Love That Really Matters

By on 29/01/2018




  1. If you were to vote for the person “most likely never to become a Christian,” whom would you choose? Why?

If you had lived in the first century, you probably would have chosen Saul of Tarsus—and you wouldn’t have been alone. This week, Bruce tells us some stories of very powerful conversion experiences.



  1. Share a time when have you experienced a Saul “moment of transformation,” an encounter moment that changed your life forever?
  2. In today’s Scripture, what does the Lord tell Ananias to do and how does Ananias respond? Thinking of the person you chose as the “most unlikely Christian,” what would you do if Jesus came to you in a vision telling you to confront this person?
  3. Bruce posed the question, “Am I doing this for ministry or do I truly love people, neighbours, friends?” Discuss your response.


  1. As proclaimers, the way we love and live our lives should point to God. What are you doing right now to point to God and what needs to change?





Lord Jesus, give me a heart of love and give me a grace to love and care for people.


Like the ex-prisoner who got a pass but had handed in blank sheets each week and knew the system was wrong. Like Saul falling off his horse. We’ve heard you Lord, and we need to do something different.


Lord would you come to us, give us a heart for people to love and to sacrifice for. That they would experience you through us. Forgive us for our selfishness when there is a whole world who needs to know you and hear your voice.


Help us to be people who breathe life into and inspire people. Amen.