Pray For Someone You Love – December 19th

By on 19/12/2018

Day 5 – Dec 19th

I am praying with you for those you love. Underneath the video please either write a prayer or comment each day. May the Lord bless you on this journey toward Christmas.  – Bruce.

41 comments on “Pray For Someone You Love – December 19th

  1. Please pray Dave Young invites me to his church with Eva on 12-24-18!

    Pray my aches go away from my shoulder,ankle, & back!

    Thank you.

    Have a blessed day.

  2. Pray for my estranged daughter and her husband who need God in their lives to see how important family is. My wish is that they can see the live in everything in spite of our human imperfections.

  3. I pray today for my family to always stay close to the Lord and trust in Him.
    I pray for my brothers to have a change of heart and for their families.
    God hear our prayers.

  4. Lord please heal my nephew. Bless the hands that are trying to make him better.
    Help my family and all my siblings to find peace between us.
    Watch over the Catholic Church.
    Help all those who are homeless and lonely.
    Watch over Bruce, his family and all his helpers. Help him in whatever is needed
    so he can reach more people and draw them towards you.
    Thank you Lord for today.

  5. praying for my siblings and myself….help us to love one another and treat other better than we currently do. ..also, please pray for me that I can see the hand of God in my life, that I know that I know that all things work out for the best.

  6. praying for my siblings and myself….help us to love one another and treat other better than we currently do. ..also, please pray for me that I can see the hand of God in my life, that I know that I know that all things work out for the best….that there is a plan for my life.

  7. Blessed Lord, I pray for my daughters and grandsons that they may know you and your perfect love. Help me to reach that end for them. Prayers for peace and joy at your birth, amen

  8. Pray for my husband that his chest weakness gets better and his breathing improves. And he gets stronger.

  9. God gives strength to the weary, and increases the power of the weak. Even youths grow tired and
    weary, and young men stumble and fall, but those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength.
    They will soar on wings like eagles, they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.

    Isaigah 40: 29-31

  10. I ask you Father God for complete healing from MS. I ask to get circulation back in my legs whenever I’m sitting. My legs, especially my left, get severely swollen and purple. I ask you Father God to let me walk normally again and to no longer need assisted devices. I ask this in the name of Jesus. Amen!🙏🙏

  11. my Lord Jesus i pray that my son is healed, last summer the Surgeon removed a lesion from his forehead i pray lord that he is completely healed and it will never occur again, my son worries about it and i worry about it. but lord i believe you have already healed him.

  12. Praying for my daughter in law, with her new pregnancy.
    For my granddaughter & my son. They will come back to God.
    & for a coworker.

  13. I am going to squeal and ask baby Jesus, help my family, my daughter and son, with all their issues. Not my will but yours, baby Jesus! Thanks, Bruce

  14. Lord God heavenly father Abba the trinity Hosts of Angels be everywhere with us as we pray open the flood gates of heaven pour out your love on us make us more like your son Jesus. Guard our hearts and minds may we speak with your power and authority on the love and peace to the hearts of all we meet in this journey called life . May all of mankind know you as a rock to lean on and a safe place to rest. may we meditate more on love and peace. may we not worry about tomorrow because you have already prepared the way. thank you thank you because we your children know you answer.

  15. Father I hold up to you my sister Cassandra, my nephew girlfriend Trinity, The Cooper family, Pam, and Annette. I thank you that this storm passes soon.

  16. Jesus my Lord thank you for your blessings. We continue to pray for the faith of our children and grandchildren, and healing in the marriages. Teach us to love one another and endure what comes in the future.

  17. Lord I know you are holding my hand and that of my beautiful wife and that you are Bringing us closer to each other in many ways
    Lord I can see a slight change in her and lord you work on your master plan that you know what’s best for us both and my kids and grandkids
    Lord I am not giving up on her even if it takes longer than we all think because lord you do things at the right time and you know that time
    Give us both peace and a bit more happiness than last Christmas and that this one will be happier, peaceful and loving

  18. Thanks to you and your team,may God bless you and yours always.Please continue to pray for our beloved Brian Charles Khan and all the faithful departed.

  19. I pray for my legs to be healed & my arms,my organs stay healthy too..I pray for my loving spouse E blood pressure & diabetes to be healed his Fiancial issues too.In Jesus name.Amen

  20. Dear Jesus,
    Here I am before you continuing my prayers for my daughter Heather and her children for a brighter Christmas,
    help her turn to you and to feel your presence in her and her children’s lives.
    I continue to pray for Angie, surround her with family and friends to ease her sadness.
    Praying for my cousins to support one another.
    Praying for my husband Paul, that the Immunotherapy therapy he received today will continue to work in helping his body fight off the cancer cells.
    Thank you Lord for improvement in his bloodwork today.
    Dear Jesus watch over the Dr., nurses and all the people that were involved in his care today.
    I love you Jesus, thank you for this day.

  21. I want to continue to pray for my family to find forgiveness this Christmas. God, I ask that you come to us and fill our hearts with love especially at this time of the year. I went into the City on Saturday and the Myer Centre, had it’s Christmas display up and I was watching everyone and where they started and I remember starting at the window of the Nativity scene but it made me sad to see that everyone else was starting at the next window. Lord Jesus, I do pray for your help, help us to be reminded of your love for us and the sacrifice you made for all of us.
    I would also like to pray for Bruce and The Catholic Guy team thank you and May God Bless you all always. I do feel my heart is opening up. Amen

  22. Dear God thank you for your continuing to bless me and giving me the grace to perservere in praying for my family. You love them too so please may they respond to your knocking at the doors of their hearts in Jesus’s name

  23. Dear God I thank you to bless my kids with health & bless them to continue to do really well in their business, & guide & protect my grandchildren, & inspire the leaders of this world to co-operate with climate change issues for the sake of our future generations.

  24. Heavenly Father, as I pray for ourselves, our family and extended families I pray especially for those of us who struggle financially and those of us who seem to worship the god – money and all that money can buy. Both lots need help please Heavenly Father. We need to grow our relationship with Jesus Your Son so we can Trust Him more and know He will provide if we Trust and we need to let go of our desire for money and material things and turn to You instead. Holy Spirit fill all our hearts with a burning Love for God. Amen

  25. Dear God, thank you for evetthing in my life.
    Dear Jesus I am praying for daughter Jackie to be healed,and also my son.
    I thank you for the continuing progress of my son you left hospital recently.
    Dear God my son you is estrange from the family let him see what pain he his causing please protect him and bring back yo us.
    Give me health and strength to cope with all my problems .Dear Lord you have taken me through some bad times and am certain you will be always there for me

  26. I pray to the patron saints of students that they help and pray for all of those going through the last week of school and to help them all with their studies

  27. God will surely answer the prayers that He has put in our hearts. As I pray for my own individuals during this 10-day prayer band, I also pray for God to hear and answer all of our prayers. I ask God to remember Bro. Bruce for all the good he has and is doing (Neh. 13:31).

  28. Praying for my family who each have such serious issues, spiritually, emotionally, physically, mentally and financially – desperate times, urgent prayers are needed for them especially at this time – thank you

  29. Lord thank you for being always there and help us do the right things by you at this time as we pray for family .friends and the World

  30. Bruce thank you for your talk tonight it was so true for most of us and my eyes filled with tears, i pray for my family and my husband of 48 years and i thank God for all this.

  31. Lord Jesus humbly I pray , please be with Bichayan in all situations and all aspescts of his life .Guide him guard him and protect him all dangers and enemies.Show him the right way .Also help him to grow spiritually.

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