By on 07/10/2016

We embrace “Above and Beyond” Giving.


Generosity is what the Bible teaches about giving. So often in the Scriptures generosity means giving far beyond what we might think. It is from this place where God blesses, provides and transforms hearts and minds to walk differently in faith.

Catholics are often divided as to how much they should give. Some say we should give what the Bible teaches which is God’s standard or the tithe. The tithe is the first 10% of our income. Other people say we should be as generous as as we are able.


Giving is an act of worship that says to God I acknowledge you as my Lord and Savior. I trust that as I give you will change my heart and mind to see and experience you more and that you will provide for me.


Giving is not about providing money so that God would double it, it is about the conversion of our hearts.

Creating Spaces & Places


When Jesus changes a person’s life so dramatically that they live lives of power, impact, freedom and purpose other people notice. And when this happens to one person after another person, people begin to see that God is doing something powerful. Giving an offering to Spaces and Places helps people meet God in new locations, at different events and in new facilities such as halls and parish Churches.