Holy Week – Day 5: Holy Thursday

By on 18/04/2019

Thursday 18th April

10 comments on “Holy Week – Day 5: Holy Thursday

  1. Thank you, so inspirational.
    I feel like I am a failure in society please Lord help me not to be a failure spiritually. Amen.

  2. Thank you Bruce excellent today on this Holy Thursday.
    Rosemary and Sandra + team the journey thus far has been so good in every way, this Lent I’ve certainly experienced the spirit of the Lord with what has been shared amazing.
    God Bless you all richly this Easter what a wonderful ministry. A Holy and a Happy Easter.

  3. im so thankful for the teachings. As a catholic i get fulfillment to be part of the first mass celebrated across the world for the institution of the Yucarist as aluded by Bruce.Happy holy Thursday and Holy Week to all, all the way from Gaborone,Botswana.Stay Blessed.

  4. Thank you Lord that I literally did REST today and tonight. I have been giving you Lord all my burdens as they have been very heavy to carry. As in Psalm 147 You Lord heal the broken- hearted, and binds up Israel’s as well as our wounds! I put my trust in You Lord. I did want to go to Mass tonight but left it far too late to ask for a lift home. The Church nearer to me I could have gone to I completely lost track of time as I fell asleep and forgot! Lord I am sorry to have missed Mass tonight and experiencing You in the Eucharist. I will go definitely tomorrow and earlier so that I can spend time alone meditating while praying the Via Cruxis , receiving the Eucharist and staying for adoration.
    Thank you Bruce, Rosemary, Sandra and Team for a very special, inspiring Lenten and Holy Week reflection period. I have been challenged, encouraged, praying and repenting! May the Lord continue to bless you all and your ministry.
    In Christ’s Love

  5. May we always be grateful for every opportunity to come closer to Our Lord and Savior and to be truly One in Christ. Thank you for all your heart felt endeavors to bring us to an awesome awareness of His great and Wonderous Love!👍

  6. What a powerful ministration that just ministered to me in a very personal way considering what I am going through right now.
    Thank you so much Bruce for today’s reflection. May God’s blessings be upon you and yours always. Amen!

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