneath the video please either write a prayer or comment each day. May the Lord bless you on this journey toward Christmas.  – Bruce.

62 comments on “Pray For Someone You Love – December 16th

    1. Thank you for bringing this prayer opportunity to us. Reminding us to take time, set a reminder, that God loves ME! Encourages me to continue in faith to pray for my husband my children. Use me Lord Jesus to be the love you offer. Amen

  1. I am praying for my husband claude,to get non stop work 2019,so we can buy a house, for god to bless us in all area of our life,and bless to be a blessing to people in need.

  2. I’m praying for my sons & my oldest son family.
    My daughter in law. Granddaughter.
    That they see the true meaning of knowing God.

  3. My family all has a need for prayer so I am offering these days of prayer for them…and I’m even including my own issues in the prayers. Thank you for this opportunity.

  4. Please continue to pray for our beloved Brian Charles Khan,passed at twenty-four,my maternal grandson,and all the faithful departed.Return of all lapsed Catholics,that Emmanuel and his sister receive the Holy Sacrament of Confirmation and Kevin,Wayde and Anthony the Holy Sacrament of Baptism.For Spiritual,Physical and Psychological healing for all in need of same.Peace in our troubled world.

  5. I’m praying for my daughters that they can both learn to forgive and to keep God close to themselves in their healing process. I praise and thank you dear Lord for all prayers answered. Amen.

  6. Please help all that are in need. I pray that my niece gets well. I pray that my son does well in all he does

  7. Father,God we join with all these people who believe your every word, make Our Holy Catholic Church raise above all deception and we ask for your blessed promises to fall on each family and make us what you intended when you brought JESUS to earth. We are in need of your help, your mercy your grace, and we thank you that you are Sovereign, and You are taking care of all of US!

    1. I join you in this beautiful and prudent prayer.You are correct Sandie may the Lord protect us from the relativism in the world today. I ask this through the Lord Jesus Christ.

  8. Please Jesus help my nephew and his young family that he can get better.
    Help all my family and all my siblings so we can find peace.
    i pray for all the sick and lonely people.
    Lord keep your hand on the Catholic Church.
    Lord I thank you for every single minute of my life.

  9. I want to continue to pray for my family, my Parish priest that we can find the gift of forgiveness and peace and especially my husband Matthew, God come to him and open his eyes, ears and open his heart to you. Amen.

  10. Jesus help us get closer to you.
    Lord keep your hand on the Catholic Church.
    Jesus I pray for all those who are in need.

  11. Please lift me, my family,my loved ones, and those in need in prayer..thank You Jesus…I love you❤️❤️❤️

  12. We all need God s love. The love we feel for those we pray for is a minimal reflection of how God loves all of us. Help me Lord to focus fully on you as I pray and as I live.

  13. I continue to pray that my daughter starts going to church and gives all her problems to God. I also pray for my brother who has leukemia and that he remains healthy. I know I’m supposed to pray for others, but may the Lord give me a miraculous healing from multiple sclerosis so I no longer need a wheelchair and walk normally once again. Father God I ask you to answer theses prayers in the name of Jesus, AMEN.

  14. I am continuing to pray for those in my immediate family and adding in a word the prayers of all those who are joining with Bruce in this 10 days. Thank you Bruce, with your prayer today, you are answering one of my needs which is to write a prayer for a prayer group, you have given me the seed. We all need courage to pray and to let others hear our prayer and thank you for the reminder that God has no favourites but meets us exactly where we are, and He does this for all those we are praying for also.

  15. Thank you Bruce for all you do for us. I appreciate it.
    Can I ask you to pray for me. I was in hospital for 6 days last week. I was discharged on Monday and was readmitted yesterday evening. I have inflammation and fluid around my heart. It’s causing me pain and breathlessness. Please pray that the meds they give me will work quickly and I can hope for Christmas to be with my children and grandson.

  16. I am continue to pray for my daughter.
    I also praying for my sons especially for my son who lives far away, I pray that
    he follow Jesus,, the way he was brought up and I am praying he will keep
    In touch with his family.

