Pray For Someone You Love – December 23rd

By on 23/12/2018

Day 9 – Dec 23rd

I am praying with you for those you love. Underneath the video please either write a prayer or comment each day. May the Lord bless you on this journey toward Christmas.  – Bruce.

28 comments on “Pray For Someone You Love – December 23rd

  1. I find that hard Bruce I believe if our trust is true like that of a child how cannot he help especially when someone is suffering so much I still cannot think like you

  2. I have had a hard time accepting my singlehood, not having a husband, children…like my friends and even ex boyfriends…I’ve prayed to no avail, please help me to trust God who has the bigger picture….I pray for just a slight confirmation that it was good that a relationship did not work out…that God has a better plan. ….It’s really hard particularly this time of year with this issue but is always “there”…In Jesus name I pray ….

  3. I pray for all of those who are traveling over the holidays. Make their trips be easy and smooth. So, all of the travelers can celebrate with their special ones and be safe.

    1. My prayers request is for 2019,for myself my daughter Quessa and my husband Claude to be blessed in every area of our life, to be blessed to be blessing to people in need, in god all things is possible.

  4. Help me to trust in the greater picture. I pray for family members who have lost their faith and know of so many people at this time that are dying from Cancer. Help me to trust!

  5. Help me find the happiness this Christmas, not just get through it.
    The real meaning is Baby Jesus, so that is the only important happiness. Not how I feel. Although real.

  6. Lord it’s hard I know especially in these days before Christmas not to have my beautiful wife with me and my children and grandkids around me , but at the same time I know you have brought us closer in so many ways . When I reflect on last year and this year I am still in a better place but still not there.i do see a change in her attitude towards me and I enjoyed shopping with her and the meal at her place yesterday, but some of the comments she made yesterday Keeps me wondering and guessing if we will be come back together and whether It’s her stubbornness and saving face that keeps her rejecting me . Lord I think she still loves me and wants me in her life and lord if it’s your will show her the ways to soften , forget, forgive , and give her the ability to talk rationally and a way she can hear me expressing myself
    Lord you have a way a big picture and so far you have been right although it’s been tough
    Please lord , this is what I ask I
    She her love and compassion and consideration and I will wait for her if that’s what you want me to do
    Lord I ask this in your name

  7. I continue to pray for the gift of forgiveness for my family and I would like to pray, Jesus my Lord help me to place all my trust in you. You have a plan and it is greater than my own. I want to understand but I have to have faith in your timing. Thank you for all my blessings. Amen

  8. I trust in you Lord, even though I’ve had MS for 23yrs., that Your will be done and I will be healed of this debilitating disease sooner than later.

    1. You are in my Christmas day prayers, Mary Ann. My daughter is 28 and was diagnosed recently but has probably had it since early 20s. May a miracle happen with the cure for multiple sclerosis. Thank you, Jesus!

  9. Dear Lord , you know what’s in my heart and my prayers for my daughter and her children, my friend Angie, my cousins and my husband, if it is your will please heal them emotionally, physically, physiological, and most of all spiritually.
    Let them feel your presence in their lives and turn to you in prayer and thoughts.
    Thank you for this day.
    I love you Jesus.

  10. Dear Lord, I know what I’ve been praying for but I also know you see the bigger picture. Help me to have faith and your grace in my life. I want what you want for me and for my daughters. Thank you blessed Lord ! Amen

  11. I pray for peace in this troubled world. I pray for my family to turn back to you in faith. Thank you for all your blessings you bestow on me anfpd my family.

  12. Heavenly Father, tonight once again I pray for myself and my husband, our family and our extended families. I pray especially for members of our families who have / are suffering from domestic violence and / or the lasting effects; I pray for those of us who are affected by drug and alcohol abuse; cigarette addiction; unemployment; mental illness; disabilities. Heal us Lord, make us whole again so we can live the lives You created us to live. With the Birth of Your Only Son very near please send Your Holy Spirit to fill us with Love in preparation for Christmas and the coming of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen. Jesus, I place my trust in You.

  13. So beautifully spoken Bruce. Thank you for sharing your wisdom in this matter. I’m reminded of how Jesus prayed to Our Father in the garden prior to being arrested – that if it was His Fathers will let this burden be taken from him, but nevertheless His will be done.

  14. Continued prayers for healing of relationships in my family especially with my oldest son. It will take a miracle! I pray….in God’s perfect timing.

  15. Thank you, Bruce! Yes, and because of 2000 years ago, we believe and trust in you, Lord. Merry Christmas!

  16. Thank you Bruce for that perspective…in that spirit of Gaith, I ask for my husband’s return to good health..Amen
    Blessings to toy and yours.

  17. lord Jesus i pray for peace and good health for myself and all my family please lord hear my prayer.

  18. Thank you for another wonderful lesson on prayer.

    This year It has helped me to believe more in my prayers as I am growing to believe in Jesus, that He will do what He said He will do. However, in the end, He will do what is best. I think traveling this road with my daughter having stage 4 Cancer back- to- back. The doctors did not give her any hope. However, even though the cancer is study shrinking she is still in the care of Hospice and Reseach, she eats, drive goes to church and does just about anything she would normally do without the Cancer. She is called, “Miracle” by her doctor. My words have and still are, “The devil had to get permission from God to attack her,” And God said she will live. It has not been smooth sailing these past 2 years. However, God has sent individuals to help especially in praying. Thank you!!!!!

  19. Bruce, I enjoy listening to you each day. God has already answered my prayers and I am truly and forever grateful. I continue to pray to the Lord for my children and grandchildren that he will guide them and show them the way to happiness on this earth and their eternal reward in heaven. God bless and keep us all safe.

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