Pray For Someone You Love – December 18th

By on 18/12/2018

Day 4 – Dec 18th

I am praying with you for those you love. Underneath the video please either write a prayer or comment each day. May the Lord bless you on this journey toward Christmas.  – Bruce.

46 comments on “Pray For Someone You Love – December 18th

  1. Heavenly Father, may Eric know the Infant Jesus as his Lord and his God. May the light of the manger shine in his life. Heavenly Father, may Eric know that the Infant Jesus grew to become a man and was the True Son of God. May he know that Jesus willing suffered and died for the forgiveness of his sins. May Eric know that the Risen Lord Jesus is his hope and promise for Eternal life.May Eric give his heart to Jesus.
    Help us in the name of Jesus Christ…Amen

  2. Please Lord and Holy Spirit enlighten my son mind so he can handle all the pressures he will have this week.

  3. The deceiver is working overtime..Every day there is a new person to pray for, one need bigger than the other!! Prayers for positive test results for Lori for Wednesday, Ian, my son who just told us he does not believe in an after life, this is it. No Heaven and no hell, My heart is so troubled!!! Lord, Father ,God.. HELP US!! IN THE MIGHTY NAME OF JESUS!!!

  4. Lord Jesus,
    Please help Ashley with her depression and to get the right help. Please help her to get back to normal functioning.

  5. Heavenly Father, today as I pray for us, our family and our extended families, I pray especially for those of us who have stopped loving You, even stopped Believing in You. I pray for those of us who have stopped practicing our Faith and those of us who ‘go through the motions’ of attending Mass but without having a personal relationship with You or even want to have that relationship or want to grow that relationship. I pray for the family members who have learned about You but have shut You out of their lives and not passed that knowledge onto their children so they may encounter You. I pray for those of us who have false gods such as money, work and possessions. May the birth of our Saviour melt our hearts so the Holy Spirit can fill us all with the Fire of Your Love. Amen.

  6. Please Lord resolve my friends problem in China.Thank forthe answer to our prayer.Be with our friend in prison

  7. Thank you Lord for being there for us and I prayer that my family found you and always have hope and love with you

  8. I am praying for my good friend David and his family, to be bless in all area of there life,believe me there is angle in the world, they always help me when I am in need, thank you Jesus.

  9. God, I ask that you give my family the gift of forgiveness. God, I knock at the door and I keep knocking, I ask if you could please, open the door and be present in our lives, take away the sufferings and pain, that are physical and emotional. May you fill our hearts with Joy, peace, love and hope this Christmas and for coming new year. In your name Lord Jesus, I ask this of you. Amen

  10. Lord heal my nephew, help him to get better, Help my family and all my extended family to find peace and draw closer to you.
    I pray for all those who are battling cancer and their families.
    Draw us all closer to you.
    Watch over the Catholic Church.
    Thank you Lord for all that I am make me a better person.

  11. please pray for all the people who have hurted me and family and my loved ones.let them know the real love of God and their repentence.

  12. Oh lord I know of many things you have done for me in my life and most of all how you havevshow me the way in my life even though life has been so hard for after my wife decided to separate from me, she is a beautiful woman and you have still shown me so many signs that make me feel that she is seeing things in a more better and positive way . Lord this may all take time and I am willing to wait for her and not give up hope because lord you have the master plan and you know what’s best for the two of us
    This Christmas I am a more happier person even though I miss her every minute of my life but lord I will leave it up to you as you will work in your own time and I will persevere
    Thank you lord for all you have done for me, my wife whom I will always love and care for and for my children and grand children

  13. Thank you Bruce for your encouraging words.
    I pray for my daughter
    with mental illness, and also my son with learning difficulties. I pray for my son who is recovering also I pray for my son who the family haven’t seen for a long time. I pray that he may get forgiveness in is heart and get in Touch.
    I pray for children all over the world that none may go hungry or hurt. Thank you Lord

  14. I pray for my daughter’s health and that God continues to keep both safe. I pray for a complete healing from this evil disease, multiple sclerosis.

  15. Glory be to the Father, to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit. Our family holds up Dylan in prayer- for his health, his living circumstances after the hurricane destroyed his home, and his grandmother.
    I actually don’t know exactly how or what to pray for for my father-in-law. I pray that I can be who God needs me to be for him. I pray that my father-in-law continues to enjoy good health, that he doesn’t feel lonely, that he comes to know You, God. I pray that I can show love and mercy towards him. Amen.

  16. I have been quite squeaky, but will always be very faithful this Advent, and forever. I will advise you when it happens. Saying St. Andrews Novena every day til Xmas as well! Thank you, and your eyes look so nice!

