Pray For Someone You Love – December 20th

By on 20/12/2018

Day 6 – Dec 20th

I am praying with you for those you love. Underneath the video please either write a prayer or comment each day. May the Lord bless you on this journey toward Christmas.  – Bruce.

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  1. Bruce, your wife is such a gift. Her faith! And I remember when you had all those issues and I commented a couple days ago how good your eyes looked. Little did I know of that blessed miracle. So very happy for you and your family! Merry Xmas!
    I do believe my children will have miracles in their lives. May they have the faith to believe that too!

  2. Faith comes within your soul. Trust and have faith in the Lord and He will always do what is best for us. So happy for you Bruce!!! Thank you God!

  3. Please Holy Soirit enlighten us with your word and be a blessing to all. I pray that my son does well in his studies this week

  4. You are such a blessing to me, so grateful to God, for you and how He is using you, and how
    you are willing to be used by Him.
    Thank you

  5. Thank you God for the miracle that Bruce and Rosemary are to so many people and their faith journey. Thank you for bringing Bruce to full healing and using Rosemary’s trust in particular to show us the purpose, and the way of persistent faith and persistent prayer.
    I am thrilled for you Bruce, God truly blesses us amid all the other things the world throws towards us. Have the most blessed Christmas and thank you so much for doing this 10 day program with all that is and was going on in your personal and ministry life.

  6. Let us pray today for all those people who are sick and in need of the health may our dear lord give them courage to get better. God Bless

  7. Things happy that are miracles with faith like Rosemary’s you just know it is going to be ok May our lord guide you both and answer our prayers and open our hearts

  8. Praise God that Bruce had good results with his eye. Blessing to Bruce & his family.
    Praying for my sibling and myself…that we learn to treat each other with love & respect. Also, praying that I can see the hand of God in my life, that I can see that there is a plan for my life. Help me with my sadness about not having a husband or family, help me to see that God knows best.

  9. My hope is in the Lord who made Heaven and Earth. I will never give up, i know God is going to heal my boys, they are involved in the dark world of drugs and one is looking at another Christmas behind bars 15 years in jail in total half of his life, but I keep my eyes on you Jesus who will bring so much good out of every situation. I thank you Lord for Bruce and Rosmary who are encouraging all of your children. God bless you all Mandy

  10. Jesus..increase my faith..I surrender it all to you…please hear my prayers for those I love…I know you listen…

  11. Pray that it will be God’s will for Dave B Young to be ready & comfortable to invite & welcome me Into his home, family, & church. That Dave will invite me to Christmas Eve service on 12-24-18 with Eva. Please let that miracle happen in our lives! Let it be in God’s plans & his timing for this all to take place soon. Let me be able to wait, patiently, expectantly, hopeful & be very Optismistic that this will happen. I am trying to use the PUSH method. Pray until something happens.

  12. Pappa please be with me always don’t leave me in any you pappa.Give me your grace to take her of my family.also to do my job as you I am struggling with everything please dont leave me .You go in front of me and lead me.You know how saddnned I become sometimes due to various situations and me oh lord.Please give good collegues,heal all clents.

  13. Please Jesus enlighten the hearts of those who are helping my nephew.
    Help us find peace and draw us closer to you.
    Thank you for sending Bruce in our home, bless him and all those helping him.
    Watch over the Catholic Church.
    Thanks for giving us another day.

  14. Thank you Jesus for the many miracles we have experienced in our lives and we know you will hear our prayers for our family members. Happy to hear about Bruce and Rosemary’s miracle in the healing of the eyes, no doubt one of many miracles they have experienced in their journey of faith. We are all blessed to be able to take part in this praying and healing ministry, thank you Jesus Amen!

  15. Praise God for this beautiful miracle in your left eye Bruce, I rejoice with you, Rosemary & your family. Thank you for the reminder not to give up – May our Lord work a miracle in my family of 4, that my daughters will forgive my estranged husband for his unfaithful. May Jesus reign in our hearts to forgive & love my husband unconditionally so that he may see God & believe. Bring my daughters back to our catholic church & to God, for without our Lord we are nothing. For all these we pray in Jesus’ Name Amen!

  16. Rosemary is right it is like adopting the diagnosis rebuke it . the kingdom is with in the same power of the resurrection is in us pour forth the kingdom my words in your mouth will set the captors free praise God thought our Lord Jesus Christ Amen

  17. I’m praying for a coworker and I.
    We don’t like each other, & don’t get along well.
    I put it in Gods hands.
    I tried to my better.
    They don’t care. Help me Jesus. You can change it.

