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By on 13/03/2019

Ever been late for an appointment, a lesson, an assignment or for work? What makes it even more annoying is when circumstances outside of your control have made you late. Like when the mining company decides today is the day they will move their heavy, wide load up north to the mines so the traffic will crawl at 10 kilometres an hour all the way to work. Or when you or one of your children spill juice on your ironed work shirt and then you need to quickly iron another one. When the car won’t start even though it only got serviced recently. Or all the local parents decide to drive their children to school on a rainy day and clog up the roads.

This stress is not a good start to the day and can make the whole day stressful if you let it, but you can also choose to be stress free. Apologize to whoever it is necessary and move on because unforeseen things happen to every person.

The true character of a person is often revealed under stress. Do you know that pilots are put under stress during test flights to see how they will perform? Part of their assessment is based on what they do under stress conditions. Navy Seals and SAS all undergo very rigorous stress tests. Why? Because of the way a person behaves or their true character comes out under these stress-like circumstances. Will they act like they say they will act?

We as Christians need to do and be and say the same. Are we truly who we say we are? Well I know I don’t fully come up to scratch, but I’m also comparing myself to God’s son Jesus. I will never attain what He did or was but He is still the ideal person. What I sometimes forget is that with the Holy Spirit living within me I am supernatural and can obtain way more than I can imagine.

Can I act and be and say the same no matter what? When I’m having a blooby (bad) day, I can still smile and praise God for His goodness. When I’m having a blooby week, I can still smile and trust in my God and praise Him for his goodness. When I’m having a bad month, I can still smile and hope in God and praise Him for His goodness. When I’m having a bad year(s) – like Job – I can still smile and hope and trust and pray to God and praise Him for his goodness.

You know it’s funny, but the more I trust and hope in God the more I can smile and can praise Him for his goodness. So next time you’re late and things aren’t going well, try hoping and trusting in God more and see how He puts that smile back on your face.

May these jottings from my journal inspire you to believe in and fall in love with Christ- the hope of the world, as stated in Jeremiah 17:7, ‘Blessed is the man who believes and trusts in and relies on the Lord and whose hope and confident expectation is the Lord!’

Love always


5 comments on “Jottings from my Journal

  1. Thankyou Rosemary
    This is so true and an awareness of God in our life can make a bad day into a much better one. Trust him and the sun will come out

  2. I would love to receive your”Jottings from my journal” . My sister passed this one on to me and I can do with spiritual guidance. Thank you very much. Ida.

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