Holy Week – Day 6: Good Friday

By on 19/04/2019

Friday 19th April

16 comments on “Holy Week – Day 6: Good Friday

  1. Thank you Bruce, Rosemary, Sandra and all the ministry for the inspiring Lenten reflections
    Bruce your reflection today is so powerful to me it brings back the true meaning of Good Friday. I was taught as a child how it was a solemn day and a day of fasting. I was told how my grandparents wouldn’t shave or even have their haircut as they were in mourning for our saviour but on Easter Sunday it was a day of celebration and joy.
    Thank you once again God bless your ministry I pray it reaches many especially those who have become distant from God. We are and can do nothing without him

  2. Lord give me a new beginning, a fresh start, give her a new bigining , new thoughts a reserection for us both for new thoughts
    Lord I know you are there taking care of things and today you gave yourself up for us to be free
    You were here lord and you are with me lord

  3. Amen Lord. Bruce and the rest of the team, this has been profound. The world is yearning for the Lord. Please Lord, You know and see the desires of us all. We desire to know You intimately, reaveal to us what You want us to do. We know and believe that You are the one and only living God. You have said in Your word that those who seek You, will find You. Remove all the dross that is in us preventing our sweet communion with You Holy Spirit, for we ask this in Jesus name. Thank you Lord for making a way to communicate directly to You. Thank you Lord for forgiving us even when we are deep in trespasses, You reach out to us. What Great LOVE is this!? Thank you Lord, thank you. Brethren, all blessings. This has been empowering Bruce. Thank you for your obedience. God bless you

  4. Thank you Bruce and everyone in your ministry who have aided us in each of our Lenten journeys, and reminding me of the profound meaning that this day has brought for mine and everyone’s lives.

    God bless

  5. Thank you Bruce for reminding me of the meaning of Easter & helping me get back to church!
    May God bless you all & have a blessed & happy Easter!

  6. May God bless you Bruce. Today you reached to my most inner being. To understand what the Lord did for us is truly a mystery. Throughout this Lent my journey with you has awakened me to the pure love of Our Lord Jesus Christ and I am just overwhelmed.
    I thank you, Rosemary,Sandra and all of your team and I look forward with hope to continuing my journey of faith with you.
    May the peace of Our Lord be with you on this perfect day.

  7. May God bless you and your team, Bruce…my Lenten Orayer Life has been less than perfect but more than usual….while instead of caring for someone, I have had to be the ‘cared for’ …quite humbling but led me to prayer in an immense way.
    Thank you

  8. Thank you doesn’t seem enough to express my gratitude for bringing His Blood Bought and Paid for FAMILY to an greater awareness of His Love that binds us together for now and forever!!! Have a blessed Good Friday!

  9. So powerful Bruce, thank you so much for this & for journeying with us all this Lenten season. I have found myself looking forwarm to going to bed to read your reflections and watch your videos. It has been a special time in my life & the first time Lent has meant so much to me. Have a lovely Easter one & all

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