Pray For Someone You Love – December 21st

By on 21/12/2018

Day 7 – Dec 21st

I am praying with you for those you love. Underneath the video please either write a prayer or comment each day. May the Lord bless you on this journey toward Christmas.  – Bruce.

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  1. Dear Bruce
    You’ve had some very trying and painful experiences in life. God has used these experiences so you can minister to people in a sensitive way.

  2. Thank you Bruce for your encouraging messages.

    Praying for my siblings and myself, that we will learn to love and treat each other better. Praying for some tiny confirmation that God has heard my concerns in other areas of my life …and help me to see the hand of God in my life. Help me to see that there is a plan for my life.

  3. Lord heal my nephew from cancer and help his young family. Help my family and all my siblings find peace between us.
    Watch over the Catholic Church.
    Thank you Lord for this opportunity of hearing Bruce’s encouragements every morning for the last
    7 days. Bless him and help him and his family in their needs.

  4. Often thoughts do intrude into our prayer; thanks for the reminder to use them to focus in on what our Lord prompts us to see …
    My son is failing financially, mentally, in his relationships; he must feel his life has no hope. I pray that I can inspire and encourage him to move on, to make better decisions, to never give up or lose hope. In the mighty name of Jesus, by the power of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

    1. I feel for you Wendy. My son was ready to drive himself into a tree 3 months ago. With support from his father, brother and sister and heaps of Prayer from me the door was opened for him to end a very unhappy relationship. He and his 10 yr old daughter have never been happier. Of course there are going to be hard times ahead but I trust with continuing prayer and support the road will be happier and the sadness that permeated the home will dissapate to allow him and his daughter to flourish into their true potential. And I pray too for his ex that she can find peace and happiness

  5. Thank you for today’s message, I do pray a general prayer but will now make it more specific.
    God bless!

  6. Thank you, Bruce, for this experience. I keep on praying for my mother. May God heal her this Christmas. May she experience His love for her, and Jesus’ willingness to save her. Amen.
    God bless you

  7. Dear Bruce, and Almighty God,
    I pray for the Catholic Church. I am asking God for graces, so that all clergy good and bad, may hand back to God their styles of leadership, So the Holy Spirit may purify it. WE need to rededicate all church ministeries to God’s Holy service.
    So we can see the fruit of the Spirit Again. Not fake fruit.
    So our youth and young adults will see the relevance in following the true Gospel, Of Jesus Christ. Not the mumble jumble of false fake power.
    Father God, Send Your Spirit a new this Christmas so the Glory of God can lead us your people in a new way.
    Dear Lord I am fed up with fake news and false promise of the church. May she give her self to God’s Holy Spirit Once Again. In Jesus Holy name I Pray.

  8. Thank you, Bruce. My dear son is manipulative, entitled, dangerously using drugs that could take his life, has ank spon, is depressed, not able to adequately take care of himself, has many legal problems with stealing, and needs God and people in his life that can help him understand his value. He needs a Christmas miracle! At time of this writing, he is trying tomorrow to get into drug rehab.

  9. Thank you for your messages,each day I look forward to hear from you. God bless you.
    I continue to pray for my daughter mental health,also my eldest son.
    I pray for my son you is recovering after an illness and also my estrange son.
    I ask the Lord to soften his heart and let him learn forgiveness and see his family.
    I leave all my troubles in your hands Lord.

  10. Dear Bruce
    Love the Journey wanting my children and grandchildren to have more confidence with Gods help
    Sometimes i find myself getting angry at divisions someone said to me and i understand it to be a common buzz they say I DON’T like organised religion . I was offended I said the dictionary says religious means to believe in a unseen God and the order is his birth life death resurrection and our God is a God of order no chaos why do i get annoyed at these buzz words or any kind of division.
    I love people i try to see the heart so i speak up and when i explain these are the tools of the devil divided . there is unity in trinity spread the love God please help people not divide but to unite Amen

  11. I come in prayer on behalf of my loving spouse El.I pray we talk with each other and have better communication and continue to support one another no matter the situation or circumstance we remain a couple together inseparable joined as one on all levels now and for the remainder of our days and stay being a family together happily deeply unconditionally on every level.Thank you Father God for this right now yes answered prayer.In Jesus name.Amen Amen

  12. Please continue to pray for our beloved Brian Charles Khan and all the faithful departed.Return of all lapsed Catholics.For Spiritual,Physical and Psychological healing for all in need of same.That Kevin,Daveca and Wayde will forgive each other and love one another as Jesus has commanded us.

