New Year Potential

By on 17/01/2017




  1. Is summer a time to rest and rejuvenate, or a stressful busy time for you? What is one thing you’re looking forward to about this summer?


SCRIPTURE STUDY:  Exodus 3:11-14




  1. God gave Moses a task that he wasn’t seeking at a time when he was just passing the days of his life in the pastures. In 2016 how many days did you just let pass by?


  1. In the Message, Bruce said that ‘some of the ruts in life can be the making of us.’ Discuss a time when you have been in a rut, then had to change something small or big to get things moving again.


  1. Sometimes we can have ‘blinkers’ on and believe that things can’t change because of our circumstances. What shields or blinkers do you already have? (e.g. age? past?)


  1. Moses comes to a point where he accepts his circumstances and puts his doubts before God. He accepts his circumstances and acts. Reflect on and discuss what is the thing that is going to cause you to be great (who God wants us to be) in 2017?


  1. Is there anything that prevents you from starting 2017 with this prayer, ‘This is who I am, what are you asking of me now?’


  1. Looking back at your notes from this week’s Message, was there anything that particularly caught your attention, challenged or confused you?