Discipleship Part 5 – Changing Your Behaviours

By on 22/09/2017




What do you wish you would never have to worry about again? Why?


SCRIPTURE STUDY: Matthew 8:1-11



  1. “Our thoughts or inner talk determine so much about how our lives move along.” Describe ways you mostly talk to yourself and how that affects the person of God you are created to be?


  1. Sometimes to change our behaviour, we must change what we are looking at. We can stop looking at the areas of failure and move in a new direction. What is one area of your life that needs new direction and that you are developing to align yourself with Gods vision for your life? (eg., relationships, work, marriage, sin)
  2. Is there an area of your life where you need to change your ‘input’ because it affects your holiness and desire to become more like Jesus?’ It might be the shows you binge watch, games you play, conversations you are in, reading you are doing or not doing?


  1. Do you have a person that you are accountable to? Why or why not? Take time this week to take stock of your life – what do you need to change. Spend time in prayer this week aligning yourself to the ways God wants to transform you.


  1. When we think of all the things we need to change to become more like Jesus, it can be overwhelming sometimes. What is one action you can change immediately? Pray about this and then take action.