Holy Spirit Renewal – Part 6: Making Myself Useable

By on 10/07/2017




  1. Describe a hobby or talent or interest that has taken a lot of effort and time to be able to do. What kept you going?


SCRIPTURE: Matthew 4:18-22



  1. Share some resources that you have used or ‘studied’ that may be of use to others in your group? Reflect on how you will devote some time and energy for study in preparation for ministry this week.


  1. Do you feel you understand what this Ministry is really trying to do and why? What steps can we take to ensure we understand the heart of our ministry and to grow in that direction.


  1. Reflect and discuss the following:

Are you faithful?

Are you available?

Are you teachable?

If not, figure out how to rearrange your schedule and your priorities.


  1. Bruce said that we can be guilty of looking to the left and right to see what others are doing and set our limit or bar on their level however God’s call is for us alone. Have you been guilty of setting a low bar or struggling to step ahead on your own? Share your responses.
  2. We can only make ourselves useable by God by regularly spending time with Jesus.

How is your relationship with Jesus? Do you spend time with Him, communicating and seeking Him—not just for ministry preparation, but in order to worship, enjoy, and hear from Him?

Pray this week to hear His voice and to have the grace to do the work to become more useable.