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By on 19/12/2018

Life has been so extreme for me lately. I am moving full speed ahead with no stopping or slowing down and the end is not in sight. I feel like I’m running a fast sprint marathon. There seems to be so much to do in so little time and all of it seems important.

“Prioritise,” I say to myself, and the list just goes on and on. It never seems to get shorter even though I’m working through the items. When will I able to stop for a breather or even a sleep in?

Then I receive news that makes me recognise my “silent” complaining. I honestly grumble out loud a lot and that isn’t good to be around. I know I do not appreciate how fortunate I am in my life circumstances.

My granddaughter was unwell and I wondered what life would be like if I did not have any grandchildren. My life is so busy that I don’t have any downtime but what if I was so lonely that I did nothing all day every day by myself? I always have to clean the house but what if I never even had a home to live in, let alone a loving, caring family to serve and care for? I did not even appreciate the Church I go to until the necessity of changes to how we function and see ourselves have taken place.

Often, we don’t appreciate what we have been given until it is taken away from us. Attending church and the Eucharist especially have drawn me in deeper lately with a deeper relationship with Jesus and God the Father, and with the wisdom of the Holy Spirit speaking into my Life.

Thank you, God, for this busy time – may I use it wisely and still listen for your direction and voice into my life and world. May I make extra time to slow down and spend it with you! And enjoy the journey with you along the way!

There is a young girl that I met about two years ago who brings me so much delight as I get to know her more. She attacks life and all its situations full on. She doesn’t hold back even when she faces setbacks. The girl was given an old car to drive when she got her licence and some months later she was in a small car accident where someone drove into the back of her car. The damage done was going to cost more than the value of the car, so her insurance company paid her money rather than get the repairs done. With this money, she bought herself another old, cheap car from a friend of hers.

One night she was pulled over by the police because one of her brake lights wasn’t working. They found a lot of other things wrong with her car and so she received a yellow sticker on it until she could get all the problems fixed. As she wasn’t able to pay for them all straight away, she started saving to get all the faults fixed. Then she found out that her car would have to go over the pits before it would be classed as roadworthy. She faced a bill for about $1,500.00 before fixing any of the actual problems.

And so, without a car every day she walks to work and home again with a cheery smile-loving life and loving people. She is not bitter against the police (for they were just doing their job), or against her friend (who sold her a dud car) or the person who drove into her. Life happens. Her hope is not swayed just because life hasn’t gone well for her recently.

Her patience and respect for the elderly are awe-inspiring and her kindness and concern towards those in need teaches me a lesson in grace and mercy each day. She loves everyone she meets and accepts people just as they are. Jesus shines through her and her actions.

Knowing her parents, I can see where she has received these gifts and attitude to life. As a parent and now a grandparent I hope that I can be a good example of Jesus shining through me showing that hope is always present. I want no bitterness in my heart even when life doesn’t go the way I planned, or others appear to be doing better or getting more blessings than me!

Does Jesus shine through you? Is he evident through your actions, your disposition your attitude of heart? This is one way we tell the good news of Jesus. People notice! It gives us a great opportunity to truly show the world what and who a Christian is!

May these jottings from my journal inspire you to believe in and fall in love with Christ- the hope of the world, as stated in Jeremiah 17:7, ‘Blessed is the man who believes and trusts in and relies on the Lord and whose hope and confident expectation is the Lord!’

I wish you the blessings of Christmas and  a happy new year!

Love always


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  1. Thank you Rosemary
    Your words touched a chord in me. Many people are not busy looking forward to Christmas because they have no one to celebrate with. Thank God for my family. Even an invitation to share the celebration with one lonely friend has been refused as he feels it would only emphasise his aloneness. I will spend a day after Christmas in his company

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