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By on 31/12/2018

31 December 2018


My Dear friends in the Engine Room,

I pray that Christmas was a blessed time and that the year to come is a time of great blessing.

Thank you for your continued support of the ministry through your prayer.

Yes, it has been some time since I have written, but I appreciate that I have continued to receive emails of your support.

I genuinely believe that the Engine Room Prayer Team has been the reason for a number of miracles that have occurred in the past few months.

This will be a longer Update than usual as much has happened.

To be honest, I struggle a bit to know how to write about the ministry. For many years I have studied, prayed, experimented, failed and at times succeeded when it comes to evangelization and sharing faith in our modern world that has in large part closed its ears to the Gospel.

When I was working on a small scale, it was easier, but now it is widespread across countries and is far more complex and costs such an amazing amount of money. Most people do not understand and think it should be easier and far cheaper, but the reality is that it is going to be expensive if we are going to get to people who are far from Christ and His Church.

This work that we are doing is complex and so your prayers are more than important. They are critical.



Just a reminder The Engine Room Prayer T.E.A.M. (Together Everyone At Mission) is the group of people who hold up the Ministry in prayer asking God’s blessing on the Team, provision for the ministry, protection of the ministry and grace for every person reached.

I sincerely regard you as being on the Team just like the staff and I are. Together we are the Body of Christ.

I will write about all kinds of things including the blessings, challenges, sadness’, financial issues, etc. of the ministry. I remind you I am not hinting for your help when I write about a challenge or difficulty we face. I am just asking for your prayer. Naturally, if you can help, do so, but that is not what this is about. If I want something, I will ask and not hint. It will be clear. What I want from you is your prayer.

Please keep these Engine Room Updates to yourself as I do not send it to everyone. Someone sent a past Engine Room Update to a member of my extended family where I spoke of these challenges asking for the Engine Room’s prayer. It greatly upset that member of my family. They did not understand it, and it greatly confused them. It actually damaged their relationship with God, the Church and me. These Updates are not to be posted on Social Media Platforms or sent to your prayer groups or friends. It is just for you.

To be honest, I actually considered not doing this anymore after this occurred and it has delayed me writing for some time, but our ministry needs your prayer.

If you know of others who would like to join the Engine Room Prayer Team, please have them email me on my address that you have. Do not send this email on to them yourself. Thank you.



It has just been Christmas. As a teenager, my memory of Christmas was of presents, family and the heat with some Christmas Days being 100+ degrees Fahrenheit.  We would sit out the back of the house on the red concrete verandah floor that Dad had turned into a large room that was not air-conditioned. The meal was the same every year with turkey, a leg of ham and plum pudding with brandy sauce, which was always, and still is, my job to prepare. (It is lethal and legendary).

Every year before Christmas lunch Dad would address the family. It was just a few moments and what he spoke about was the love of family, doing your best in life, forgiveness and caring for one another. It was simple and yet insightful, nervously delivered, particularly as he aged. To my four brothers and I, Dad was a hero.

He had been born in India because his parents, my grandparents, had gone to India as part of the expanding British Empire in the early 1900s. He met Mum there, and her parents had gone to India for the same reasons in 1917. They were more British than the British back in England as they had held on to the customs and habits of the mother country.

In 1949 the English people left India quickly, as the country gained independence and that came with the violence of a nation taking control of itself. People could not take their retirement funds or savings with them when they left the country. At first, my parents went to England and got married but with a growing family and them having to support their parents and some members of their family, they left England for Australia. They landed in Australia with virtually just the clothes they had on.

Life had been tough for them and they had missed out on so much and this changed the rest of their lives going forward. They were not bitter because they knew that others had it far worse in life than they did.

Life for Mum and Dad became centred on my four brothers and me. They gave us everything they could, and it did not matter if it was clothes or food from their plate, we came first, and they came last in everything. And I mean everything. They wanted us to be able to pursue our dream, whatever it was, and not miss out because of the past they had experienced. The story is far more grim than this but they never wanted it spoken of and so I won’t.

Dad was an engineer and worked his way up over the years to be the Head of the Machinery and Occupation Safety Department of the State Government. This was an important position in the Government.

When we had grown up, Dad’s next quest was to ensure Mum would be looked after in her retirement years should something happen to him. It was as if he knew he would go first. Mum is now 90 years old and in need of complete care. Dad provided for her.

In the end, Dad had nothing but the knowledge that he had poured his life out for others.

This is why I say Dad to us is our hero.

Dad’s life was given for us. He knew at the beginning of every day that that day would be about others and not himself.

We have been blessed by a great staff in our ministry. They have left adult children, families, friends and the city we lived in and experience the continued pain that comes from this as they would not have chosen it for themselves.

