Pray For Someone You Love – December 17th

By on 17/12/2018

Day 3 – Dec 17th

I am praying with you for those you love. Underneath the video please either write a prayer or comment each day. May the Lord bless you on this journey toward Christmas.  – Bruce.

51 comments on “Pray For Someone You Love – December 17th

  1. I’m praying for m sister, & adopted sons, that everything works out, & they have a great Christmas.

  2. I have been praying daily for a year and I need the support Lord to get through this. Please help my daughters. Help me. Show me the way. Be in my life. Use me please Lord to walk the path you want. In your Blessed name, amen.

  3. Please pray for my daughter Monica to get better from pneumonia & gall bladder infection.
    Pray for my other daughter & her husband for good health & happiness. Let Donna find a f/t job that she can excel at.
    Pray for my Dear friend Dave to feel ready & comfortable to welcome me into his home, family & chuch soon – this month- Dec. to ask me to go to his church on 12-24-18 with him & his daughter Eva.

    Pray for Eva to stay strong in her faith with the break up with her boyfriend Jacob. I ask these things & all things in Jesus’ name & through the the power of the Holy Spirit. Amen! 🙏

  4. I am praying for myself, I need god to give me Andrea victory with lawyer and court case,my mom passed away and left a house for me,three years now, and the lawyer is not doing there job,in need it to be over with 2019,to god be the glory.

  5. Im praying for my niece so she gets healthy again, and tomy son that everything works out next week for his studies

  6. I am praying for my mom, who is 93( Zella) to continue to heal from ever falling again that her broken ankle heals completely, and a healing from pneumonia or any sickness or disease to keep away from her. Also her kidneys and diabetes be under control. Please pray for me( Lana) to continue to help and take care of my mom and God continue to bring me peace, comfort, support, and love in my heart from the lost of my son(Joshua) three years ago who serve in the military(Army). I’m still having inward and outward struggles dealing with it daily. I need peace in my heart and mind, also rest to accept and let God have his way in my life. Also, pray for my son Bryant to give his life to Christ, and live through God and protection over his life. Also, God bring his kids completely in his life, and he get to enjoy the love from them. Please pray for my daughter Britney who serving our country in the Army, that she be covered and protected. Also, peace in her heart for the lost of her brother which they was so close. All of my grands, Zyier, Xavion, Jaylen, Christian, And Aston that they be cover in the blood of Jesus, and as they are growing from babies to young teens to men the peer pressure and evil of this world will never conrupt their lives and their walks of life is through Jesus.

  7. Praying for my siblings…that we learn how to love each other better and treat each other better. I am praying for myself as well. I need desperately to hear from GOD. I feel forsaken, that he forgot about me…help me to accept my singlehood, being alone, with husband or children. Why did it work out for everybody but me….but help me not to feel sorry for myself. I feel confused, mixed up and lonely. Why did my life take this direction?

  8. DEAR GOD,
    There is so much I want 2 say 2 YOU, how greatful and thankful I am that YOU LOVE us with such a love we are not able to comprehend.

    Thank YOU, FATHER GOD, that THOU CHANGES NOT and therefore we can ALWAYS COUNT ON YOU!

    BLESS Bruce, his family and his ministry 4 enabling us to pray along with him 4 those we love.


    We love YOU, we glorify YOU, we honor YOU.


  9. Lord, help my nephew so he’ll get better. Help all my family, siblings and me included so we can find peace.
    Lord let there be peace on earth.
    Thank you Lord for another day.

  10. I am praying for my 32 year old grandson, who is virtually homeless. He is on SSI but doesn’t make enough to pay for full rent. He’s lonely and wants a girlfriend. But his friends only seem to come around when he gets his money. His last woman friend is now in jail because of warrants. We have applied for state help for a rental, but haven’t heard if he has been excepted or not. We are asking for God’s provision in his life.

  11. I am praying for healing for my husband and for my children to embrace their Catholic faith again.Amen

  12. Lord, give me strength to be there for my mother, and to endure all the suffering we’re going through. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

  13. I am praying especially for two of my sons who had to go through serious medical treatment recently
    so that they may regain their normal health. I am thankful to you Dear Lord for the protection you have offered them thus far.

  14. I am praying especially for two of my sons who had to go through serious medical treatment recently
    so that they may regain their normal health. I am thankful to you Dear Lord for the protection you have offered them thus far.

  15. I praying for daughter,
    I am praying for her to be healed of her mental illness and get back to her happy healthy self.Also pray for my son to continue getting better after his discharge from hospital. I pray for my other two sons especially the one who I haven’t seen for a long time.
    I pray to God to let him come home this Christmas.
    I pray for all the family.
    I pray for children in this world that are being hurt or hungry.
    Dear God give health and strength to help where ever I can.
    Thank you Lord for keeping strong through the difficulties , let peace and happiness in life

  16. Lord, I ask for strength and faith for my friend who has cancer. May her and her family find your love and guidance through this turmoil. May she find acceptance and peace within herself as she endures this illness. May she leave behind any fears or bitterness and embrace your will (so easy to say but I pray so intensely that you show her how) in Jesus name I ask of this

  17. Hi never left comment for the first 2 days sorry . i am once again joining with all of you ma god hear us as we pray he will be our glory our victory we shall overcome the wicked forces of evil as we put on the full amour of God we will smash though and our loved ones will have the breakthrough needed
    Our father is God almighty if he is for us who can be against us , strong in the lord and the power of his might Christian means Christ within nothing can separate us from God he is all around us . God bless us all as we pray

  18. Although I have a great need to pray for my two adult children, thank you for acknowledging I too can use some prayers. Thank you, Bruce!

