Our Church Community – Part 1: The Purpose of a Sunday Service

By on 24/10/2017




  1. Have you ever been around someone who’s so enthusiastic that they infect you with their passion? Are you someone that might be described as passionate? What is your passion?


SCRIPTURE STUDY: Romans 1:8, 10




  1. In what ways has the vision and purpose of Bruce Downes become my own personal vision and purpose? Am I an attender or am I called?


  1. Does our Service make it possible for an unchurched person to come and encounter Jesus? Why or why not?


  1. With renewed understanding of the vision of the service, what are your reflections about the significance of our Sunday Service now?


  1. You won’t be able to reach others without your own personal revelation from God. What is God saying to you or revealing to you at this time?