The Benefits of a Resolute Spirit

By on 05/02/2018




  1. Share something about yourself that no one in the group knows about you.





  1. God’s promise to Gideon “I will be with you” (6:12 and 16) is the same promise God gave to Moses and Joshua and Jesus gives to believers today (Matt 28:20). In what way are we just as inadequate as Gideon? What area of your life specifically do you need to hear this promise?


  1. When Gideon was called by the angel of the Lord, he asked, “But sir, if the Lord is with us, why then has all this happened to us?” The problem was too great for Gideon, he could only ask “why?”, and wait for the Lord to reveal his purpose. Reflect and share a time when you have asked this question of God?


  1. Many people have sought spiritual guidance by “putting out a fleece” in some form or another. Have you ever asked for a sign from God before making a decision?


  1. Bruce described Gideon as ‘resolute’ or firm of purpose and knowing what he had to do no matter what others thought. In what ways are you resolute? What prevents you from being resolute?


  1. Do you know what God has asked you to be and are you being that person? Reflect on the ways you are being alert, available, in agreement, arranged and able?


  1. Success is determined by God’s power, not ours. Will you trust Him today – with your life, with your children, your finances, your decisions, your husband or wife?