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By on 10/04/2019

Written By: Cassandra Visser: A staff member of The Catholic Guy and Heart Ministry for Women. She is responsible for assisting Rosemary with her ministry.

Spiritual Warriors

The other night I decided to scroll through my phone and I came across this scripture Psalm 3:3: “But You, Lord, are a shield around me, my glory, the One who lifts my head high.” I stopped scrolling and realised how much I needed to read this.

I thought about my mum. My mum is my spiritual warrior. When I feel worried, scared or anxious; I turn to her to pray for me. I’ve always thought that her prayers were so much better than mine and that God would listen to her more than me. I’m still growing to become the spiritual warrior that I desire to be. She says that God will still listen to my prayer just as much as hers. Even though I know she is right, I still call her.

My mum has been telling me about guardian angels. The more she tells me, the more I want to ask questions. She tells me that I can call upon my angel to watch over me and protect me. In my times of need, my mum commands her angel to come assist my angel. Our angels shield us and protect us as commanded by God. Can you believe that God loves us so much that he not only shields us but has sent us all our own guardian angel to carry out his work?

Is there someone who speaks truth in your life? Do you think your prayers are not heard more than others? Are you still growing to become your own spiritual warrior? Can you feel your angel around you?

There are so many questions I ask because all I want to do is draw closer to God and feel his presence, even when my trusted spiritual warrior is not near. The truth is that we are all trying to become spiritual warriors in our own way. We all desire that God will hear our prayer and shield us.

PRAYER: Dear Lord, today we come to you and ask that you guide us in becoming spiritual warriors. We ask that you send your guardians angels to us when we are in need of guidance and protection. Thank you for lifting us and bringing us a sense of peace. Please be with us on this journey as we are spiritual warriors in the making. Amen.

4 comments on “Jottings from my Journal

  1. Thanks for reminding me about my Guardian Angel. My son and I used to prey and talk to them all the time when he was young. We would lay down and be very quiet to see if we could hear them talk back to us. And if you can imagine a 4 year old being quiet. Well we did have a good time. Thanks for the memories

  2. Hi Cassandra,
    When you spoke about calling on your mum for help.
    I said yes I do that too! I call on my Heavenly Mum Mary, She is so very close to us Her dear children, and will always hear and take our prayers and our fears, sorrows and worries to Her Son, who never refuses His Mother. So we have a Powerful advocate in our Mother Mary. Don’t forget to ask Her for help. She is Queen of angels too. The Devil flees at the sound of Her Name.Hail Mary!!

  3. I have a niece who always asks me to pray for her.

    She says my prayers are powerful. I believe all true and faithful prayers are powerful. I’m humbled by her faith in me.

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