  17. I’m praying for Nancy who is suffering with Cancer that Jesus will be with her and give her peace and for her husband give him strength and peace during this time

  18. Thank you God, through Bruce you have given me the words I needed to hear. I praise you and offer up all my loved ones especially the youth into your loving care and guidance. I frevently pray that they will come to see and know you. Amen

  19. Pray for Dave Young to feel ready & comfortable to invite me into his home, family, & church. Pray he will invite me to go to his church with Eva on Dec. 24, 2018.
    Thank you.

  20. I pray for my daughter, Amy
    May she listen to the call of God on her life and be lead by the holy spirit through the people she associates with. Thank you Jesus. I trust in you. Amen

  21. Dear Jesus please watch over my daughter Heather and her children this Christmas season, they are struggling finically and I feel spiritually. Barely making ends meet, heating system and dryer broke. Give them a piece of joy and help them feel your presence in their lives.
    Please watch over my friend Angie who just lost her 39 yr old son, she’s hurting so much.
    Please watch over my cousins who lost 2 siblings and a nephew this year.
    Please continue to help my husband, to respond to the Immunotherapy treatment for his cancer.
    I pray for all my family and friends
    dear Lord that you will hold them in the palm of your hand and help heal them.
    I love you Jesus.

  22. I keep on praying for my mother. May she receive a healing miracle this Christmas, if such be the will of God. Amen

  23. Come dear Father into the lives of my brother, Ken, and his son; my children and my husband. I pray that they would come to know and love Jesus and to follow His Way to You. Please Lord show my the way to follow your will.

  24. I pray for Brother Bruce & the entire Catholic guy staff.May Father God bless you all with much favor and miracles for many years to come.In Jesus name.Amen Amen

  25. Dear Lord, thank you for hearing me and listening to our prayers. Please hear my heart and help my daughters to find you and add you to their lives. Please bring the peace we all seek during this most holy season. I love you Lord and need you every day. Help us all to see the little wonderful things in life. In Jesus’s holy name, amen.

  26. Lord, please transform my daughters into a closer relationship with the Holy Spirit. Restore their sisterly bond of genuine love for each other. Give Lauren moral clarity and resurrection in her true heterosexual self and help her to choose a chaste life . Help her to lay her homosexuality at the cross. Heal her. Present her with other viable opportunities help her to see herself as you do Lord. God help your will for Lauren unfold . Heal our family and sustain us. Show us how to be be loving and merciful to Lauren yet speak your righteousness truth. On a unrelated note-Help us to cope with my mother, free us from the impact of her unkind behavior. Help her to find the joy of Christ in her life and to be much more independent of us.In Jesus name , I pray Amen

  27. Praise be to God.
    I pray to be an instrument of faith for my family.
    May we all know and understand that Jesus is The Way The truth and The Life.
    In his name , may we see forgiveness, and healing in body and mind.
    May our hearts be open and true in love for everyone without judgement.
    In Jesus name 🙏
    Special prayers for baby Molly and her family for a miracle that she heals from her serious illness.

  28. Come Lord Jesus please help me. Tonight, as I pray for our family and extended families, I hold up all members of these families who are not living as God has asked – I pray for those of us living outside of Marriage, those of us cheating or stealing , those of us who no longer attend [or have never attended] Mass and/or the Sacraments, those of us who don’t want to listen to Your Words. Lord please remove the scales from our eyes, melt our hearts and fill our souls with Your Holy Spirit. Amen. Mary Help of Christians pray for us.

  29. Thanking God today for you and your ministry. My prayer is for healing of relationships in my family especially with my son.

  30. Come Jesus, I surrender myself to you ,, you take care of everything. Heal the divisions within my children, lead me the way you you would have me act to heal these issues. I trust you. Help me to be patient and loving in my life to all people especially my family. Thankyou ajesus.

