Becoming a Disciple

By on 21/08/2017




  1. Have you ever taken a risk that worked out? What kind of risk was it? Have you ever taken a risk that didn’t work out? What was the difference between the two?



  1. God will not always call us when it is convenient or easy. When all signs were pointing toward not putting down his nets (it was daytime, they hadn’t caught anything, they were tired, etc.), Jesus called Peter to cast his nets one more time. How do we prevent our circumstances from keeping us from answering the call of God?


  1. What did Peter mean when he said, “Depart from me…”? Did he really want Jesus to go away from him? Why does our sin cause us to feel uncomfortable around God, or even God’s people? How should we respond to the conflicting sensations we sometimes have about following God?


  1. Why does Jesus say ‘do not be afraid’ to Peter, and what might he fear? Are we afraid to meet with God, and if so, why?


  1. In what ways are you being challenged to know Jesus more or obey Jesus more?


  1. The process of discipleship involves information, imitation and innovation. Share something new you learned from this week’s Personal Study and Scripture reading.