  17. Thank you Bruce. I keep on praying for my mother. May the Lord restore her health if it be His will. Amen

  18. I’m praying for a family member, struggling with drug addiction.
    Please God, help him.
    We have done all we can. But just keep praying. That a miracle happens. And we get him back to who he is.

  19. Dear Jesus, thank you for all your blessings and help me to gain a stronger faith to keep praying for the faith of our children and their spouses. We ask especially at this time for help for the marriages.

  20. Here I am Lord asking you and praying that you will hold my daughter Heather and her children in the palm of your hand, help them to have a little joy this Christmas season, to love one another and help each other.
    Watch over Angie, help her to keep her faith, she’s struggling so much since Kevin’s passing.
    Hold my cousins in the palm of your hand, the passing of Teddy, Timmy and Patty Sue this year will make Christmas bitter sweet.
    Please work through the medical teams hands as Paul receives his Immunotherapy treatment tomorrow. Help them to use their skills that you blessed them with.
    Thank you for this day. I love you dear Jesus.

  21. Please continue to pray for our beloved Brian Charles Khan and all the faithful departed.Return of all lapsed Catholics,peace in every heart,home and Country.For Spiritual,Physical and Psychological healing for all in need of same.That Emmanuel and his sister receive the Holy Sacrament of Confirmation and Kevin,Wayde and Anthony the Holy Sacrament of Baptism.For our Holy Father Pope Francis and his entire clergy for their safety and good health.

  22. Continued prayers for healing of relationships in our family. Also prayers for family members waiting for results of medical tests. If it be Your will, please touch them with your healing hand and heal them in body, mind and soul!

  23. I’m here to tell you: Persistence pays off! This morning I received a very positive email from the son I’ve been praying for who is caught in the grip of addiction.
    My God is a merciful and loving God! Thank you Father! Thank you!

  24. Dear God I thank you for listening to my prayers & for answering me in my insecurities & worries. Please keep my family healthy, & free from struggles & worries, & help us to achieve what we work so hard to.

  25. I pray for my dear friend m. E. And her family struggles with her children. Mental issues are consuming them. Show them light in the darkness.

  26. Dear God I pray for my dear friends who are having such a sorrowful time. Please send the Holy Spirit to them to guide and sustain them.

  27. I pray for healing for a skin condition for myself, it is not healing, medicines have not helped me please heal me my Lord Jesus .

  28. Continue to pray especially for my family to join me in this journey of growing in life and love with God and for me to be courageous in my trust and persistence Amen

  29. I pray for peace on earth as it is in heaven; for mankind to live in love and in peace, and in harmony; caring for and sharing with one another for the glory of God.

  30. Lord, I pray for reconciliation between some of my family members. To strengthen my sons faith and come back to you. As you blessed me with four beautiful boys to raise in your faith, help them to see you again in their lives and live by your words.
    I pray for your blessings over my family and loved ones. I thank you for all that you have given us.

  31. Perseverance in prayer. Bruce, your message was exactly what I needed to hear today. It is so obvious that we need persistence but so hard to maintain. Holy Spirit teach me to persist. The message about the change in us, and our coming to the realisation that we need God in every aspect of our life- that is powerful.
    Heavenly Father, everything is possible for you and nothing possible without you. Thank you for every blessing you have poured out in my life and the lives of my family. Thank you too for every trial that has taught us something important that you need us to learn. In Jesus’ name, amen.

  32. Dear God, please help me to persevere in my prayers for health and healing for myself and family members. For healing of our family we are divided and not talking at this time. Your will be done dear God. Amen!

  33. Dear God,
    Thank you for the improved relationship between my son and my husband, please continue to build and strengthen it and please guarantee them and the rest of my family greater faith in you.
    In Jesus name I pray

  34. This is an encouraging lesson on staying faithful in praying. If we are not careful the least thing will cause us to get distracted, especially in praying.

    Thank you, Bruce.

  35. Thank you Lord for your message. I pray for the broken relationship I recently experienced. I pray That we both find your healing, forgiveness and compassion.
    Lord I pray that if it is Your will to reconcile us one day, that this time apart will help us to learn and understand each other’s weaknesses and shortcomings so that we would not hurt each other again. However, if the opposite is so, I pray for acceptance and healing…especially for him that You would give him peace in his heart to deal with his past.. I praise and worship Your name. Amen.

  36. Maybe I am not persistent enough, but I have prayed for the same person, my son and his family, for two sessions of “Pray for Someone You Love” and my problem has not been solved. I will continue to knock and maybe this time the door will be opened.

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