  19. I pray for all does people that don’t have food or a home this Christmas may the find some one to help.

  20. I am praying that the Lord comes to me and heals me from multiple sclerosis so I can walk again and get strength in my hands. I pray for my daughter to depend on Jesus for her problems. I’m slso praying that the Lord keeps my daughter’s best friend safe when he goes to Mexico to visit family. Pls get him there and back home to the states safely. Father God I ask you this IN THE NAME IF JESUS, AMEN.🙏

  21. Thank you Bruce, I am so lonely since my darling husband passed. My children are all married with children and homes and friends of their own, I seldom get a call or a visit from them. I live far out of town and people. Your prayer sessions are a wonderful help, for which I thank you and Our Lord. Bless all the people who are praying for their loves, some sick, some missing, some hurting, what ever. Lord God, come into these homes, into their hearts and stay with them always. Amen.

  22. Dear Lord please show me the way. Speak to me for I long to do your will. Thank you for blessing me and my husband and our children.

  23. Thank you, Bruce,

    I have gone back to Day 1 and 2 and made comments.

    I am also praying for the individuals, as well as you and your family during these 10 days of prayer.

  24. I’m praying for Malory & her husband.May Father God lift both of them up.May Father God be gracious,loving to the and I pray they have great health.In Jesus name.Amen Amen

  25. I’m praying for healing of my sons broken spirit,that he allows God in to heal and uplift him , bringing him back to my family.
    Praying for my daughter to succeed in her relationship with the father of her unborn child.
    That I have wisdom and peace in supporting my family.

  26. Dear Jesus I continue to pray for my daughter Heather and her children, my friend Angie, my cousins and my husband, you know how they are hurting and how they need to be healed. Please hold them all in the palm of your hand, let them feel your presence in their lives and turn to you in thought and prayer.
    Thank you for this day.
    I love you Jesus.

  27. Dear Lord thank you for all the blessing we as a family have already received. You know our needs so I praise and thank you for answered prayers in Jesus’s name.

  28. I want to continue to pray for my family that this Christmas we have the gift of forgiveness. Today I will say a prayer for me. God, grant me the strength to keep going, remind me of all my blessings and please help me to understand your plan for me and to know that it is greater than my own. Amen

  29. I Lord need to own up to my responsibilities as a husband and father. I am struggling with my own selfish ways and neglecting to participate in the lives of those God has given me the gift of shaping into outstanding persons. Lord I want to be an enabler rather than someone who throws away the most important gifts you can possibly give me.
    Lord give me the faith to light the fire again that I may know my first love and then the gifts she has given to me through the gift of love.
    Help me to grow so I might share the good you have invested in me in the lives of my spouse and family.
    In Jesus name I pray,

  30. Dear lord thank you for all you have done us but now we pray that our daughter and daughter in law can be helped with there addictions lord we pray you

  31. Heavenly Father, as I continue to pray for ourselves, our family and extended family, tonight I ask Your Blessings especially on those of us who are too quick to condemn, accuse and abuse; those of us who cannot forgive or ask for forgiveness; those of us who cannot love or accept love, those of us who cannot listen to the other. Father please soften our hearts and teach us Your ways; help us to see Jesus in each other and all people we meet in our daily routines; Holy Spirit fill us with Your gifts so we can live according to The Way, The Truth and The Love. Amen

  32. Dear Jesus,
    I ask you to help me overcome my weaknesses and temptations. Holy spirit give me the wisdom and courage to keep trusting in your love and mercy.
    I pray for everyone’s intentions to be answered.

  33. I pray that my children will go from strength to strength in their personal life, in love & their careers, & health, & for harmony among all of us, & that I may have the wisdom to support all my family

  34. I am praying for my husband. I am praying that the scans he is having tomorrow will show that his leg does not need amputating. I am seeking you Lots.

  35. Lord God, I thank you for my beautiful children. Watch over them lord and strengthen them in their love for you. Guide them in their pathway they choose to travel. Jesus I trust in you.

  36. I want to pray for Gordon who is going through a special treatment for MS. For Mandy my granddaughter who was given up for adoption and wants to be a part of our family. And for me Mary that I become a more loving and patient wife.

  37. I know I also need prayer for myself, for courage and belief in God’s using my weaknesses through His abundant grace to bring changes and growth in my local community. He came when I was lonely and grieving and I have never been the same since.
    May my family also encounter You in their daily lives and find the joy that you have shown me as I learn to walk with You. Amen

  38. I am praying for my son Ian, who had all his Sacraments in our Holy Catholic Church and yesterday said he doesn’t believe any longer! He is 30, and God has been so very good to all of us! My heart is hurting as God is deserving of more than this. I am at a loss as to what went wrong. Pray that his blinded eyes are open and his stoney heart becomes loving once again!

  39. Lord I pray that you would give me strength and hope to get through these difficult days leading up to Christmas’s when I miss my beautiful wife who I love so much and pray that she would hear my pray to you lord to give me anorher chance for us both to fall in love with each other again

  40. Lord i pray that my children including my lovely grandson will be blessed and happy and my husband and myself too.

  41. Lord, I search for you. Come, Lord Jesus. May the Spirit help me to see, hear and know you in every aspect of my life. God, you know the needs of my loved ones; your will be done in their lives. In Jesus’s name. Amen

  42. Please pray for all the people I have hurted knowingly or unknowingly.To give them grace to forgive in God’s love.

  43. Father, I need strength and wisdom in the days ahead to be able to give counsel to my son, and only You can give me that strength and wisdom. Please Father, hear and answer me!

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