Holy Spirit Renewal – Part 7: Moving in Holy Spirit Power

By on 17/07/2017




  1. What are the three most important things in your daily schedule? What are the three least important things in your daily schedule?

SCRIPTURE: Acts 2:42-47, Acts 4:32-37


  1. We want to be a group with ‘one heart and mind?’ Reflect on the ways you spend your time and energy each week reflecting on Sunday’s message and applying to your life and in your community? Discuss a message that has transformed you?


  1. The Romans were shocked and amazed that the early Christians prayed and people were healed. Their prayers were answered! What prayer do you have that you pray boldly and confidently to God? What prayers in your life do you not believe God for (if any)?


  1. In our Impact Groups, we share our story with each other. Bruce asked the question, ‘Do you have enough story in you to change a person so that they want to know Jesus?’


  1. From last week’s message, share the things you are implementing to make yourself useable by God?