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To the many people of New Zealand who watch our television program, receive our videos and Updates, who write to our ministry, ask for prayer and to whom I have met when I have visited your country to share faith in Christ, you along with all affected by the tragic shootings in Christchurch on Friday, are in my thoughts and I am praying for you at this time.

For many years Rosemary and I lived next door to a married couple and their two children who were committed Muslims. They were hard working family people of faith and peace who were excellent members of the community, who looked after our children and were there whenever we had needs. They cared for and loved all who came their way without prejudice. Today they have come to my mind.

It was during Friday prayers in two Mosques in Christchurch that the terror of the shootings so perversely interrupted what I am told is a time of deep prayer, introspection and reflection. News reports tell us that 49 people are dead, a similar number are injured with 20 people in a serious condition. This says nothing of the families directly affected by the loss and injury of loved ones or even for the extended family of the shooter, whose lives themselves will never be the same. This tragedy today has pierced the tranquillity of a country of peace and friendship.

It is times like these that, like so many people, I ask the questions, “where was God,” and “why would you allow this to happen, God?” To these questions, there is no easy answer. No platitudes or simple or complex answers that will suffice. We are left numb.

Evil is a reality. Human sickness exists. The conditioning of impressionable minds to bigotry and hate occurs causing division, persecution and death again and again in places all over the world.

As a Christ follower, I believe that Jesus came into this world to give His life to overcome all that would separate us from eternity through His life, death and resurrection which are the doorways to a new life beyond this life that can be experienced now, here on earth.

While not for a moment dulling the terror or the pain and suffering of loss that has occurred, Christ points to a new life that goes beyond the brokenness and limitations of our human condition. Words alone fall short in describing this new life that is accessed through a faith step of surrender.

No answer can soften the sadness or shock of this event but rather through our faith as Christians in Jesus Christ we can see beyond the limitations of this life with all of its frailties and sin to the hope of eternal life.

Religion has and does cause division, but today we must stand as human beings united under God with one another no matter what our experience of God might be.

Would all who are connected to our ministry in some way in countries all over the world, join me in praying for all affected by this tragedy, that they would experience the mercy and love of God.

You can write your prayers of intercession below.

As hard as it might be to understand at times, God is always with us in the midst of every situation in life.

Please know that my sincere and heartfelt prayers at this time are for you, the people of New Zealand.


  1. Lord we seek your love and mercy for all people affected by this tragedy in Christchurch. God Bless you all. With love from Melbourne Australia

    1. God, have mercy on the people of New Zealand and on all of us who suffer with them at this tragedy. Make all people of all faiths stronger as we pray in unisonn for a better world.

  2. May the hearts of all those affected by this tradegy turn to their God for comfort and peace….may they offer God their hurt and brokenness and their questions and believe that God will open His loving arms to one and all.

    Also may the families of the perpetrator of this unimaginable action find some semblance of peace for themselves.

  3. Lord we know you grieve along with the friends of the victims and citizens of New Zealand who feel their whole world has changed in one massive attack. Too Lord, those who are related to those who have done the shooting are surely affected too. May your peace that passes all understanding be in the heart of all who are affected, and may we know that God is walking with them and will bring peace of heart to all who ask for His help.

  4. I pray for peace in this troubled world
    Our Lady Queen of Peace pray for us
    Scared Hesrt of Jesus have Mercy on us Amen

  5. Lord God you love these precious people and ask the they will feel your love during terrible painful time. For those hurt and damaged please bring healing to them.

  6. God does give ‘Man’ free will…but I have a hunch that the evil one does not.
    I attribute these very cruel occurrences to the mind control of the devil.
    If people don’t have complete love (God) in their hearts for their ‘neighbours’, then the devil will fill the empty spaces…and these people become capable of the most horrendous things; because the devil’s power grows through evil thoughts & actions!
    So I feel we need to show more intense kindness & care for those abit different from us, so evil doesn’t take over.
    I’m so sad thinking of what the families & friends of those killed are going through. I just wish I could hug them all, & tell them they’ll be ok….but alot of time will need to pass before their pain will heal (if it ever will).
    God Bless them all.
    Cathy xox

  7. Lord be close to the broken hearted. We thank you that You are near and that You love us. In Jesus Name Amen.

  8. I pray that the horror of this attack in the NZ community, the Grafton NSW community, and all people of faith in this world who I know will pray for the families who have lost loved ones, especially children, who were there new generation. No matter whether older, young adults or children the loss is intolerable. After the Port Arthur massacre in 1996 gun laws were changed in Australia, but obviously were not tight enough to prevent the two mosques massacres this week, organised by an Australian monster.
    How can we understand anyone performing such a horrific event? Yet it did happen and has happened in many other sites around our world.
    We can pray some peace will come to the families of those who died, and to all of us, as we ‘fly on the wings of an eagle’ during this time.

