Discipleship = Radical Presence

By on 18/09/2017




  1. If you could have been told one thing that you weren’t told when you were a teenager, what would you like to have heard?


SCRIPTURE STUDY: Matthew 9:9-10, 12-13, Luke14:12, Luke 7:39, 44-48



  1. Jesus has a great habit of seeking out the un-chosen and choosing to hang out with them. Reflect on and discuss these questions.
  • How many people do you spend time with regularly who are not Christians?
  • How many people do you invite to your house that don’t have your values or don’t look like you?
  • How many people have you befriended lately that candidly participate in sinful activity?
  1. Jesus never wrote people off.” Reflect on times when you have missed an opportunity to show the love of God to somebody that Jesus loved. How would you handle that now?


  1. We are called to become more present to the people in our lives so that we can go out and ‘be light in dark places!’ What are the challenges for you in being more ‘present’ to family? Work? Community? The world?


  1. ACTION: How are you becoming more ‘present’ this week.


  1. We are called to a radical discipleship of presence. Share something new you learned from this week’s Personal Study and Scripture reading.