Holy Week – Day 7: Easter Saturday

By on 20/04/2019

Trust in the goodness and love of God

Saturday 20th April

His life an offering for sin. (Isaiah 53:10)

Mystery surrounds this week like no other. Why did Jesus, the Son of God have to suffer? Have to die? Could not God have done it another way? That is my 20th century humanity talking. Let’s try the easy way out.

Jesus lived in a time when cultures understood atonement for sin, for wrong doing. We would describe it more this day and age- as punishment for a crime – a jail time sentence, a fine, a good behaviour bond, even a death sentence.

Because of the original Sin (the crime) done long ago that is upon each and every one of us, the only atonement that would restore the relationship with God Our Father would be if His Son Jesus stood in for each of us and was punished and put to death.

Because of God’s LOVE for us and His desire to restore our relationship with Him so much, He was willing to put a death sentence upon His Son. He was willing to “crush Him and cause Him to suffer”

A gleam of light is seen by Jesus explaining His mission to His disciples.

The Son of Man came not to be served, but to serve and to give His Life as a ransom for many”. Mark 10:45.

He substituted Himself for the many – for ALL- even for those who acknowledged Him or not.

We see it in most of the superhero Movies. The possibility of the destruction of the Superheroes for all the people on Earth. To save them, Captain America, Ironman, Thor etc go out willing to die for the cause. This is only make-believe, Hollywood, but this truly did occur 2000 years ago.

The Holy Eternal Son took upon Himself to take on the flesh of a servant, to Save us. The Lord Himself elected to bear our burden. The Lord sent Himself to die on our behalf.

In John’s gospel we are taught everything that comes from the Son comes from the Father and so His dying on the Cross shows us the goodness of God because it demonstrates that ‘our salvation is dearer to Him than His own Life.’ Oh WOW!

That’s how much Our God loves us.

PRAYER: Lord, here I am. This is me in all my imperfections and I need you today. My Salvation is dearer to You than your own life! Wow! I thank you and give my life to you as you have given yours up for me and for all of humanity. May I live in the victory of your resurrection and live the life that you have created me for. Amen.

Written by
Rosemary Downes: Co-founder of The Catholic Guy Ministry and founder of the Heart Ministry for Women.

15 comments on “Holy Week – Day 7: Easter Saturday

  1. As this Lenten period comes to a close, I’d like to thank you for your daily reflections and encouragement. God reveals himself to us in so many ways – some we do not even realise. It is clear that He is working through you. May you and all your subscribers have a wonderful Easter celebration. God bless.

  2. Mrs. Rosemary,

    WOW!! What a bringing it all together lesson on Our Father and His Son. Thank you!!! What a beautiful life we can live when we realize all that we have in God and His Son. And how bless we are to be made in their images.

  3. Lord you gave your life for me and I give my life to you
    You know best
    You always take care of me no matter what you are there lord and I can always turn to you

  4. Thank you for the daily teaching, encouragement and prayers. We may at times forget that God loves us despite our conditions and go about things our own way. However, going through this Lenten period with you has reminded us that no matter how far we went away, how deep in the pith if sin we have fallen, He (God) is always there, waiting for us with open arms. I pray that He continues to provide you with the wisdom of his words so that you draw more and more his sons and daughters back to him. And may his blessings be yours daily in your ministry through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen

  5. Thank you Rosemary and Sandra and Bruce and TCG team for enabling us to walk with Jesus and come to know Him and the Father a little better each day.
    Lord God,
    I pray you will continue to help us all grow in our knowledge of You, Your Holy Son, Jesus Christ and ourselves each day.
    Through the power ou’d your Holly Spirit

  6. Thank you all for the wonderful reflections given throughout Lent. Each reflection had a message for me and has been a great help. Wishing you and your team a very Blessed and Peaceful Easter.

  7. This whole period where the flow from ash to ashes was so well done is but for the lords intervention in inspiring you to put some thing on paper which very very difficult. rosemary and the group are amaizing……………..i am still in the process of overcoming my demons but on a clear note have improved my grading in my own report card and for me thats great.i do hope to contemplate daily once easter has passed by. will try for sure. thanks for the messages all along. do keep me in your prayers for a very personal reason which i am dealing with. thank you and bruce. happy easter.

  8. Thank you Bruce and Rosemary.Wish you a blessed Easter to you and family.God Bless you for all you are doing and guide you so you can carry on with the mission and we can learn more.
    Happy Easter to all

  9. Thank you Rosemary and Sandra and Bruce and TCG team for enabling us to walk with Jesus and come to know Him and the Father. Looking forward to your visit to Tamworth NSW

  10. Many blessings for the many beautiful real and inspiring reflections on our daily struggles known above all by Jesus Lord and Saviour and our loving God for all eternity.
    To the wonderful team I thank you for your creative effort in all you do and have done in the past and will continue to do in the future.
    I pray that all creation would come to know the beauty within the ashes and embrace instead of turning away.
    Thank you for the fruits of this season- may they ripen in due time.
    In the name of Jesus amen.

  11. A job so we’ll done, leading us to an awareness of His great and Wonderous Love of ALl of Us. May we see Christ in every person we meet as we are all made in His image. May be “agents of change” to block satan’s every effort to destroy what glorious Plans He has for US! Revival starts in us and may it spread like wild fire to those in great need! A very Happy Easter in deed!💒

  12. Good Friday, I watched The Passion of the Christ. I was overcome with sadness at how much Jesus suffered for us. Watching the strips on his flesh and crowning him the King of the Jews was beyond suffering for our forgiveness. It made this Holy season of Lent so very special. Knowing that He is with me brings me peace. God is so loving and so deserving of praise. My heart, soul and being are His and I commit my spirit to Him on a daily basis.

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