  18. Thankyou for the news of your miracle. Thank God and Rosemary for her unwavering faith.
    Bless you all this Christmas for the work you do.

  19. Please pray for a close friend like a daughter to me, Beatrice (Bee). She is in the need of God comfort and support through what she is trying to overcome. Pray she find all the support she needs through this trial in her life, and ease to her heart, as well as protection.

  20. I am praying for a miracle for my son who have a difficult time ahead today. Only you God can sort this matter out. Be with him today Lord.
    I continue to pray for my daughter and son
    and also my estrange son to get in touch.
    Thank you Lord

  21. I come in prayer Father God on behalf of my loving spouse El & I.I Thank you Father God for bringing us together and keeping us together joined happily inseparable as one and remaining a couple today,now & always.This is my prayer believing for it and I Thank you so much.In Jesus name.Amen Amen

  22. Your story of the miracle of your eye Bruce is amazing.Never give up it is so true. God is always with us. Thank you for your prayers & your emails.
    God Bless You & Rosemary. She too is amazing.

  23. Dear Lord Jesus, I pray this night for my daughter Heather and her children, my friend Angie, my cousins and my husband Paul. You know my prayers for them, where there is the need for healing, I remain ever hopeful and have faith in you that my prayers will be answered.
    Thank you Jesus for healing Bruce’s eye and showing us the way through Rosemary’s faith and trust in you. Thank you for putting them in our lives and thank you for this day.
    I love Jesus.

  24. Truly a miracle that you have been healed Bruce. Rosemary is a true woman of faith and an inspiration to all. I pray for my daughter that she finally finds peace and joy and that the Spirit guides her in major decisions she needs to make.I surrender it all to Jesus.

  25. God be praised as He sustains you in your Ministry, Bruce.
    And all hail, Rosemary! You are indeed a woman of faith in the likeness of Mary.

  26. Blessed Lord, thank you for this wonderful man that validates all your power and strength in our lives. Please extend that faith to me and let my daughters know it also. I know it is in your time Lord and I know you will draw them near. Thank you for all the many blessings that you have given me. You have made my life worthwhile . Thank you Lord for hearing me. In Jesus’s name, Amen!

  27. What wonderful words you can speak now all by the healing power of God’s hands. He needs you as his best servant! Thankful you can see. So glad you shared your story and we too prayed for you! May God hear our prayers!

  28. Wonderful news, Bruce. I’m so pleased for the miracle of your eyesight.
    God is answering my prayers for my son and his partner. I am hopeful, and grateful for the progress they are making.

  29. Praise God! So pleased to hear of your healing, Bruce. Praise God for all that He is going to do for the Catholic Guy ministry. Praise God for the healing that will come for my son

  30. Wonderful news Bruce.
    Heavenly Father,as I pray tonight for us, our family and our extended families, I pray for any member who may be close to their death – something known to You alone. I ask You to give them the Grace for a Happy death – especially anyone in danger of losing their soul to Hell. Please Lord, do not allow any soul to be lost to Hell, but grant them the Grace to know and accept You or to repent before dying. Jesus please take away satan’s powers so those in his grasp will repent and return to You. Holy Spirit fill Your children with the Fire of Your Love so we can live according to God’s Will. Amen

  31. Dear God I thank you to bless my children & grandchildren & answer my prayers regarding them, for health & joy in life, that their business may go well as they desire& that we may all have harmony in our life. Dear God bless Bruce & the team & inspire the leaders of our world to do their best re: climate change

  32. Lord I am so happy for Bruce , lord I ask you for a miracle to heal my wife’s distrust and feelings for me
    That’ she can see that I am sorry for what I did , and show her in some miraculous way that I am repentant for what I did and that I have changed and that she gives me an opportunity to show her how much I have changed and how much I want to be a better husband, father and grandfather
    Lord I have and will not give up on her and I know this may take time but you are by her side helping her to understand that it will be worth giving our marriage another try and that we both can be happy again if she can only open herself to me one more time and this can be a miracle

  33. Praise be to God Bruce. I am so happy for you. God bless you and your family. MERRY CHRISTMAS! I pray that God would heal my husband, myself and all those in pain who are struggling in mind body soul and spirit. God give us strength and healing. God bless all of you. Love Cynthia Cantu

  34. Lord i pray that Tony will have a good safe journey home tomorrow , keep him safe Lord on his long flight home for Christmas.

  35. I want to continue to pray for my family, may we have the gift of forgiveness in our hearts. I want to pray that God you hear my prayers and that my faith in you keeps growing strong. Amen

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