Holy Week – Day 1: Palm Sunday

By on 14/04/2019

Sunday 14th April

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  1. I Love You Bruce Downes and Your ministry 😍😍…Please pray for my Family’s health issues and health care reform..And Your Awesome, Love listening to you deliver the word of God!!..😍😍🙏🙏🙏🙏😇😇🌅🌅☕

  2. I want to thank the Lord for taking me to this moment of Holy Week and I really feel very privileged and blessed by the Lord. Praying for the Holy Week and that more will be revealed in my relationship with God!
    I Love you Lord Amen

  3. Very uplifting and special to all priveliged to share this with you Bruce
    Thank you for you and Rosemary’s commitment to your ministry
    Blessings…Raymond Russo

  4. Thank you for this beautiful reflection. I certainly am feeling so blessed to have access to your ministry these forty days and my prayer will be to increase my faith because it is by faith that we can see and accept God’s hand in everything that we go through.

  5. You explained to me tonight the real meaning of Palm Sunday, I too was bought up not really understanding the gospel readings and why Jesus was riding on a colt. At mass today I tried to take in the whole story of Easter. We are very blessed to have you present the
    bible stories as you do in layman terms I am very grateful Bruce to you and your
    ministry. I am struggling at the moment to speak to God daily.
    PS when is your book of daily prayers coming out to me. Thanking You

  6. Thank you Bruce
    I’m so thankful for your Palm Sunday message. The other day I tried to pray and put into words my desire to feel God’s presence in my life, where I live and especially in my circumstances but somehow I was not finding the words to do so adequately. You Bruce expressed the words for me so easily and clearly, I thank you. I routinely do read the daily readings and love the interpretations. Most days I find the Holy Scriptures and the reflections resonate deeply. This Lent and Holy Week will be special for me as not only do I receive your emails containing videos and reflections but also books specifically on Lent, Holy Week and Easter. One book entitled Trust published by the Woolongong Diocese I especially love, as it features beautiful paintings by several accomplished artists depicting biblical religious themes and which tie in wonderfully with the reflections by many Catholic religious and laity for this important season of Lent, Holy Week and Easter. I will also along with the prayers definitely take your advice and read the gospel!!!
    God bless you, Rosemary and team

  7. Bruce, what a great message and testimony. May God continue to bless you, Rosemary and the T.E.A.M., of which I am proud to be a part. Glory to God!

  8. Thank you Bruce and to all who have journeyed with me. Every day has been beautifuland every prayer has been one to which I can relate and realise the Goodness of God. May I wish you all the joys of this wonderful EASTER.

  9. Dear Bruce and the team you work with to share with the world The Good News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The 40 days of prayer and ministration of the Gospel, have been phenomenal, though slacked behind in some days due to distractions in this daily living of our lives, but managed to set apart time to go through all the messages. Thank you for your obedience and dedication to share and explain deep things of the Gospel in simplicity and easy to understand teachings. Thank you for the time you have put in all this. The Alford bless you all. My prayer and request to your team is to continue praying for me and on my behalf to intercede for my unsaved children and family members to come to know our Lord Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour. I pray that during this Holy Week The Lord be revealed in many different ways to us and seek Him diligently, yearn to know our Lord more. I believe healings, deliverance and restoration have taken place in people during this lent period sharing. Thank you Lord for doing all this for us. We do not really comprehend it, but You did it to set us free. Help our unbelief. Love you all brethren. Thank you, Honester.

  10. Thank you Bruce your Palm Sunday message was very touching and I plan to do what you requested & spend this week with God as much as I can. God Bless you & yours & your Team. May you reach the ends of the earth & touch those who have not already encountered God & Jesus.

  11. Thank you Bruce for that reflection…you brought b@ck so many memories of the rituals of Holy Week as a child.
    Here am I lord, in your pres3nce now..show me the meaning of this HOLY week..

  12. Thank you Bruce and your team for the messages.
    I have be been following you for a couple years now and look forward to receiving these messages.
    This holy week is a difficult week for me.
    Pray for me and my family.
    God bless

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