  9. Jesus I trust in you.
    Help all those in Christchurch who lost loved ones, those who were injured and all those who
    I pray for New Zealand, Australia and all the world.
    Show us how to live in peace.
    Thank you Lord.

  10. To borrow the prayer of St Francis- Lord make us an instrument of your peace.. when there is hatred, let us sow love. May we be united to sow love to defeat the evil one. In God, we pray.

  11. We must pray for unity among all followers of Jesus Christ and as one live according to his will and words. God is love these hate crimes are not his ways. United together as one to follow him who is the way the truth and the life. God bless

  12. Lord, I pray for all those affected by this tragedy that their hearts be opened to his healing love.

  13. Lord I pray the Muslims and their families are filled with the utter fullness of Gods comfort and love. That His perfect love will drive out all fear, and bring them peace.

  14. Father God, may all those effected by this terrible tragedy feel the love and peace from the prayers lifted up by the faithful. And for the perpetrators, we pray for their souls, that they may come to know you and be changed. Let us not forget to pray for our enemies, for only love can conquer hate. In Jesus’ Name we pray.

  15. My dear God please watch over the people in New Zealand at this terrible time in their lives something they have never experienced but we serve a Mighty God he will look over the family and keep them safe my thoughts and prayers are with the family I’m deeply sorry for their lost hoping that this should never have happened

  16. Lord God please grant love and peace to all the people in New Zealand tragedy
    and their family

  17. I pray that we all take some serious time to ask ourselves the question: What is God telling us again in this awful tragedy?
    Indeed, we need to look more closely into our own selves to see where we need to grow in a deeper awareness of God’s presence in our every day lives.
    My prayers are being offered for the people of Christchurch.

  18. “The Lord is near to the broken-hearted.” May all who have suffer because of this great evil experience his merciful, consoling presence and abiding love 🙏🏽✝️🕊♥️

  19. Heavenly Father. I pray today that soon with your blessing this world will be a safe place. I pray for the victims of these horrible crimes. For the victims in New Zealand, I pray that you give their families the peace that they need to go through this time in their lives. Touch the hearts of people who make it their way of life to harm others, especially those who give their lives to serving you and helping the less fortunate. My heart hurts for the families of the murdered souls.It is not easy to lose someone you love. I pray that the holy father hold them in his arms as they go through this. May the good lord bless and keep them.

  20. Our thoughts and prayers are with all the families who lost their loved ones

    May God have his hand on them

  21. Lord,
    Please show these people your ultimate mercy and heal them so that they can go back to their loved ones, and the people who need them the most. Have mercy. In Jesus‘s name I ask this. Amen.

  22. Father God please comfort those who have lost a loved one and may the deceased RIP and be in paradise with You.🙏🙏🙏

  23. God, our Loving Father, please bring comfort to those affected by this terrible tragedy.
    We pray for peace and understanding throughout all the communities across the world. Help each one of us to grow in love for you and for our fellow brothers & sisters.

  24. Dear Lord, I ask that you embrace the people of Christchurch with your comfort and love. Lead them to surrender their healing to you, for You are the Great Physician. Thank you Lord Jesus.

  25. May the LOVE of GOD prevail where hatred has snuffed out lives of many people. Jesus died for them and is grieved by this senseless slaughter. I pray that God will touch each and every life that has been affected.

