Lent 2019 – Day 1 – Ash Wednesday

By on 06/03/2019

Wednesday 6th March

29 comments on “Lent 2019 – Day 1 – Ash Wednesday

  1. Thanks for the reminder of what Lent is all about. Great initiative, great work, just what the catholic church and Australia needs to see you right now! Thank you God, thank you for sending Jesus your son to love us and show us the way. To lead us away from self-will, sin and suffering, toward God’s will and ultimately Heaven.

  2. Hi Bruce
    I’m afraid the link
    Is not working can you please get your technical staff to resend

  3. Hi Bruce thank you for the first talk
    It is really good talk hope many will follow Amen Maria

  4. Bruce that was spot on.
    Your words are balm for the soul in this difficult time in the Church.
    Continue in your excellent work.You embody what the Catholic church should be giving more power to it’s people.

  5. Many thanks Bruce. We are looking forward to
    being on this Lenten journey with you. God Bless us all.

  6. Lord Jesus’ I pray that I give myself to you in this period of lent and that lord help me restore my faith and belief in you and that I am able to project my love to you and the love of my life I. Better and meaningful way

  7. Thankyou Bruce for the great work you do. Thankyou for the journey you take us on day by day. Today’s talk on Ash Wednesday and Lent was very informative, and your words just touch the soul. God Bless

  8. Thank you Bruce, I am looking forward to Lent and I am looking forward to this journey. God Bless Always.

  9. Thank you Bruce for the reminder of what Lent is and our response to it. I look forward to this journey with you.

    God Bless

  10. Thanks Bruce for your inspiring message to help us on our Lenten journey.
    May God continue to shower his many blessings upon the wonderful work that you are doing.
    God loves you.

  11. Thank you Bruce for your words and to remind me of what I want to change in my life or adjust.
    Few days ago I was asking myself a question: if I was told that I have only 1 day to live what will I do?
    I thought for a while and came up with nothing, but then I told myself – I will probably go to a convent or a church and spend a day in praying or in listening to the Holy Spirit.
    I wonder sometimes if the things I am doing in my life is God’s plan for me, so I will continue to pray to God and to Mother Mary to lead me in her footsteps and bring closer to her Son Jesus Christ.

  12. Thank you I havereally missed your talks since you left tb n uk. We don’t get the Catholic television where I live. God bless you for carrying on

  13. High expectations for all He has in store for o those of us who join you, Bruce in this Lenten journey! May this be the best Lenten Season for Our Holy Church and may we bring others on this journey with us! Be ever so blessed Bruce, you and your entire family!

  14. Thank you Bruce brilliant . I loved how you simplified lent The way u put it for all types of people who are devout or not. God Bless you

  15. I am truly Blessed, for Our Lord gave me my Cross just yesterday to bear and walk with Him on His Journey this Lent.

    Why do I say Blessed?

    Because Our Lord loves me so much that he has revealed this Cross for me to bear, and that He has entrusted me with this difficult but precious cross.

  16. Thank you Bruce
    May God bless you and your family that you take us and my family into your arm to follow the way to God

  17. You have taught me so much once again. I learn more from you then I’ll ever learn going to church. I stopped going for a long time because I was mad at God for having multiple sclerosis. I am now in a wheelchair and in assisted living at age 55. Well, I sure feel young here🤣.

    Sometimes I’m embarrassed to say I am Catholic because of everything that’s happening. One of my daughters won’t go to church because she doesn’t even know if there’s a God. Having a minor in religious education ruined her with everything she learned. I tell her it would be nice if she would come to church, and it doesn’t matter what denomination you are as long as you believe. Is this wrong for me to say?

    I finally found my way back to God a year ago and pray for a complete healing. 🙏

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