In With The New

By on 28/11/2016




1. Do you remember any time as a child or teenager that you felt you were unjustly punished? It could be from parents, educators, employers, peers or people in authority. Briefly describe the experience and what you learned from the incident?


SCRIPTURE STUDY: 2 Corinth 5:16-21



1. Does God expect you to reconcile with people in your life that you have issues with? What if you don’t? How can it affect your relationship with them and God? What would it look like if you did reconcile?

2. Have you ever thought about God seeing you as His ambassador wherever you go? What does that mean to you? How might it look in your life?

3. What are the old things that you want to pass away and allow Jesus to make you a new creation? self image, prayer, scripture, the way you talk – gossip, complaining, negativity, discipline, relationships

4. How can you surrender more and be in Jesus so that he can make you a new creation and we can be new testament people?

5. Looking back at your notes from this week’s Message, was there anything that particularly caught your attention, challenged or confused you?