Lent 2019 – Day 38

By on 12/04/2019

Fresh Start

Friday 12th April

Therefore, I do my best always to have a clear conscience toward God and all people. (Acts 24:16)

My husband was telling me the forecast for the day and saying there was a 50% chance of rain this morning even though the sky looked completely clear. He said, “I don’t know how good this app is but it’s not looking like rain today!”

I asked him if it was usually accurate? What was its track record for getting the weather right? He said, “usually very good, but not sure about today.”

The app said one thing, but the sky said another!

Comparing myself to an app, would people think I am consistent in my living the Christian walk or am I right on track sometimes and other times people see me doing the opposite of what I know to be good?

As a Christian I am called to be light in the world, to be Jesus in the world and reflect God in all I do. How am I going as I prepare for Easter next week?

I know I am frail and fail constantly but if a person walked alongside me would they see me as an App they could rely on to point them in God’s direction? This Lent I want to be a person who can be relied on day in and day out to be Jesus in the world and live the life I have been called to.

When I’m losing my temper or complaining or not listening or being negative or criticising or looking the other way or failing to help someone or being selfish, I am not reflecting God and therefore my App is showing the opposite of what someone wants to see in a Christ follower like me.

I need to ask for God’s mercy and grace each day to be able to reflect Him in the world, to be able to see the opportunities to be Christ in the world and be light in the darkness.

How incredible is it that we can be so frail and by God’s grace and mercy we can be forgiven and free every day? My frailties can be a source of repentance for me – God invites me to change. I can have a clear conscience towards God and people and start fresh again.

PRAYER: Lord, here I am. This is me in all my imperfections and I need you today. May we accept your grace and mercy today and ask for forgiveness for our frailties in the times that we are not all that we are created to be. We can make a fresh start with you every day. Amen.

Written by
Sandra Purcell: Responsible for assisting Bruce with his Ministry as well as research and resource development.

13 comments on “Lent 2019 – Day 38

  1. I have really enjoyed the daily reflections , down to earth messages, something to reflect on each day during lent or at any time. Many thanks for sharing, A happy blessed Easter to you the team🙏

  2. Dear Bruce, Rosemary, Sandra, Justin and all the team. Please pray for my brother in Christ who has been diagnosed to have aggressive type of cancer in the head. I believe God’s forecast is different from man’s. Please intercede on his behalf, strength for the wife. There is nothing difficult with God. I pray for healing, that is what i’m Asking God, and i’m Asking through the name of our Lord Jesus Christ according to His word, amen. Thank you for praying.

  3. Lord i want a fresh start in life
    Please lord help me through these difficult times
    To be with you and ask you to help me be the person I want to be for her and my family

  4. I thought I was doing so well during Lent. But today my daughter needed to take me to an appointment. She was soooo disrespectful to me and had me in tears, which wasn’t the first. I just couldn’t let her do it once again. The whole time I was arguing with her I knew God wouldn’t like it. My oldest daughter is very self-centered and does not go to church. When she took me home after my appointment, I said, “ You need to go to church.” She looked at me and said, “I don’t believe.” I said, You better believe, pray and have faith.” She always had her doubts but ever since minoring in religious education, that ruined her. I told her if she doesn’t have faith she’s going to go to hell. Pls Lord forgive me for arguing with my oldest daughter and lead her to You.

  5. Thank you for this kindly reminder about our frailties being a source for the grace and mercy of God. Just like an app we should always be updated to the most stable version of what we can be, to work and supply the needs of others around us.
    I know I have not been the best version of myself, but everyday I turn to the one who made me for that refresh and a clean slate. Lord God, thank you for your loving kindness, help me to turn away from what’s bugging me and what stops me running optimally.

  6. Thanks Sandra for that insightful reflection. It is easy to forget that we are walking, talking, living witnesses for Christ in every little thing we say and do. We may not often get the chance to “preach” Christ in words but we can always “preach’ by the way way we behave and live.

  7. Sandra, sometimes I think you are my twin! Every time I read your comments for this Lenten journey, I see myself. Each day I pray for God’s mercy and ask him to help me become a better person and a better Christian as you do. We seem to have the same weaknesses, but we are striving to improve. Thank you for your words and encouragement.

  8. Thanks dear Sandra for all the reflections during this lent and as we are about to get into Easter we pray that all these messages sink down in out hearts and in our doings. May our Lord continue to guide and help us to be what we’ve been brought to do in this world and as we prepare ourselves for eternal life in future. Amen

  9. Dear Lord
    Sometimes it’s hard to admit to myself I didn’t do,say or thought as well as I could have. I may not have reacted the way You would have wanted me to. At the same time knowing You as limited as I do, Your understanding, Your mercy and Your love for me stops me from denying the truth. There is no one or nothing to turn to that can help me to become the daughter of God You intended me to be other than You. Only You are perfect, whole and complete. I can never be. You Lord alone can transform me, change me to be more Christlike. Your forgiveness far exceeds our own, my own and Your generosity gives me the hope I most desperately need to pick myself and start afresh. Tomorrow is a new day Lord with You by my side, there is nothing we can’t face together! Amen.

  10. Lord, Father, God, let us walk in the confidence that you will guide, direct and give Wisdom to make our day exactly what you planned and not what the deceiver has in mind. Thank you for loving our children more than we ever could, that they are in Your most capable hands and Your watchful eyes are upon them, and that You are true to your Word and Your Word says, ” That You will Perfect all that concerns us!”. Our trust is in You alone and we give to you thanks and PRAISE!

  11. Sandra,

    Thank you for the lesson. I believe that if others wonder about our Christianity they need to walk with us for a while. We all get off track. However, as a true Christian, we get right back on track with the help of theHoly Spirit.

    Hayy Easter to each of you!!

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