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By on 29/05/2019

Do you notice when you feel confident that you stand up straight? However, when you are unsure of yourself you droop and hang your head because you don’t want to be picked, to answer the question or to be noticed. You are hiding or trying to hide.

When I am confidently exalting my God, my posture is in a standing, unmovable position. My head is lifted up, not looking at me and my circumstances but looking at the Lord of all, who can overcome all things in my life. Full stop. How wonderful that He is in my life to do this? How amazing that I can give everything to Him.

My position is changed by my God allowing me to move forward and upward towards the goals and “plans” He has for me.

As children of God, if we only believed it, we win every time!

When I lack confidence or am not doing too well, I slump over with my shoulders drooping. I come to God expecting nothing, or hardly anything. But when we are weak, scripture tells us He is strong. We need to believe in this. Trust in Him. And then He can really enter my life, my circumstances, my marriage, my children, my work, and my plans. For as we sing in a song at Church, he is the “Lifter of my head”.

When we surrender to Our God (whether we are feeling confident or lacking confidence) we always win.

Our God encompasses every circumstance we find ourselves in. When there is a great harvest we are fed so well and when there is drought, He provides for us and quenches our thirst. What more could we want?

God’s desire for us is so great that He lets nothing stand in His way to reach us. The Lord God jealously desires us for Himself. He is the lover of our souls.

We used to sing, “Jesus Lover of my Soul; Jesus I will never let you go”, actually I think it is truer that He will never let go of us!

So come to Him confident or lacking in confidence, however you find yourself, come and get to know Him and see how much your God loves you. Then you will find yourself walking more upright -literally. People will notice a difference about your demeanour, about your external posture, but also your internal posture.

People will notice the changes God makes in you and it can be a sign of God working in your life for your good. For He only wants good for us. The BEST plans. The BEST outcomes. A GREAT future.

May these jottings from my journal inspire you to believe in and fall in love with Christ- the hope of the world, as stated in Jeremiah 17:7, ‘Blessed is the man who believes and trusts in and relies on the Lord and whose hope and confident expectation is the Lord!’

Love always


7 comments on “Jottings from my Journal

  1. Thanks for continuing to share with us. Sometimes we find ourselves in the valley and it is quite difficult to make our way back to mountain top. Thanks again for sharing.

  2. Thanks Rosemary.
    I certainly can relate to this! I pray that I can find the confidence and belief in myself, through God to continue to hold my head high.
    God bless.

  3. Dear Rosemary,
    Your journal jottings are so inspiring. You really help me to encapsulate the perfect intimate relationship between me and my God.
    Thank you and may God continue to bless you, Bruce and all at the Catholic Guy Ministry.

  4. Hello Rosemary

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts with the wider community. I like the “honesty” which transpires from your writing. Praise God that we know where to go and dig out that divine strength. Being a woman is not that easy. We have so much to do and yet as spiritual women, we have to find time to dedicate to our Lord so that we can keep growing spiritually. HE is in charge and yes, HIS guidance is so crucial. At times, it can be quite overwhelming but our Father knows and HE will sustain us and HE does open the way. HE is control. HE knows everything about us and HE will never let us down even though at times we have that feeling “how am I going to cope”. HE’S THERE and absolutely, we have to teach ourselves to ask HIM to come to our rescue. HE is such a gracious God and so abounding in LOVE & MERCY. HE IS A GREAT FATHER.

    Thank you Rosemary.

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