2018 has been a tough year. I have been away from the staff for well over 200 days this year. The sacrifice that they have made this year has been enormous. While I have been working in the USA, they have waited, doing so many tasks to keep it all going. People have no idea what they have been through. I am immensely grateful to God for them.

This comes on top of the six months I was away the previous year as well.

Rosemary has been amazing in this time, having traveled with me briefly, but mostly she has been by herself these past two years, always encouraging, pushing me and all of us to remember why this is so important.

We are about others just like my Dad.

We exist so that others can know Christ and Him crucified and risen.
We exist because of the infinite love of God for every human being.
We exist because Christ said go into all the world and make disciples.
We exist because we know this truth for ourselves.
We exist because God has called you and me.
We exist so that young people, who no longer go to Church and who over time forget faith, can hear the power of the Gospel in a language that makes sense to them.
We exist for husbands and wives who fall away through the hurts and changing times in their lives where Church attendance does not speak to them.
We exist for friends who listen to the voices of the world, leading itself to some place of supposed fulfillment but never quite arriving.

We exist for others.

Like Christ, we are called to pour our lives out. To give our all. We are evangelists. ‘Evangel’ means the Gospel, the good news that God loved us so much that He sent His son to die and rise for us making it possible for us to experience fullness of life that can be attained in no other way.

This ‘Word’ must be encountered as the Popes of recent decades have said.

In the US where I have spent much of my time of late, people are not leaving Church because of the scandals of abuse by priests, such as the 300 priests accused in Pennsylvania a few months ago and the 1,000 victims there or the new accusations of abuse against 500 plus priests in Illinois in the past couple of weeks. You have heard me often speak on this. This is not the reason why numbers in Church are falling so rapidly.

Equally, people are not leaving Church because it is boring and repetitive. This is not the reason.

People are stopping going to Church and walking away from faith because they have not encountered Christ personally for themselves. The Popes over and over have been saying this and saying to us, “do something about it.” This is why we exist.

Over the din of the noise of our world blocking out Christ, we must penetrate and be heard.

Education alone will not fix the problems of declining numbers in Church. Education alone will not reach your parents, brothers or sisters or children and friends who no longer believe or attend Church.

Encountering Jesus Christ ‘one on one’ is the only answer.

After a person has ‘encountered Christ,’ education is needed so that their experience of Christ consumes their mind and heart.

  • When a person has encountered Christ for themselves, their trust is not in a person in authority in the Church or the institution itself, but Christ Himself.
  • When we have encountered Jesus, we see the frailties of the Church for what they are, sin and human weakness, but it does not diminish our love of God.
  • When we have encountered Christ, we fall in love with the Church that Jesus established through which the mysteries of God are revealed to us.

My dear Engine Room Prayer Team, you know this because you have encountered Christ. He is the Lord and Savior of your lives and through the power of the Holy Spirit, we live beyond ourselves for others.

We must not give up and we must not diminish our efforts for Christ.

To my staff I recently said, I can promise you nothing more than this calling to proclaim Jesus will ask everything from you, possibly even your very physical life, and when you have given your all, you will know a love, strength and comfort that is beyond mere words to explain or describe.



After we had done our trial of the television program, we had learnt an enormous amount and so we stopped the program earlier this year so that we could plan to be even more effective. We are now preparing to proclaim Christ by launching our whole ministry more widely that consists of five initiatives of reaching people beyond the doors of the Church through;

  1. Television and Media
  2. Events
  3. Prayer and Liturgical Campaigns
  4. Live Simulation Services
  5. Centers and Sites

Each of these is big enough to consume our whole ministry alone, but I feel led in prayer that doing all at the same time will be even more effective than reaching people far from Church.

Now is the time for prayer.

We cannot do this alone. We are not called to be the person of Christ alone, but rather the Body of Christ, meaning that we all must play our part and for this we need others. We are going to require businesses that we pay as well as volunteers to help us.

  • I ask you to pray as we start this New Year for Ryan DellaCrosse and the team at Fuzati in Houston who we believe we have been led to meet and who will help us market our work around the world. We know that tens of thousands of people watch and engage with us now, but this is not enough. I believe God put on my heart that it must be millions. I will not rest until we are doing so each day, not each week, but each day. We must reach our families and friends as well as people who no longer connect with Christ and His Church.
  • I ask you to pray as we start this New Year for Rob Kaczmark and the team at Spirit Juice Productions in Chicago who will make our programs that will attract people and cause them to encounter Christ. These programs will be sent all over the world. We need high quality materials that are the equal of that found in the world if we are to attract people to Christ.
  • I ask you to pray as we start this New Year for David Costanzo and his team at the JPII Foundation & Fellowship for the New Evangelization just outside of Washington DC who I have recently met. I feel drawn to them in my spirit. They are Development fund-raisers. I ask you to pray for Mike Manhardt, a Godly brother who will help with this as well.
  • I ask you to pray as we start this New Year for Zack Visser based in Perth, Western Australia, who has just joined our staff who will oversee our outreach and worship music. This is a critical role.



