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By on 13/02/2019

Where am I? What am I doing with my life? Is this what I planned?

Do you often feel lost and confused in your life and no one else understands, or seems to? I know in the bible it says, Commit your plans to the Lord and it will go well for you! It just doesn’t say it will be instantaneous or that your plans will go well, but that you will go well.

There is a difference! If we trust in God we will go well because we don’t need to worry anymore. We can hand everything over into God’s care. Doesn’t that make you feel as if a weight has been lifted off your shoulders?

I think I’ve heard it before, My yoke is easy and my burden is light. This occurs because all my issues and problems and plans have been given over to Him.

Someone just the other day asked me, “aren’t you concerned about blank?” I was actually surprised by the question. I realised that God has been “working on me” for years and so, no I do not feel fazed by the circumstances of my life right now. Even though, many years ago, I would have had many a sleepless night worrying.

God is to be trusted. He has proven it over and over and over again to me. Some people have made the comment that God would do it for you! However, I’m not special. He would do it for them too, they just don’t really believe that He would and are not building that trust relationship with Him.

I’ll explain with a picture. Have you ever played the game as a child where someone who is blindfolded stands between two people who rock their body back and forward, pushing them into the other person’s arms? When you have confidence in the two people catching you, you don’t hesitate to relax and enjoy the ride. But when you’re unsure or can’t trust that you won’t be dropped and hurt yourself, you take control, become very stiff and jerky and hesitate and cannot enjoy the game.

This is like enjoying the game of life. When you know God has control, you go with His flow and enjoy Him and all that He has for you. So try and ‘Cast all your cares on Him.’ Your blood pressure will go down, you’ll feel relaxed and you will be drawn into His glorious light.

I pray that you feel and know this God who wants to help and take the burdens off you. He wants to love you and have a relationship with you. Talk to Him and share who you are. He’s ready and waiting to listen to your voice. It is never too late for Him. He made time for goodness sake. His arms are stretched out wide inviting you to step into them.

Take that step for you have captured His heart.

May these jottings from my journal inspire you to believe in and fall in love with Christ- the hope of the world, as stated in Jeremiah 17:7, ‘Blessed is the man who believes and trusts in and relies on the Lord and whose hope and confident expectation is the Lord!’

Love always


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