  31. Thank you,Bruce.Praying for Bruce & Family,all of you,& I thank you for praying for me.This year of 2018 has been a challenging one for me,for many people,nations,world.Prayer is definitely needed.Amen.☺️

  32. Dear Jesus, I pray for my grandchildren to do well in finals this week. Please help their minds to process and retain the information they will need. Please help them to look to you, dear Jesus, for their answers in their finals and in their lives. In Jesus name I pray.

  33. Thank you for sharing this prayer time. It always helps me to focus and I feel part of a family praying together.
    God bless you and yours.

  34. I pray for healing and grace for my daughter’s family. I pray for a decision soon on a trial and just judgement and financial award for what they have gone through the past 3 years. May they become once again the beautiful family and example to others. They have sacrificed and fought hard in every way for their family unit and for change to the school system.

    I also pray for my son, that he will once again find Jesus and return to church after so many years.

  35. Lord I am praying that my beautiful wife will see things differently with your help and be able to have compassion and understanding towards me and see the big picture that we could be happy again if she tries with your help lord to be at peace with me and take away the anger and the sadness in her and Bring her back to me at the time she thinks it’s right lord Jesus I pray that this Christmas will be a happier , and joyful one for us both and our children and grandchildren, help us both lord to have a happier day everyday leading up to Christmas

  36. Father, you see all our needs. Send your spirit to work in the lives of my family; that your will be done. All thanks and glory to you, in Jesus’ name. Amen.

  37. Lord Jesus i am praying for all my family needs dear Jesus you know them all also i pray for my own health worries too that I will be healed . Lord i pray for peace and that my children will be able to afford their own home, in Jesus name i trust in you.

  38. Bruce i thank you for this wonderful opportunity to pray for our loved ones, i feel part of a prayer group we all praying to our Lord Jesus leading up to Christmas which is Jesus Birthday, God bless you Bruce and your family.

  39. Bruce,

    Thank you!! This is a beautiful message. It so confirms that God hears, listens and answers our prayers. Yes, we can pray anytime and anyplace, He hears and listen. However, He answers in His time. We have to stay in faith. I learned that if I keep my mind on Jesus and what all He has done for me, this helps me to continue to believe that He will, this also helps to build my faith. Because He has answered my prayers so many times and I believe He will do it again.

    Something else I have done is to do my praying and reading before I start my work every day excluding Sunday, I move them to Sunday night. I find it to be challenging and it really helps me to be diligent about my time with God. I think about how much I want my brothers, friend and family well and serving the LORD. And if I do my part in praying daily for them, then I can not expect God to just do it, not that He cant, Because He can do anything.

    Thank you again for your inspirational and wonderful teaching.

  40. I pray for restoration, deliverance, and victory in every area of my life and in everyone of my family members. I pray for healing, family unity, that all return to the church, financial blessings, and guidance in our spiritual gifts. I pray for a house to replace the one I lost and for all who may need a home.
    Many blessings and graces to all who are praying and for their families

  41. Lord,
    Help me to try and model you in the way I live. Lord help me to have your tender heartedness when it’s comes to loving my spouse, my sons and daughters.
    Lord help me not to judge by my standards but to somehow love as you love, in Jesus name,
    Lord I need your help to faith this out

  42. Please pray for the family of my dear friend. She just lost her 22 year old granddaughter in a drowning accident. Dear Jesus wrap your loving arms around her parents so they be comforted by your healing grace.

  43. This is a beautiful experience reading all the prayer requests. I’m full of tears for all of them & I prayed for all of them also. I need prayer for my four adult children. I see all the family needs. We
    can be so blessed sharing our needs. We all want our families to serve the Lord & we all seem to need reconciliation. Never give up! Jesus hears our prayers & miracles will happen. My husband died @ 34 after our 5th child was born. I’m truly enjoying & so blessed to be part of this prayer time that Bruce brought for us. Isn’t this wonderful to share our needs! Thank you JESUS!

  44. Thank you Bruce for sharing your wisdom with us.
    May God, our loving and merciful Father, work His almighty Will into my son’s life so that he cannot resist being drawn into the Father’s Love. Through the mighty name of Jesus, by the power of the Holy Spirit. Amen!

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