  13. Dear Jesus I come before to pray for my daughter Heather and her children to feel your presence in their lives this Christmas season, they are hurting finically and their heating system is not working.
    My dear friend Angie is suffering since the loss of her son and wavering in her faith please help her through this sad time.
    Hold my cousins in the palm of your hand they are hurting from the loss of a brother, a sister and a nephew in the past 8 months.
    Please help heal my husband cancer.
    Thank you dear Jesus, I love you, thank you for this day.

  14. Dear god, I pray for my husband Matthew, God, Matt is so negative and he has nothing nice to say at all, for example, Matt will ask my opinion and at the moment it’s about where to put the pool for Christmas day and when I give my opinion it’s never good enough and he will laugh at me. God, please make your presence known to Matt, somewhere along the road he has lost himself and I pray that you can help him find himself again. I ask this in your name Lord Jesus,

  15. Heavenly Father, as I pray this evening for ourselves and our family as well as our extended families I pray especially for myself and my husband. Myself because I allow my frustrations and the weaknesses of others to become my sins – sins of anger and pride and judgement. I cannot stop crying and mulling over the situation continually, making everything worse. I pray for my husband – for his moodiness, his negativity and criticism. Lord help us both please. Amen

  16. Glad I was reminded of the specific needs of those for whom I pray…Right now, my husband’s health, in particular today his kidney function…praying for ALL my children
    Bless ..

  17. I trust in God to direct my son to the place and the job that will be best suited for him. Thank you Jesus for the gift of hope.

  18. please continue to pray for Gordon, that his treatment for MS S successful . For my granddaughter Mandy who found for her birth mother. And for my son John who is a Muslim . pray he will have a change of heart.

  19. I pray for peace in our house, Lord you know what is worrying me and the person that disrupts the peace and Lord i ask you to help and change that person because you can do all things i trust you that you will answer my prayer.

  20. Lord please help my wife calm her anger tempter ,and her negative behavior towards me, that she can learn to trust me and not preampt her thinking that I am thinking
    Calm her down lord with peace love and compassion not only to me but to the people that do not mean much to her . That she see me with the same love and affection she has for her children and grand children and she is able to realize that I need that same love care and attention. Please
    Lord give her the grace to understand and appreciate what she has right now what she could have lost and what she can have if she is able to view things more positively and with happiness and appreciation of life
    Lord help her change how she thinks and lord only you can help her do that I know
    I ask this in lord your name and you will find a way lord

  21. My prayers is to thank god for the job I have, I have to work Christmas day,but I am great full to be working and I prayer that for 2019, i will get more hours at my job,for my daughter quessa to start working permanent in the post,instead of part time, for my husband claude to get work building home to god be the glory.

  22. Lord I thank you for your gifts and pray that I will be able to become more aware of your leadings in my prayer life and life in general.

  23. Dear God I pray that my son may achieve the goals & dreams he works so hard for in his business & as a father, & his relationship with is daughter, & I pray for my granddaughter in her emotional needs that she may make the wisest decision, & work on her relationship with her mother only if it is in her own best interest & happiness.

  24. Please God heal me from this debilitating disease, multiple sclerosis. I want to thank You for getting me out of my depression three times and although I’m only 55yrs. and in assisted living now, I am thankful you have helped me find the new facility in my town. Now I can remain in the same area as my kids. Thank you Father for walking with me through my divorce and all my hardships and now my ex. and I get along even better than when we were married. I pray it continues in Jesus’ name Amen. 🙏

  25. Bro. Bruce,

    Thank you. This was another good lesson. I have been trying to sum up your method of teaching and the word analysis came to mind. You have a wonderful way of illustrating your teaching. You take things that have happened in your own life and tie those incidents in your teaching. Which makes it easy to understand and very meaningful.
    hank you

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