Pray For Someone You Love – December 22nd

By on 22/12/2018

Day 8 – Dec 22nd

I am praying with you for those you love. Underneath the video please either write a prayer or comment each day. May the Lord bless you on this journey toward Christmas.  – Bruce.

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  1. Yes, I saw habits in my son’s life and in my life. I prayed with you to be free from this, for each of us. I thank God for the freedom He provides for us. Life in fullness, not life as a frustrating burden. John 10:10 to operate in lives of our loved ones

    1. Thank-you for this great message (had to giggle, about the eating habit) and prayer. Your messages are always so helpful. Blessings to you and your great family this Christmas and in the New Year. Prayers for your great ministry. Praying for my husband who will have eye surgery on Jan. 2, 2019.

  2. Father God, We are not only depending on you but trust in You to make a real difference in those we pray for. May your loving kindness of intervening be readily accepted in their lives. Thank you Bruce for being a facilitator for God’s will to be done through agreement and unity in prayer for all our good and the good of His one and only Church!!

  3. Please pray for Dave to open up his whole heart to me & feel comfortable & ready to welcome me into his home, family, & church! Please let a miracle happen & I can feel part of his life with, Eva, Mackenzie, Mason & his whole family & I can accompany him every where he goes! I just want to love him with my whole mind, body, heart & soul & he can tell me verbally He Loves me fully, completely, wholeheartedly!❤️

  4. Thank you for this heartfelt message and prayer. I aim to incorporate this message immediately in my life. I pray that the Lord God Almighty will continually pour out His love, grace and mercy on you and your family.

  5. God I pray to break the habit of worrying and help me to clear my mind that always get a good night’s sleep.
    Dear God break the habit of my beloved daughter that she get out and heal her dear Lord also continue to pray for my son’s. Put your living arms arround us.

  6. Lord I ask You to help my wife and I turn to the habit of loving and caring for each other , that she and i will talk to each other with respect and love and if there is a misunderstanding that we will get into the habit of talking to each other and understanding the reason for the discussion and not assume things that are untrue
    Lord there is a lot of habits that I will change and lord with your power and intervention I ask you to change the many poor unproductive and distructive my beautiful wife has, lord you know what they are for her to rid them and change the way she thinks of me and slowly but surely draw herself closer to me everyday
    Lord I ask this in your name
    Please help her draw closer to me as she finds it harder to do it on her own

  7. Yes Bruce my children and grandchildren mobile phones this game fortnight Bless them Lord through Jesus Christ

  8. Dear Lord, please watch over my daughter Heather, help her and her children to find joy this Christmas season and heat for their home.
    Please watch over Angie as she travels to her son’s home tomorrow .
    Keep my cousins in Pennsylvania safe and to find joy this Christmas season.
    Please help Paul to beat the cancer and be the model patient to help other patients with his type of cancer.
    Thank you Jesus for this day, please bless all the people who I came in contact with today.
    I love you Jesus!

  9. I pray for myself and my three sisters, Angie, Anne and Assunta, all elderly that we may accept the health challenges we are experiencing.

  10. My Jesus, we thank you for our family getting together this Christmas..We pray for each of our bad habits to be changed to a prayer or good habit..that we may grow in faith and love, In Jesus’ name Amen.

  11. I pray to stop responding to negativity. It is a habit and it only makes me angry and sad when I respond. God, help me to know when to stop and walk away. I also ask that God you can grant me the wisdom, knowledge and understanding so I can have better responses. Lord, I ask that you continue to guide me in the right direction. Amen

  12. I pray for Wendy in ICU. I pray for my relationship with my husband. I pray for protection over my son. I pray for my parents at this time of selling their home.

  13. Heavenly Father, tonight as I pray for my husband and myself, our family and our extended families, I ask your Blessings on all the couples within our families – happily married or struggling to keep the marriage alive and vibrant; couples of the same sex; couples where one or both are divorced; couples who married outside the Church; couples who never married. Lord, we all need Your help to break out of our bad habits – habits and mental conditioning, which lead us further and further away from You.How Satan rejoices in us turning away from You. Please help us all Lord Jesus Christ, send Your Holy Spirit into our souls that we have the strength to turn back to You, Our Lord and Saviour. Amen.

  14. Dear God I pray for my son to communicate better both with his daughter & Me & occasionally come to a compromise & for me to break the habit of eating late at night

  15. Thank you Bruce, may God bless you, your family and your Ministry with abundance. I pray for my family in this time of turmoil, and thank God for his amazing healing, his amazing Grace. May my family hold onto Him and grow their faith. May I break bad habits (yes I eat in front of TV too lol – that’s just one of them!). I pray in Jesus name, Amen.

  16. Father God

    Please help my eldset son to break his addiction to his computer and gaming and to find self discipline and direction in life. Help him find his way back to you

  17. I am praying for god guidance in my life, to make right decision when it come to spending, to live within my mean,so I will be debt free 2019,to god be the glory.

  18. i pray for good health and peace at Christmas and throughout 2019 for our family and our extended family Lord Jesus know who they all are. we need you Jesus

  19. I pray a prayer of thanks fir your blessings Lord. I pray that tou continue to work in my life anne’s the lives of my family to break any habits which take us away from you and each other.

  20. Bro. Bruce,

    Thank you for another beautiful lesson! Starting in the morning, Tanla, my daughter and I will eat at least one meal at the table together. I, like Mrs. Rosemary, read when I sit. This is because I am taking a quick break from my work and resting. Thank you for reminding us to be more specific about those we pray for, I am somewhat. However, I need to be more specific. A beautiful thing I have started doing is praying and reading before I start my day!! I have maintained this since Nov 30th. Sundays this is moved to Sunday night since we go to church for 8:30a. While I have had to catch up on my praying with you for these 10 days, I have not missed my regular daily prayers for the people that I am praying for. But I will be more specific in my praying for them starting in the morning.
    Thank you.

  21. Prayers for all.My HEART
    is is best felt in prayers
    & praise.Thanks For This
    World of prayer 🙏 an our Church ⛪ was top
    Notch in praise.Cascade
    Hills,Col GA USA.

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