With the ministry expanding our financial requirements have also. I believe God has connected us to these people and other companies who are helping us. God is giving these people and companies and others a sacred trust and responsibility that each of them will give account to God one day concerning how they responded to this calling. I can find businesses anywhere, but I am looking for people who I believe that God can trust with people’s lives who do not go to Church. It is our children and our loved ones we are trusting them with.

  • I ask you to pray as we start this New Year for our major donors who have contributed millions of dollars so that people can know Christ. They gambled on us when they hardly knew us, but they want people to encounter Christ like we do. They want their children to love Christ like we do. They are generous people to many others but what I know is that they have added great spiritual credit to their spiritual accounts in heaven because of their step of faith in reaching people for Christ through our ministry. They have already many spiritual sons and daughters they do not even know exist.

We are a difficult organization to financially support because unlike feeding or clothing the poor that people can count, buildings that people can see, or programs where people can count participation, our work is done not knowing the effect of our time and money as faith is such a private affair. It is a step of faith for anyone who supports us.

  • I ask you to pray as we start this New Year for our many smaller donors. They too help us keep going as a ministry and they have brought many people to faith through their continuing contributions.
  • As we launch the new areas of proclamation mentioned above, we will require further funds. Our Business/Mission Plan has been put together by extraordinary business and spiritual people now that we have tested what we are doing. Someone has given us $500,000 to help us during this next period of set up. They have also committed $1,000,000 as a matching gift. What this means for every $1 given by someone else they will match it up to the $1M amount. Please pray that the Lord leads us to people who will be blessed because of their generosity with the opportunity to be part of this spiritual journey.
  • We also end the year with INSP offering $1.4M by way of our own studio and offices that we will be given for no charge and that will be set up in Charlotte in the USA. We will be able to record as well in our existing Sydney studio a well.
  • We are still far short of what we financially need to reach people who do not go to Church. It is hard to talk about finances because of the wrong-doing of some Church ministries in this area. Please pray for the Lord’s provision.
  • Please also pray for Tom Winters our Attorney has been amazing, flying all over the country and doing a considerable amount of legal work for us with his contribution being that he pays for everything and asks nothing from us. The same is given by our Jim Guinn our Accountant who refuses to charge us because he believes in us reaching people for Christ. Please pray for them.

God is serious about reaching people for Christ and has blessed us accordingly.

My dear Prayer Team, just think how God has used you to bring so many people to Christ, both young and older, through your efforts and prayer.

  • How many marriages have been saved?
  • How many children have their parents with them still when disruption seemed the way it was going?
  • How much healing has taken place in people’s lives?
  • How many people have met and married at our events?
  • How many Bishops and priests we have encouraged and trained in new ways of proclamation?
  • How many people have sold homes, changed careers and gone after dreams all because you have poured your life out for others and proclaimed Christ through your prayer and intercession?

We could never have done this without the support of the efforts of our staff, the prayer of all of you in the Engine Room Prayer Team, our donors and people offering help.

Evangelists change the world because as they lead people to Christ, people change and find themselves seeing with the eyes of Christ and helping people with needs. The greatest way to meet the countless needs there are in the world is to proclaim the Gospel such that people encounter Christ. A formed Christian will use their resources to alleviate pain and suffering. It all begins however with proclamation.

Please pray for the monthly Live Simulation broadcast which is an outreach that can be seen eight times a day for people who do not attend Church all over the world via a specially developed internet platform. The first recording is on March 9th. I will write to you about this.

The time has come to invite other people into this journey with us and so we are looking for others who can join our Team to do the many things that have to be done to reach people far from the Christ and His Church. Please pray that we will meet others.

We have been given a sacred trust and calling to proclaim Christ. We must not fail in this sacred duty.

Finally, let us pray our Community prayer together.

“Lord Jesus, give us and every member of our Church Community,

a hunger today to see all people encounter you as their personal Lord and Saviour.”



As I stood early one morning beside the hospital bed upon which lay the dead body of my father. He was completely spent. I knew Dad could say like St Paul who was an old man when he wrote;

As for me, I am already being poured out as a libation (worship offering), and the time of my departure has come.  I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.  From now on there is reserved for me the crown of righteousness, which the Lord, the righteous judge, will give me on that day, and not only to me but also to all who have longed for his appearing.          2 Timothy 4:6-8

I pray this for me. That I can give my all that just one more person would know Christ. May this be true of us, ‘our lives are given’ for others.

