Living the Fullness of the Gospel

By on 05/03/2018




  1. If you knew that in one year, you would suddenly die, would you change anything about the way you are now living?

SCRIPTURE STUDY: Luke 16:19 and Romans 5: 1-8


  1. In the Scripture from Luke, with whom do you identify? The rich man? Lazarus? Neither? Consider the five brothers?


  1. As Catholics we believe how we live and devote ourselves to God every day will affect how we are judged when we die. If you met God today can you say that you did your best?


  1. Bruce posed the question, “What is the standard of living God is demanding of you?”



  1. Are we a builder of a chasm that keeps us and others out of heaven or are we the builder of a bridge to invite people in?


  1. PERSONAL REFLECTION: In Lent, what areas of sin do you need to turn towards God?


Spend some time praying for Impact group members, laying hands on each other and praying for the needs of each person.