  26. Almighty God and Heavenly Father of all peoples,tribes and nations.
    We pray for the people of Christchurch and all New Zealanders.
    For all the families & friends who have lost loved ones in this awful tragedy.
    Wrap your Loving Arms around the souls taken & all affected by their tragic loss.
    Comfort the grieving.Heal the injured.Touch all who provided first aid, first responders and medical treatment. The Innocent going about their business. Your concerned people at home and abroad who followed on various media.
    May New Zealand ,Christchurch and all it’s people be cleansed by the Blood of Jesus,His Holy Cross and Your Holy Word.
    Bless the authorities investigating and prosecuting the shooters & their crimes.
    We pray for Justice for the innocent lives lost and a nations innocence taken.
    May the root causes and harm done be bound for all eternity at the foot of the Cross In Jesus Mighty Name. Amen. Amen. Amen.
    May The Precious Blood of Jesus and The Waters of The Holy Spirit cleanse,purify and heal Christchurch, New Zealand, it’s people & it’s children from all the harm .
    Restore Your Blessed Safety to your children in New Zealand and Christchurch. May God’s Perfect Love that cast out all their fears and insecurities.
    Restore Godly Order,Protection & Safety to Christchurch and all New Zealand.
    May Christchurchers and all New Zealanders love one another even more.
    Live more peaceful,happier,prosperous and productive Godly lives.
    May all visitors to New Zealand and newcomers feel welcomed,loved and secure.
    We ask this prayer in Jesus Name.Amen.Amen.Amen.

  27. Lord, Please surround all those affected by this horrible and senseless tragedy with your light and love. Fill them with your Holy Spirit and help them deal with their pain. I ask Lord, that you lift up all of those that died and those that were wounded.
    In Christ’s Holy Name

  28. God of all comfort , I beseech thee to fill their hurting hearts with your peace that surpasses human understanding; it is not easy dealing with the loss of loved one especially in times like this but, you alone are God, and there is nothing too hard for you to do. These families need you Lord now, more than ever before to manifest your never ending mercy, power, compassion and love to soothe the grieving souls O! God of Elijah.
    Have mercy on the whole world. Amen!

  29. May the Lord Rest In Peace all those who perished as a result of this incident and may all those affected in one way or another receive God’s healing during this troubled times. Amen

  30. Compassionate Creator of each of us, humbly we offer our condolences to EACH one concerned and touched by this tragic event and at the same time BEG for ALL to come to the deep understanding that each of us is equal, equally loved and cherished and personally valuable to the one we call “God”, to our world, to the peace and love we share with every living being. We ask your tender compassion and mercy for ALL.

  31. Dear Lord, I don’t know quite how to pray at this terrible time. I’m feeling close to despair….the growing hatred around the world and the acceptance of people in leadership who fuel this division and violence. Please let us all be open to the Holy Spirit and drink of the gifts so, rather than drowning in despair or burning in rage, we can challenge with the greatest gift of all, Love.

  32. I pray for all those affected by this tragedy..may God wrap His comforting arms them and bring them sad

  33. I pray for all the innocent people that lost their shortened life unexpectedly in Christchurch. We pray for their souls and also for the ones left behind to grieve them.
    I also would like to add the shooters in my prayers that they repent sincerely so their souls won’t be lost. The Lord is merciful and he forgives even if we won’t.
    Lord give me the strength to forgive those who have wronged me and the courage to seek reconciliation where needed. Amen

  34. May the Holy Spirit hold each one who is suffering after this horrible event and change the hearts of the ones who were so cruel. Jesus we ask your love and mercy for all.

  35. Peace, love comfort and strength are my prayer for the victims, their families and all those in and around New Zealand affected by this terrible tragedy. God bless, guide, comfort and strengthen you all.

  36. Lord God, send your angels to escort the deceased to your heavenly kingdom, comfort the sick and injured and their families.

    Saint Michael the Archangel defend us in the day of battle. Be our safeguard against the wickedness and snares of the devil. May God rebuke him we humbly pray, and do thou, O Prince of the Heavenly Hosts, by the power of God, cast into hell satan and all the evil spirits, who roam through the world seeking the ruin of souls.

  37. Lord, please bring comfort to all those suffering. May they feel your tender, caring embrace. May those who were taken be sitting with you in paradise. Please help us to see one another as your children, all equally worthy of love and respect. I ask this in the mighty name of your beloved Son, Jesus. Amen

  38. God speak to each & everyone of us in the world , whatever it is that we need to hear, stir in us the need for peace.

  39. Lord help all those affected by this monstrous tragedy to mend their broken hearts and pain. Never let them loose sight of you and give them peace knowing you love us all.