Rosemary and I are grateful and give thanks to God for you.

God bless and may you encounter Christ in 2019.

I will write again soon.

You do not have to but below you can make comments, ask questions, offer wisdom or pray. I may not be able to read every piece of correspondence our ministry receives but I DO READ EVERYTHING written by members of the Engine Room Prayer T.E.A.M.

Please pray for us.

God bless


13 comments on “The Engine Room

  1. Dear Bruce. Your email is such an amazing encouragement to keep going and what a blessing to be part of the whole team.
    May you be refreshed by the powerful presence of the Holy Spirit -even as your letter has been a refreshment to my soul. The Father of our wonderful Saviour will open doors before you and truly provide for all your needs in spreading His fragrance and saving grace throughout the world.
    With love to you and Rosemary and the rest of the team!

  2. Dear Bruce. I am grateful to be part of the Engine Room Prayer Team and will continue to pray for you, your team and your requirements daily. You have an amazing wife and a wonderful team behind you and I am sure the Holy Spirit will guide you. I pray that you will accomplish all that you set out to do in 2019. God has given you a vision and I am sure He will supply the means necessary to bring this to fruition. God Bless you all.

  3. Dear Bruce,
    It was good to get your newsy informative news letter. I will continue to pray for you and the team as I am virtually housebound so can not do very much.
    I pray for your continued success and blessings and peace to you, Rosemary and theteam. May God blessyourendevours.

  4. This prayer request was a powerful reminder that prayer changes things. Good things happen when we reach out in faith to the Maker and Keeper of us all. The Body of Christ is magnificent and will encounter Her Bridegroom in glory. While we wait, let’s recommit ourselves to all this work that you, Bruce, so aptly spearhead. Blessing to you and yours.

  5. May God bless all your plans for your ministry and all the team. I pray that God directs and blesses all your plans.

  6. What a magnificent plan and dream in action that God has placed in your heart. God has asked me to trust Him more this year 2019. He asks it not just of me but of all His children. Trust Him with a pure heart and with pure intention each day and it will be accomplished. His will be done. Praying for you and all who walk with you with loving trust in Almighty God.
    Holy Trinity and Mother Mary bless you and protect you and inspire you.

  7. Dear Bruce,
    My thoughts and prayers are with you on this tough journey, and that the love of God will strengthen you , your family and team members.
    Thank you for what you are doing.

  8. Dear Bruce,
    Firstly, thank you for allowing me to be a part of the Engine Room Prayer T.E.A.M, I feel truly blessed.
    My prayers and thoughts are with yourself, your family and all the team members.
    We all have our crosses to bear and sometimes we have to step in and help carry another cross, even if it feels like it can be a burden or too much sometimes. However, I believe God knows our strength, our patience and God, gives us what he thinks we can handle. What you have done and have achieved be proud. May God bless always. Amen.

  9. Thank you Bruce and Rosemary for the wonderful work you and all are doing. I feel very privileged to be a small part of this wonderful ministry. God bless all.

  10. Thank You Heavenly Father for sending us Hope for the future, through Your Servants, Bruce and Rosemary and their team. Satan will be overcome and I thank You for allowing me to be involved, although only in a very small way. Holy Spirit please strengthen me in my Spiritual commitment. Grant also please the Gifts I need to carry my own personal crosses which sometimes threaten to consume me.

  11. Dear Bruce
    Thank you for your letter. I will keep praying for your ministry.
    May God bless you and the team.

  12. Dear Bruce and Team,
    Thank you for your very encouraging update and for the many sacrifices you make for Our Lord. He sees all and He will not forget it. My prayer for you is that you will always have the peace and joy of Christ with you, regardless of any positive or negative circumstance. I recently had the opportunity to evangelise to some relatives from Europe and what you said rings true – they have never had a personal encounter with Christ, despite being raised Catholic and often attending church. It made me aware of how important it is that we never miss an opportunity to share what our God has done for us, especially through Jesus Christ. While you may never see the fruits of all your labours, please know that you and the team are planting many seeds of faith throughout the world. Stay strong brother – God will never abandon you!
    Isaiah 41:10
    ‘fear not, for I am with you,
    be not dismayed, for I am your God;
    I will strengthen you, I will help you,
    I will uphold you with my victorious right hand.’

    Isaiah 40:31
    Isaiah 40:31 Revised Standard Version (RSV)
    ‘but they who wait for the Lord shall renew their strength,
    they shall mount up with wings like eagles,
    they shall run and not be weary,
    they shall walk and not faint.’

    God bless you all.

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