How to be the Message

By on 19/02/2018




  1. We are called to ‘be the message,’ in our lives every day. What is the easiest place in your life to be the message and what is the hardest?



  1. Bruce was the Christian witness in his family for many years before they looked to him in a time of need to give them spiritual leadership. Who have you got in your life that you are working at for 30 years?


  1. The lame beggar sat outside the temple gates because those with physical deformity were considered “unclean” by Jewish law and therefore not allowed inside the temple. He was accustomed to being a social outcast. Who are our “social outcasts”? What justifications do we use to not invite people into our Community and what can we do to be proclaimers in their lives?


  1. “How many times do people come up to us and say, “I’ve seen your life; now tell me about your beliefs?” How do you answer that question?


  1. Think about how your life can show the gospel without you saying a word. What things about your life can make Christ appealing to others? What changes could you make to be a better proclaimer for Christ? Keep in mind, “you are the message!”