  40. Dear God be near to those who need your comfort at this time. There is no understanding to what happened in Christchurch but please be close to those hurting. Lord hear us.P

  41. My Lord and God, please strengthen all people in this world who follow a lifestyle for peace. We, your people, join with people of peace from all religions and nationalities to beg your support for those who witnessed or lost someone in this vile act of hatred. Please help us all to continue to pray for peace, love and respect for all people. Please dear Lord, help us show those who live in hatred and fear that the way of love and peace is the only way for this world to prosper. We are all your children so please help us to behave that way and bring true kindness from all to those left to suffer such dreadful loss and hatred. Amen

  42. Lord Jesus,
    Please accept the souls of those who died in this tragedy in Christchurch last Friday.
    Be with the families of those killed – comfort them, guide their thoughts and fill them with the grace to forgive.
    For those who are injured – and their families – fill them with hearts of forgiveness and help them to be steadfast in their faith.
    All roads lead to You, gentle Jesus. I pray that all souls affected by this tragedy will love You more deeply as they come to terms with what has happened.
    May all our brothers and sisters ‘over the ditch’ be filled with compassion, mercy and love.
    And I ask this in Your mighty name, Jesus, through the power of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

  43. Dear Lord,
    we seek mercy for the times we have entertained sinful thoughts and let those actions turn into harm against our neighbours. Help us Lord to surrender in faith that we may be filled with your light and learn to reflect your love of the cross towards others, remembering we all have scars of fear, rejection, and pain that continue to need your ongoing healing. Lord only your grace is sufficient for us.
    In Jesus name we pray

  44. Lord for those taken away grant pardon of their failings and human weakness and accept them into your kingdom. For those left behind fill them with strength and courage to face the loss of their loved ones, mend their broken hearts and heal their pain. I ask in Jesus Name Amen.

  45. I pray for the victims, family and friends of the NZ massacre, sad and against Your Word; but I pray also for the thousands of Christians and ‘infidels’ who are murdered on a regular basis and whose deaths go unreported, almost unnoticed by the leaders of our world, the media and, sadly, by their fellow Christians.

  46. Lord for all those who were taken away grant pardon for their failings and human weakness and accept them into your kingdom. For those left behind fill them with strength and courage to face the loss of their loved ones, mend their broken hearts and heal their pain. In Jesus Name I ask Amen.

  47. Lord God we ask you to comfort all those that have lost a loved one in this tragedy. May they find comfort in knowing your love and the love of their family and friends that surround them.

    I pray that there be an outpouring of prayer in the world for peace. Amen

  48. Loving sympathies sent to all affected by this tragedy in Christchurch. Lord, may this terrible event
    help bring Muslims, Christians, Jews and all of other faiths or none together. Love will always win over evil.

  49. This is a true tragedy .
    I pray Holy Father through your Son Jesus Christ that you send your Holy Spirit to all NewZealanders at this time.
    I pray that you open the eyes of all Christians and muslims to have a deeper understanding of who You are.
    To turn in faith to the one true God for salvation and let go of any false beliefs that may hinder us from knowing the truth.
    Christ came to offer salvation for all through his One true Church.
    Every person has the same right to salvation but it’s up to us to accept it by our love for Jesus and our fellow man.
    God Bless all involved.

  50. Loving merciful God send comfort and healing to all affected in the shooting tragedy in Christchurch and all those who died at prayer to You carry them in Your Heart

  51. Loving Father of our Lord Jesus Christ we lift up to You all who were affected in the tragic shooting in Christchurch and all who died. Bless all of them and their families to bear this tragedy. More especially we pray for the perpetrators that their hardened hearts may realize the error of their doings and change their way of life to one of peace and forgiveness. In Your Holy Name we ask loving Father, Son and Spirit with Mary our Mother Who is always by our side. Amen

  52. Father God, we thank you that you hear and answer our prayers, we thank you for the Holy Spirit comfort and protection from despair and hopelessness. Strengthen these people in their grief and give us Wisdom so needed to bring oneness to the troubled world !

  53. Loving God, give comfort to the families of these victims. may this tragedy bring us closer to each other and bring us closer in prayer and in our daily lives. show us the way to live as You intend us to. We pray this in your holy name. Amen

  54. Lord have mercy on us all. May we put aside our differences through love and be united in spirit so I brokenness can be healed by your power of unfathomable love!!

    May your peace be with us all. Amen

  55. Dear Heavenly Father moment by moment, hour by hour, day by day touch the hearts and minds of the families, friends and surrounding communities of the victims of this rampant hatred but also be with the perpetrator’s family Lord because they are suffering too

  56. Dear Heavenly Father moment by moment, hour by hour, day by day touch the hearts and minds of the families, friends and surrounding communities of the victims of this rampant hatred but also be with the perpetrator’s family Lord because they are suffering too

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