Just Across The Room – Bill Hybels

By on 11/12/2017




  1. Discuss a time when you have shared faith or wisdom with a person in a way that has transformed their life.


SCRIPTURE STUDY: Colossians 4:2-6




  1. As TCG Impact Church Community we pray for 15 minutes each day. How would you describe your prayer life this week? (e.g., intense, lukewarm, sporadic, frustrating…)


  1. Paul is in prison, yet his concern is primarily that the gospel of Christ be declared. Bill Hybels said, “your heart has to grow like God’s heart with more emotion towards people in God’s family.” How concerned are you to introduce people to a God who loves them?


  1. Having a conversation ‘seasoned with salt’ is a slightly weird instruction. How have you seen ‘salty’ comments used well to steer a conversation to Christ (either personally or witnessed in others)?


  1. Is your life lived in such a way that people asking, “Who are you?” in response to your commitment to TCG Impact Church Community and reaching people who are disconnected? What is “different” about you compared to the rest of the world?


  1. Are you willing to “take the walk?” What areas or ways might you need to be more bold?


  1. How can this message bring transformation to my life? What specific action do I need to take?