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By on 11/09/2019

Laughter is such good medicine. It decreases stress hormones and increases immune cells and infection-fighting antibodies, and so improves your resistance to disease.

Laughter triggers the release of endorphins which are the body’s natural feel-good chemicals.

God, who invented laughter, must have a wonderful sense of humour. His blessing of laughing not only makes you feel good, but it also helps our bodies heal. Recuperate. I love this about God. He creates us. Our bodies and everything in them has a place. Everything is for our benefit. All the minute internal workings are for a purpose. For us to live life and breathe life to the full.

Laughter is used in therapy for those who are sick because it can help lessen pain. Increase healing. My husband Bruce got a massive dose of it in his DNA.

A few weeks ago, I was visiting my parents in Brisbane, Australia. They are getting older, and I feel the necessity to talk with them more. Honour them more. My Dad is 91 and my Mum is 84. They are in good health, but “you don’t know the time, nor the day.”

I received a phone call from Bruce in Sydney. He was driving home after a long week at work. He had been working late every night, building a studio for future projects. He sounded exhausted. He asked me to do him a favour. Could I tell him the name of the Fish and Chip shop up from where we live? I said I don’t know, but it is a few shops up from St Helen’s Bakery.

He then asked me could I find it and call him back. After googling and finding a place in Tasmania, I re-googled and eventually found St Helens Park Fish and Chip. So, I rang Bruce back with the number.

He then asked me to ring the number and order him fish and chips for one plus a Chico roll. I laughed. My parents laughed. We had a great chuckle. I’m in Brisbane and he wants me to ring Sydney 1000 km away, for a fish and chip order.?

So, I did. Then I rang Bruce back to say his order was number 25. Five minutes later, I got another phone call. He had forgotten already and asked me what order number was it? I wondered if that is the furthest fish and chip order they have ever received?

I’m sure God was laughing that day.

Bruce is finding it difficult to sleep at the moment due to jetlag and so has been listening to ‘tracks to relax on’. It’s hilarious. Firstly, you hear the sounds of the ocean. That did not work, so he changed to the next track. It made me chuckle out loud. It was the sound of a chime toy from my childhood. You know the wind-up ones.

I know this may work for some but not my husband. He started changing each track every few seconds as if he was watching tv. Or trying to find something on tv to watch. You know ladies what I am talking about.

I was laughing, and I’m sure God was too.

This sense of humour that Bruce has was one of the things that attracted me to him. He could laugh at himself, make others laugh and just enjoyed life to the max.

God is like that. Never dull and boring. Such a delight to be around. Always good to us, to the world, to all lives. His smile and chuckle must shake heaven and earth at times.

Are there traits of God like this that have attracted you to Him?

The way Christ has no favourites because we are all his favourite. The way He is so patient with us, so understanding of our weaknesses, so forgiving.

If our attitude of heart is right and is humble and not proud, Jesus states when ‘we are weak, He is strong.’ He knows we are going to stuff things up often. We are not capable as human beings to achieve some things, and so this statement – ‘when we are weak,’ and there will be moments, He reassures us that, “He’s got this’!”

The things we do and the things we say on the one hand, must bring a smile to His face and at other times bring sadness. Even tears.

When we meet Him face to face would we not want His arms to be wide open waiting for that bear hug? That on His face is this huge smile and delight of love in His eyes? In His voice is love. In His demeanour is Total Love. I know I do.

Oh Lord, Grace us with your Spirit so that we bring a smile to your face, whenever you think of us. Guide us. Mold us. Amen

And yes, that word right there just brought a smile to my face, and my God’s. I first spelt it MOULD!

Don’t forget to laugh. Go watch a funny video or YouTube clip. Enjoy.

I’m now going home to have fish and chips and listen again to the sound of rain on a tin roof. (I quite like that sound).

May these jottings from my journal inspire you to believe in and fall in love with Christ- the hope of the world, as stated in Jeremiah 17:7, ‘Blessed is the man who believes and trusts in and relies on the Lord and whose hope and confident expectation is the Lord!’

Love always


10 comments on “Jottings from my Journal

  1. I am so pleased that my innocent ways bring so much joy to Rosemary and even others. In my defense let me say….ok I don’t have any excuse. By the way music just doesn’t put me to sleep. Changing songs every minute is very distracting and before you know it I am singing along.

  2. I loved what you wrote..and yes, we all need to enjoy a good laugh..and sometimes at ourselves.. .and at our very much loved husbands…

  3. Thank you Rosemary
    We need a lot of laughter in this house as three out of four of us is sick!!! My husband especially has bronchitis and doesn’t make a very good patient! he has been often sick and I believe it’s due to stress. Please pray for us, for our mental, physical, emotional and most important our spiritual well being and I am praying for Bruce, yours and the team’s expanding ministries. That it will far outreach your expectations according to our mighty and gracious God’s will. Oh I will take your good advice and watch some funny youtube video’s. The Lord knows we need a good laugh here!
    May the lord bless you both, Rosemary and Bruce as well as the team. May the Lord prosper the work of your hands!
    Your sister( not a nun) in Christ

  4. I totally believe in God the Father Almighty, Jesus Christ his Son and the power of the Holy Spirit. That’s the secret to happiness and laughter in this world. We all go through bad and rough and sad times but with faith and trust and hope we always come through. Keep smiling, laughing and thanking God for everything. Praying for everyone in this world and the souls in purgatory. ❤️💕😍

  5. It’s so true Rosemary, laughter is so important to keep us all healthy in body & spirit. Many prayers for you Bruce & the T.E.A.M & please pray for me & my family too.

  6. How wonderful it is to know our Father God has a great sense of humour! It tickled me greatly to see your correction of spelling: being an English speaker, (I’m Scottish by birth!) we do spell “mould” the same way for shaping and the nasty stuff!! I think I’ll convert to using mold for the shaping as I would rather gladden Jesus’ heart when He is the potter!
    Praying a rich outpouring of blessing and joy on both you and Bruce as you serve the Lord with gladness!

  7. Dear Rosemary – what can I say but thank you. I have been going through a very sad time lately with my daughters separation and it has been tough as a mother seeing your child in so much pain.
    I thank you for your jottings that gives me a lot of peace, hope and joy at the same time. When it gets really hard I ask God to carry my cross the rest of the way but I thank him for letting me carry the cross in the first place because if he knew I couldn’t handle it he would not have asked me to carry it.
    With much love and thanks – Margaret

  8. Yes Rosemary, laughter is the best medicine sometimes, when all else fails. Thank you for the thought ful words. May God Bless you, Bruce & the team.

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