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Submit a prayer request. No matter what your need is we would love to pray for you.

Holy Week 2017

We are excited to announce special 5 Minutes Daily through Holy Week.

Available Now! Personal Prayer

New book that provides practical steps to help you develop a relationship with God.

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United in Mission

The Catholic Guy is more than just a television program. We are a movement committed to changing the world through faith. We are ambassadors of Christ to the world and we are brothers and sisters to each other. The Catholic Guy is about calling people back home. Back to where we all, deep, down, desire to be.

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About Bruce

The Catholic Guy Ministry is born out of a calling Bruce and Rosemary Downes experience, with the goal of reaching people disconnected from the Church.

Responding to this conviction has taken years of trial, experimentation, failure and success by many people. This calling is shared by a growing group of people who together are combining their own personal sense of call to acheive this Mission in serving the Church, Bishops, priests and parishes as part of the New Evangelisation.

We look forward to this new chapter in the United States as we unite with our brothers and sisters in Christ to proclaim the good news. No matter where you may stand in your faith journey, we invite you to walk with us as we explore and celebrate the great gifts of life in Christ.

“Remember where you are around the world today, God is never far from YOU”

–  Bruce Downes, The Catholic Guy


There are times when we have big questions about life, or we have seasons where our circumstances are very challenging. The Bible encourages us to bring our needs to God. It says to bring the faith of many before God for our need. No matter what your need is we would love to pray for you.