Holy Week – Day 4

By on 17/04/2019

The Loyalty of Jesus

Wednesday 17th April

Daily Gospel (Matthew 26:14-25)

The word betray is used five times in today’s gospel. Have you ever experienced betrayal – perhaps you were let down by a friend or a partner, or perhaps like many Catholics today you feel let down by the Church? How did you react? Did you retaliate, walk away or do your best to forgive?

This part of the Holy Week highlights the depth of love that Jesus shows. He goes to his fate, but he is loyal all the way. He does not retaliate, no matter how shamefully he is treated. He is filled with a higher love – a divine love – which keeps him going. Jesus is the ultimate example of greatness in heart and we would never want to betray him, but like the disciples, we often do.

Holy Week is an invitation to walk closely with Jesus. We fix our gaze on Him and walk with Him in His suffering and we let him look closely at us and see us as we really are. We do not have to present a brave face to Him but can tell Him about where we have been disappointed, let down, and even betrayed. We can avoid getting stuck in our own circumstances by seeing as He sees and learning from the greatness of His heart.

When we look at Judas, we see him fearfully betraying Jesus. But Jesus’ heart goes out to the disciples in their moments of weakness. God is triumphant in all sorts of weakness in our lives if we can let Him be the strength in our weakness and sinfulness.

When I look at the disciples in the Scriptures for Holy Week, I can recognise myself in them – some share their faith, some do as they are asked, some simply do what others do, some disappear in the moment of crisis.

Although He saw that he might be betrayed, Jesus did not turn from the disciples or from giving himself to them. He did not let their distress silence Him but spoke the truth to them, knowing it would be unwelcome.

How will you fix your eyes on Him today? How will you allow Him to look closely at you and see you as you truly are? You can be assured that Jesus’ heart goes out to you even in your weakest moment and wants to fill you with His strength.

PRAYER: Lord, here I am. This is me in all my imperfections and I need you today. Help me to see how you do not condemn those who betray you and do the same in my life. You invite me to follow you willingly, freely and forgiven. May I learn to speak truth even when it seems to be unwelcome, and may my heart reflect your heart. Amen

Written by
Sandra Purcell: Responsible for assisting Bruce with his Ministry as well as research and resource development.

5 comments on “Holy Week – Day 4

  1. Thank you Sandra! What you write is so true! Betrayal can be so devastating and only love can bring you through. I am so grateful for Lord showing me the way, also Our Lady ( as a mother) leading me. Last night I participated in Tenerbrae the service of shadows for the first time. I came away so grateful for Jesus in my life. Thank you also for your insightful reflections through out Lent . They have meant a lot to me . May you and yours be much blessed this Easter.

  2. I agree that we can see ourselves in the disciples, in their imperfections, in their struggles to understand and even in their betrayals. Jesus does not turn from them, nor does he turn from us, from me. May I respond fully to his love this Holy Week and Easter

  3. Thanks Sandra. This reminds me of the trouble I am in now for speaking the truth. God give me courage to change what I can, serenity to accept what I can not change and wisdom to know the difference. Amen.

  4. Sandra,

    Thank you for the wonderful lesson. When I read your lesson and the Bible’s account of Jesus’ death and try and put myself in His place and the disciples place on that day. I feel that it had to be real undescribable love the Father has for us. With the disciples, they acted like many of us would act when we are faced with one situation and several disciples to decided, each one had a different opinion. The real beauty is they came to themselves like we as Christians do.

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